Dame Emma Thompson is not credited in this movie for her role as the girlfriend in Paris, but you can recognize her as soon as she is shown in the last part of the movie.

Gérard Depardieu offered to sing a song on the soundtrack for the credits as he had for Mon Pere Ce Heros (1991). Instead, the Screenwriters begged him to perform "Thank Heavens for Little Girls" during a talent show. It was later referred to as the funniest scene in this movie.

Gérard Depardieu is an accomplished pianist, and played live during this movie.

Although Andre is a bad dancer, Gérard Depardieu studied dance for many years.

The name of the tropical island resort, at which Andre and Nicole vacation, is never mentioned by name at any point, although it was revealed in the credits, that the filming was on-location in the Bahamas.

Gérard Depardieu reportedly liked the role of Andre much better the second time around, as he had the chance to play the character a little lighter than Andre had been in Mon Pere Ce Heros (1991).

The Baha men provided most of the soundtrack for this movie, with the exclusion of the musical score, and Gérard Depardieu's musical performances.

Katherine Heigl says she is mortified about the white thonged swimsuit, and has said had she known then what she knows now, she would have refused to wear it.

Disney paid four hundred fifty thousand dollars for the remake rights to the French original, before it had even been released in the U.S.

Gérard Depardieu dubbed himself for the French version. All of the French jokes were changed in this version.

This movie is a remake of Mon Pere Ce Heros (1991). Both starred Gérard Depardieu as Andre.

Nicole was originally to be called Veronica, and Vero for short in Mon Pere Ce Heros (1991). The name was changed to Nicole, and Niki for short by the Screenwriters, who thought it would make her seem more "Americanized" to the very French Andre, who would lament it in various ways all throughout this movie. Other than Andre and Benjamin, all of the other characters were eventually renamed.

This movie makes Gérard Depardieu one of the few actors to have played the same role in two languages; in particular, English and French. One of the others is José Ferrer, who played Cyrano de Bergerac in English and French, a role also played by Depardieu.

Gérard Depardieu reprised his role from the French original.

Alicia Silverstone was considered for the role of Nicole.

Gerard Depardieu had previously played Cyrano de Bergerac. Katherine Heigl later appeared on Gray's Anatomy with Tessa Ferrer, whose grandfather, Jose Ferrer, also played Cyrano.