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  • What a wonderful movie...

    It is rather a fairy tale than a romantic comedy. The story is developed nicely and gives us some lessons about love and life and things in between.

    The actors, especially Marisa Tomei, do a great job in telling us this beautiful story. The finale is exceptional: I will always hope for this kind of support when I am at an Italian airport...

    Watch this movie when you are in a romantic mood and want to see a film which believes in true love. Or watch it to get into a romantic mood. And enjoy the various plot twists...
  • Over the past 9 years, this has been what of my guilty pleasures. The story is obviously romantic fluff, but the performances of Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., and Bonnie Hunt are great and make what would normally be a prosaic love story into a true romantic treasure. Just remember to be prepared to suspend your rational side for a couple of hours. Marisa Tomei is so beautiful in this film, it's understandable why Robert Downey Jr's character falls in love with her at first sight. The Italian scenery is incredible and would make anyone fall in love with Italy. I have since visited this beautiful country and can attest to its romantic atmosphere. It is a great date film and comes highly recommended.
  • What a great romantic comedy set in beautiful Italy, not only are the actors Robert Downey Jr (so handsome and such a talented actor) and the beautiful Marissa Tomei amazing but watching these actors play out such a romantic story and doing things that we would never dream of, to find your one true love. All with her best friend by her side. Brings me back to being 13, dreaming of who I would marry and the romantic innocence of those times.

    Its not only the romance but the friendships that give you that warm feeling inside, both the men and women in this film have a quiet kind ship with each other as when you see the three men sitting in the boat sharing wine, feeling rejected by women. ( I won't spoil that scene with anyones names) and the kindness of the hotel staff in later scenes.

    These days so many movies and the reality of the news is full of war, violence and betrayal. Why not put all of that behind you?.. So sit back with your favorite snack, some hot chocolate & maybe your best friend and escape into love, romance, zany impulsiveness and disappear into.... Only You.
  • If you want a nice night in with a lady (or just someone who fits that special romantic niche for you - whatever that is), this is a great choice.

    The acting is endearing, the story is simple straightforward and sweet. It steers clear of sickeningly romantic and sweet which tends to eliminate the male half of the audience when it comes to your classic "chick flick".

    It's easy to see Downey Jnr's talent in this film, a friendly charming drug free character. A wonderful cameo by Billy Zane adds some wonderful moments.

    I guarantee, you show up with roses, a pizza, a bottle of nice wine and this on DVD - and you'll have a wonderfully sweet night in.
  • This is a truly great romantic comedy. Tomei and Downey both create characters you will love. The dialog sparkles, the location photography is beautiful, the pace keeps moving along and there are a few twists to the plot. It's fluff, but the very best quality fluff you could ask for. A *great* date movie. Guys, even if you think you hate movies like this... give it a chance!
  • I loved this movie.

    And for all the stupid mistakes he's made, you have to admit that Robert Downey Jr. can turn in some pretty amazing performances. Marisa Tomei also shines in this incredible fairy tale about looking everywhere to find your one true love.

    Light, sweet, and absolutely beautiful, "Only You" will show that at the most unexpected times (or with the most unexpected people) love can show up. You should be ready for it. Don't let the love of your life slip through your fingers in an Italian airport.

