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  • My daughter put "Monkey Trouble" in the VCR and after I heard her laughing her head off I decided to sit down and see what was so funny. What a surprise! It was funny & fun with just the right touch of adventure and pathos to make an excellent family experience.

    Thora Birch plays Eva, the little girl who finds a monkey named Dodgers (played by Finster) trained by a drunken gypsy (Harvey Keitel) to steal watches, wallets, earrings, cash and anything else he could get his little fingers on. Eva's step-dad, allergic to animal hair, won't let Eva have a pet. So, when Eva sneaks Dodger into her room she becomes a very responsible little girl indeed, even cleaning up her bedroom and doing her homework. Quite a feat for a ten year old! But Fingers, continues his pick pocketing and theft, hiding the loot in Eva's art box. Finster himself hides under Eva's bed whenever anyone enters her room. So much for the basic plot, within which a child's humor, innocence, emotion, problems of growing up, and adventurous spirit is played.

    Thora Birch has a much wider range of expression and sentiment in her acting than the Olsen twins (who we love to watch as a family too). Thora has an all-American look with just a few freckles and reminds me of the "kid next door". The camera catches her perfectly. Especially attractive was the lighting which made her somewhat golden hair into a sort of halo of light. She is very human and a very good actress. Dodger the monkey played a role that perfectly complimented the performance of Eva. My bet is they really loved one another and had a great time on the set together. Is it my imagination or are monkeys and children smarter, more expressive and better actors than most humans?

    My daughter laughed and cried throughout the movie and declared it "Great"! It even tickled a demanding old grump like myself who generally would rather do anything but watch a PG rated movie. It made me nostalgic for my own childhood. As a parent I give it a "ten" and highly recommend it for its humor and warmth.
  • Forget FREE WILLY.

    If you're looking for a really decent kids/animal flick that will appeal to young, old, or in-between, look no further than MONKEY TROUBLE. Thora Birch gives a fantastic performance as a little girl who wants a dog and winds up with a monkey escaping from its abusive owner (Harvey Keitel) who has trained the little critter to pick pockets and burglarize houses. The monkey takes an instant liking to the little girl, who names him Dodger, and sneaks him home. Meantime, the drunken gypsy (Keitel) will stop at nothing to get him back. It's an intelligent, well performed family classic that will appeal to just about anyone-even those who don't appreciate movies about kids and killer whales.

    Rating: **** out of *****
  • Thora Birch plays Eva Boylan, a young girl who befriends a a sweet monkey, who she names 'Dodger'. 'Dodger's mean owner, Kohn played by the brilliant Harvey Keitel wants him back though as he uses 'Dodger' to help steal from people and he will do anything to get him back.

    A young Thora Birch gives a great performance here, as does the brilliant Harvey Keitel. Mimi Rogers is also good as mum Amy.

    Monkey Trouble is such a cute and a very entertaining family movie with some really great performances from everyone. Monkey Trouble is one for the kids and the grown-ups. See it!
  • Axiom-229 March 1999
    "Monkey Trouble" is a really great movie. It will please everyone. I think "Thora Birch" is going to become a really good actress. But the real star in this movie is her pet monkey called "Dodger". Its amazing what they can do.

    Harvey Keitel was excellent, and gives an outstanding performance as the bad guy. All in all a great movie, that I wanted in my disc collection.
  • This is probably the best "kids movie" I know of. I don't know why this film hasn't garnered a higher "star" rating...maybe because it isn't "edgy" or cynical enough to fit current sensibilities of the darker society we are becoming. I've noticed many I've presented it to in classrooms or Sunday school groups dismiss it at first blush due to its cover and subject matter, but I haven't found an audience yet, from primary school kids to jaded teens, who have not become totally captured by the story it presents. Not one scene seems superfluous. There is not one minute in this film that does not keep everyone's attention. Thora Birch is perfect in her role. The light and jaunty musical score also receives a lot of credit in my mind as to how everything moves along so well. The music alone brightens my day! And how many movies in this genre have had the animal play his/her part so well? AND ... How many films out there that do as well as this one in conveying to children how serious or complicated things can become when we try to hide things from those we should trust?
  • This little girl in here (played by Thora Birch) is a little annoying because of her constant lying. However, in the end - as in most stories that dealing with people who lie all the time - she sees that the troubles she's encountered are due to those prevarications.

    The monkey in here is fun to watch. It was also nice to see Mimi Rogers in a wholesome and - gasp - even more shocking: Harvey Keitel not utter a bad word. Rogers and Christopher MacDonald play too-liberal parents, discipline- wise, but otherwise this is a pretty enjoyable lightweight film that moves along at a good clip.