  • How did I love this movie? Let me count the ways. The locations were beautiful, and I have always thought that Italy was the place for romance - Venice, Rome etc. look gorgeous. It was romantic, so much so that if you didn't believe in destiny before this movie, you will afterwards. Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei's characters seem so suited to one another, except for the slight problem that he has the wrong name! Any fool could see that they were in love from the moment they met! Love the scene when Downey Jr's character reads Tomei's mind about what she is to wear for her date. Audience are practically cursing the screen in hope that Faith and Peter will finally get together. Awesome, magical, glorious!!
  • Marisa Tomei is captivating. Robert Downey, Jr. is perfect in the role. I have seen this movie at least 10 or 12 times and never tire of it. It is light and breezy and just one of those "feel good movies". Highly recommended. Guaranteed to make you want to go to Italy!
  • Faith (Marisa Tomei) has been told by a gypsy AND a ouija board that she will marry a man named Damon Bradley. When he fails to appear before her 30 birthday, she becomes engaged to a podiatrist. However, she accidentally overhears on the phone that a man named DB may be headed to Venice. Faith hops a plane one hour later and begins a search through Italy for the man of her dreams. But, what about the cute American man she meets on the streets of Rome? One could watch this film 100 times and never tire of it. Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. give funny, vibrant performances that are unforgettable. The lovely scenery of Italy is definitely a bonus and Bonnie Hunt gives an adorable performance as Faith's sister-in-law, as does Fisher Stevens as her brother. Do you want a movie to watch whenever you need a spirit lifter? For the romantic at heart, this film is a treasure to savor over and over.
  • blackberrybabe21 April 2004
    I thought Downey was wonderful in this movie! He is so romantic! And sweet. He will do anything to show how much he loves Faith (Tomei); even set her up with her soulmate! Robert Downey, Jr was the real star of this film. I was mesmerized by him whenever he was on camera, and when he wasn't, I kept wondering when he would be back!

    Credit to Marisa Tomei as well! She does a great job playing Faith, a woman who follows her 'soulmate' to Italy only to find her true love. Tomei is very pretty in the film and I love the red dress she wears when first meeting Peter (Downey). Some of her best acting comes at the end, when she realizes her feelings and rushes to tell him.

    The only bad thing about the movie is that Downey does not appear until 45 minutes into the movie! Did it have to be that long? I know of a few scenes that they could have cut. Other than that, the movie is great. Watch it with someone you love, or even your soulmate.
  • I know what you're thinking: "Nobody votes this as their best. It wasn't even a big hit. What about Moonstruck? Or Sleepless in Seattle? Or Philadelphia Story? 'Screen7' can't have seen those." I have seen all the great romantic comedies and many more. And multiple times. I own many of them. I like them all.

    But "Only You" remains at the very top of my list. I just love it! In my mind, it is near-perfection in the romantic comedy:

    1) The two leads (Downey and Tomei) have absolutely terrific chemistry. Every bit as good as Hepburn and Grant or Cher and Cage or anyone I can think of. And they look great!

    2) The plot has plenty of twists and turns that you are always entertained. But it doesn't make the mistake of being overly clever.

    Making this also a "road-trip movie" and a "buddy movie" really livens things up. Also making it a soft tribute to Roman Holiday gives it some depth.

    3) The setting in Italy is lovely! The cinematographer really takes advantage of the natural and cultural beauty without turning it into and art-flick.

    4) The supporting cast is great.... leading role quality performances. Bonnie Hunt. Billy Zane. Joaquim de Almeida. And they are perfectly cast

    5) It has some warm fuzzy "lessons in life" but is not heavy-handed about it.

    6) It is a lovely safe fantasy -- there is temptation but goodness prevails. (I won't spoil the plot)

    There probably is no "absolutely best" romantic comedy because you can't account for personal taste but, as for me, "Only You" is definitely on the short list.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A girl who got a name off of an Ouija board of her future true love seeks him when she finds out a guy with that name exsists. She leaves her wedding plans on hold for this guy and blindly chases a guy she never met in the name of fate and true love and destiny, while bypassing any other guy that might be better suited for her.

    This is a funny movie that even people who hate mushy movies will love if they get into watching it. Girls, you should only watch this with men who really care about you or women who believe in true love and love a loving movie about true love.

    Even women who have been hurt and don't believe in true love will love this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't we all dream of that? That somewhere out there is our soulmate, the one who is meant to love us and to be loved by us and whom we'll meet some day and live with him/her happily ever after? And what could be more wonderful than meeting this half in the summer in Rome and walk with him the night through, including stars, roses, unforgettable kisses and very romantic moments…

    The things I mentioned above are only a part of the reasons why this movie is wonderful. It could be absolutely kitschy and in his simply way ridiculous but it never is. It's as light as a summer wind on a June afternoon in the Tuscany, it's very well told and just enchanting. It has subtile humour and clever jokes in it ("How could you do this to me?!" – " Because I'm in love with you!" – " Ha! What kind of an excuse is that?!"). You have great actors, most of them young and looking good, but all of them being terrific and obviously having fun playing their role – Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr as the protagonists, Bonnie Hunt as Tomei's reasonnable best friend, Billy Zane as – well, the more or less bad guy and Fisher Stevens as Hunt's husband. Plus the wonderful landscape and sights of Italy where most of the story takes place – we have Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Positano – all beautifully photgraphed and just stunning.

    It's a light, funny fairy tale and love story, it's simple – boy meets girl, boy and girl are meant for each other but they realize it when the film is about to end – very entertaining and sweet. Definitely worth watching and a film that makes you wanna directly pack your bag and fly to Italy because you might fall in love there forever.

    10 stars out of 10
  • Faith (a young girl) has the name of her future love spelled out on a Ouija board. She grows up (into Marisa Tomei) believing she will meet him someday. Years later she's all set to marry safe, bland Dwayne (John Benjamin Hickey)...but finds out he has a friend whose name matches the one she's been waiting for. She goes off to Italy with best friend Kate (Bonnie Hunt) to find him...

    OK--this story is far fetched from the beginning but it manages to work. It's BEAUTIFULLY shot in Italy (some sequences were just unbelievable); has a great performance by Tomei; has a hysterical (and touching) performance by Hunt and I've always liked Robert Downey Jr. (who pops up about 30 minutes in). It's wonderfully directed and has a sweet romantic feel to it. I realize some of the admittedly impossible plot twists and situations will have certain viewers rolling their eyes--but if you're a true romantic (like me) this movie will pull you right in. I won't deny it DOES go a little too far at the end but I still love this.

    Also there's two small roles by Billy Zane and Joaquin de Alemdea--and they're both great.

    You got Italy, attractive stars, romance, great direction...what more can you ask for? Easily one of the my favorite romantic movies. I give it a 10.
  • THIS IS MY FAVOURITE MOVIE... every time when i watched it. i believe in love. i believe someone keep waiting for me somewhere in the world. i hope all of them find our Damon Bradley and don t catch the flight:) PETER I have to talk to her.

    KATE She's not here.

    PETER Where is she? KATE She went out to check into skywriting. I can't believe you lied. Is this a genetic thing, men will say anything just to get laid? PETER No! That's not fair. That's not it at all. Look, something somewhere got screwed up. Maybe some metaphysical wires got crossed. I may not have the right name, but I was there. I'm the guy. I'm-- skywriting?? KATE You didn't think this would be a problem? PETER It was an emergency. I only lied that night because it was the only way I knew to stop her. I knew if I didn't, I'd never see her again.

    KATE Good strategy.

    PETER Do you know I wasn't even supposed to be in Rome? My boss was supposed to come to this conference, and at the last minute he got the measles. The measles.

    Who gets the measles at forty-three? So they sent me.

    And I wasn't supposed to be in that piazza that night either. I'd gone to the movies, only it was sold out. So I was wandering around.

    Just wandering... When I got hit in the head with this shoe.

    PETER And then I saw her. And all I know is, when I looked in her eyes I saw something... light. And life and passion and yearning. And something else I can't even put my finger on, something I'd never seen before-- KATE Mania.

    PETER Whatever. And I thought, please God, give me a sign, give me some way to keep this woman from getting into that taxi and disappearing from my life forever. And He did.

    She told me the name. Granted, it wasn't my name, but it was a start.

    PETER And if that's not destiny, I don't know what is.

    KATE That's really romantic.
  • kjwinston22 November 2004
    Well It was great on a date! ( even married) So Get some popcorn, bring some Kleenex and wait...My wife loves this movie!!!!

    It's silly and predictable, but she loves it and will watch it anytime! Good cast and Downey might not be on drugs. I would even buy it for the wife if I could find it on DVD.

    The mystery to it is the real, guy she is looking for. Brown is the best thing about this movie trying to get her Husband to add some romance back into the marriage. I like the way the husband comes to find her and bring her back but, falls for her again. Nice 2nd story.