    It's not memorable, but it's family-safe and a decent movie for the adults, too.
  • Thora Birch made this such a wonderful movie to watch and Harvey Keitel added great substance as the villain. One of the best family friendly adventures of the 90's! Lovely morals in it too - it teaches you right from wrong in the sweetest way possible.
  • Monkey Trouble is a funny and great movie for the whole family to watch starring.. Thora Birch (American Beauty, Hocus pocus) and Mimi Rogers (Ginger Snaps, Penny Dreadful) I just love the thought of people making a movie about where it seems like a little girl or kid is stealing and always getting in trouble like kids do, but it turns out to be their Monkey LOL!!! Props for this entertaining movie. I recommend that everyone run to their local BlockBuster and pick this cute film up. The Music on this film is also great with the movie's theme song Hey Hey were the Monkeys by the Monkeys, a very cool band way back when just like the Beatles.
  • MONKEY TROUBLE, in my opinion, is an excellent comedy for all ages! I really loved Dodger. If I could have, I would have stroked him and held him myself. It only makes me wonder where I would hide him or her if I were to have a monkey for a pet. The soundtrack was smashing, the costumes were perfectly designed, everyone was cast perfectly, and the direction was flawless. In conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent comedy for all ages to any Thora Birch or Harvey Keitel fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for a real treat and a good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with someone close to you, and watch it. I guarantee you you'll thoroughly enjoy it.
  • "Monkey Trouble" tells of an organ grinder's (Keitel) pickpocket monkey who abandons his boss and adopts a young girl (Birch) leading to much monkey business. All of the human actors in this corny flick are upstaged by the monkey star whose antics make this predictable family comedy worth watching. Nuff said.
  • Monika-511 October 2000
    I saw this at the dollar theater several years ago on a rainy day with my friend Andrea, who was pregnant and we wanted to see a good family movie. I'm not a big supporter of seeing monkeys as the star of films, but this was a good one. All the little girl (Thora Birch, who several years later became famous for playing the daughter in American Beauty) wanted was a pet, and the writers crafted a cute, touching story. Good performances all around.
  • No, seriously I've seen tons of Family movies, some are heartwarming, some are deep, some shallow but funny, and after watching how many of my favorites Family movies have been re-made I kinda thought ideas are running out and mainly I've seen it all. Every once in a while, however, I stumble upon an old flick that for whatever reason I had skipped in the past and leaves me really impressed. I picked this title because I loved little Thora Birch in "Patriot Games and "Paradise" and I thought let's give it a try, I read also that Harvey Keitel was in it, so I thought maybe there is a good movie that I've missed. Didn't expect much, after all I've seen it all in Family movies, dolphins, gorillas, orcas, mice, parrots, cats, dogs, llamas, so what a monkey could bring in addition to that. Well, when you think you've seen it all, something will stun you, that is this movie, Thora Birch at her best no doubt about it, the monkey is so funny, and script absolutely hilarious, specially about the confusion over framing the adorable protagonist as a common thief, well I'm not gonna give anything up, but give it a try I bet you will enjoy it.
  • I remember seeing a lot of family films during the 90s, including many great ones, but this one seems to be missing among those great family films of that time for some strange reason. I do remember seeing Monkey Trouble before, but that was only once; whereas, I remember seeing several other family movies on numerous occasions, so this is something that baffles me in regards to this film. Monkey Trouble is a wonderful family film – very entertaining!!! it's a film that will get you laughing all the way throughout. Out of all the family films you may have seen from that era, this one is most definitely underrated, and unfortunately has gone unnoticed. Like I said, I remember seeing this film once before, but couldn't find the name for it for a sad number of years until I randomly found it on here – remarkable! The amount of reviews this film has here proves just how unnoticeable this film actually was.
  • I don't remember why or how I ever bothered to sit through this travesty of a film the makers of it would even call it a kid's or even a family movie for that matter! I saw this when it was out in the theaters, I don't remember who I saw it with or if the ticket sales were half-price. I almost walked out, but unfortunately, I managed to sit right through it.

    If you are offended by middle-child stereotypes, this movie is full of them! Poor little Eva in this movie was feeling neglected because of the attention her bratty baby brother was getting. She was also an outcast, unorganized in school, cared more about watching TV than her schoolwork, had no repsect for her family, only had one friend, and yet she wanted a pet and boy golly does she get one! It's a monkey who was trained to be a thief! Ooh, how intriguing! (I was being sarcastic there, excuse me!)

    I think this movie also teaches kids that being irresponsible, and going around doing whatever you wanted without your parents consent just like Eva did in this flick is okay. When she was getting kidnapped by Harvey Keital, I wanted to shout, "Take her away!"

    Eva was like a female version of Kevin McCallaster from Home Alone. Also, another thing about her was that she was a precocious kid who was too smart for her own good, especially the way she was running around L.A. by herself with her theiving monkey friend. I think that precocious kid plot has been _way_ overused in movies, cartoons, sit-coms, and in the history of all entertainment. The more of that, the more kids are going to think it's okay to be a smart-alleck!

    I think it's a crime to recommend this pathetic excuse for a 'Family/Kids' movie. I feel sorry for Thora Birch for even being in this movie, for and playing Eva! So, please, stay away from this! Friends don't let friends watch Monkey Trouble!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The obvious inspiration of this extraordinary film is the "Monkey Trouble" meme from 8gog. Watching this amazing work of art growing up, I learned about maymays at an early age.

    It starts out with some dude make a 4chin, and as the movie progresses, the 8gog merges with the 4chin, making the "Mankay Trabbu" maymay.

    I am disappointed that this amazing film didn't receive any Oscars, as it truly deserved it for it's use of original maymay™.

    During a rough time in my life, this movie inspired me to create the "umadbro" maymay. During that time, I was so poor I had to live off mayonaise. May is really addicting, and that is why I had no money.

    It was really a hard time, and through the support of 8gog, my life took a turn for the better with the "u silly mankey" meme.

    420 blaze it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The plot for this family feature is pretty negligible (an eminently insufferable should-be lovable'n'huggable little girl adopts a cuddly capuchin who's been trained to steal things as a pet and hides the little bugger from her disapproving parents), but fortunately this film does have one tremendous ace up its otherwise empty sleeve: the chimp's evil, sinister, glowering gypsy organ-grinder owner is played by none other than a hilariously miscast Harvey Keitel! Sporting a mouth full of gleaming gold teeth, long, greasy, unwashed hair, an awful wardrobe of blindingly gaudy gypsy rags, gold chains hanging around his chest, a feeble attempt at a dense European accent that's betrayed by Harve's unmistakable Brooklyn rumble, and the same crazed'n'creepy aura that he brought to his sleazy street corner pimp role in "Taxi Driver," the ever-manic Keitel acts with a savage intensity and gritty authenticity which seems alarmingly out of place in an alleged kiddie pic. One simply hasn't lived until witnessing the hair-raising moment in which Harvey blames the monkey for the recent loss of his latest girlfriend: "She even took my freakin' food!," Keitel roars at the poor, cowering creature. "She hated you and your stinkin' mess!" Alas, at no point in the film does Harvey curse out the monkey at the top of his lungs while furiously masturbating. Moreover, this flick's cast and crew should send the mind of any devout trash cinema aficionado reeling: Ridley Scott (!) was the executive producer, cinematographer Luciano Tovoli also shot Dario Argento's landmark giallo "Tenebre," "Bad Georgia Road" director John Broderick co-produced, and the cast includes such "what the hell are they doing here?" notables as Mimi Rogers, Christopher McDonald, and dependably gruff Abel Ferrara movie mainstay Victor Argo in one of his customary mob capo parts. And one last remark before I conclude this particular comment: I bet dollars-to-donuts that there's a whole generation of hopelessly messed-up six year old tykes who are currently experiencing marrow-freezing nightmares because of Harvey Keitel's frightening, fire-breathing, full-throttle histrionics in this film.
  • krem12347 August 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    I remember this film as being a just-OK kids film but on watching it for a second or third time I realized that it's a darn good movie. Avoids all the problems of "Alaska" (another movie Thora Birch starred in) like lame lines and not-so-good acting. The acting in this movie was very believable and the lines were well-written. SPOILERS I actually thought that the weakest part of the movie was Harvey Keitel's character, just seemed out of place or slightly annoying or something. The Mafia sequence probably could have been avoided as I felt it didn't add much to the movie. That time could have been better spent exploring Thora's character's life or something. I would say this is a top film for its genre.
  • A young and charming Thora Birch stars as the unexpected owner of a monkey who picks pockets for a Gypsy who has lost him. Birch's parents won't let her have a dog because of Dad's allergies. The monkey, which Birch keeps hidden in her bedroom, makes Dad sneeze a lot and then wonder why, which is typical of what passes for humor in this predictable kiddie flick. Mom and Dad are played by Mimi Rogers and Chris McDonald as if they were doing a Dennis the Menace movie. Meanwhile, the Gypsy, played by Harvey Keitel, is hot on the trail of his missing monkey. I'm not sure why Keitel did this film, other than to be able to say he made a movie little children could watch. It is a role more suited to, say, Joe Piscopo. Anyhow, the monkey is annoying as hell. Not recommended for anyone over 12.