    I would recommend this for all ladies! I would recommend this for guys if they are in need to add a little romance to their life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ONLY YOU is a charming romantic comedy that reminded me of a comedy that Katharine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn might have made back in the day. Marisa Tomei, in one of her most enchanting performances, plays an engaged woman, who, as a child, learned through a Ouija board and a psychic that her soul mate is a man named Damon Bradley. One day she gets a call from a friend of her fiancée who says he can't make the wedding and that his name is Damon Bradley. She learns he is on his way to Italy and drops everything and gets on a plane to hunt him down. Upon arrival she meets another American (Robert Downey Jr.), who, in order to get to know her, tells her that he is Damon Bradley but by the time she finds out he's lying, he's already madly in love with her. I don't know what it was about this movie, but it completely sucked me in and made me care about these people. Downey gives his usual slick and charming performance and Bonnie Hunt shines in the Thelma Ritter role as Tomei's best friend. If you're a sucker for movie romance, this is one of the best.
  • I have a problem with this film. I know it's schmaltzy, silly, OTT Romcom at its most cynically heart-tugging but I am simply a sucker for it - it gets me every time, most especially the last scenes at the airport (without wanting to give too much away) which always, and I mean always, squeeze a tear out of me.

    I have to give it an 8/10 because the film holds a quasi-gravitational pull on me - the moment I catch a tinsy glimpse of it if channel-hopping I am compelled to watch the film in its entirety - again. And while in this confessional mode, Robert Downey Jr is incredible in this film; how was he ever so cute? Marisa Tomei is also a feast for the eyes and their chemistry is sensational. But Bonnie Hunt steals the show - she is immaculate in this role and demonstrates a keen sense for deadpan humour.

    Best of all though is the scenery, the setting - Italy itself. The photography is sumptuous, idealised and mixed with a frothy Rachel Portman score we are being seduced by a 'fake' Italy if truth be told - it is impossible for somewhere to be so universally charming in every single shot. Even so, Italy is my favourite country in the world - the way it works its enchantments on the characters is totally true: Rome is gorgeous, the Tuscan landscape is stunning, the road trip to Positano and the town itself are breath-taking, a genuine evocation of the wonders and ambiance of those places. It gets me every time.

    In sum - this film is lovely, heart-warming, escapist nonsense: a genuine guilty pleasure.
  • If you're looking for a feel-good movie, this is the movie for you. It is unbelievably cheery and joyful, as if there were no bad things in the world (or in this case, Italy). This heartwarming Cinderella story will make you feel better at the end.

    The story also touches the most talked about aspects of love: is it all up to fate? I think the main character is named Faith on purpose. So that even though we put everything into fate's hands, in the end we still decided our fate by ourselves. You will understand it when you've seen the movie.

    My favorite moments are when they all were in Italy…. oh how beautiful and the view is sooo breathtaking. It also had a terrific ending and a little twist in the end. So if you have spare time in a lazy afternoon, go and rent this movie. You will most likely feel good in the end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Only You" is a romantic comedy in the vein of "Forget Paris" or "French Kiss." The story gimmick here is as a young girl, Faith (Marisa Tomei) gets tricked into believing her destiny is to meet and marry Damon Bradley, and live happily ever after. Thinking he is in Italy, Faith and her friend Kate (Bonny Hunt) go to find him. She meets Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) who says he really is Damon Bradley. Although they hit it off, when she finds out his identity, she continues her search, the "destiny" thing.

    So, Peter gets his friend (Billy Zane) to pretend he is the real Damon Bradley, act like a jerk, so that Faith will see Peter's love for her. The friend gets fresh with Faith, Peter has to intervene, the scam is exposed, Faith heads back for Boston in tears.

    At the airport, both Faith and Peter hear a page for "damon Bradley", so they both go to see, and meet up with this nicely dressed businessman heading for a different European city. Peter goes off to his plane, Faith and Damon talk briefly, she realizes she loves Peter, she has them stop departure so she can get on, she and peter hug, the other travelers in the cabin applaud.

    Not much new here, a cute little story told to entertain. Marisa Tomei became one of my favorite female actors in "My Cousin Vinny (92)", and she is good in anything. Robert Downey Jr, currently in and out of trouble for his drug problems, is one of the most talented male actors, and his prime supporting role is perfect. Billy Zane plays a goofy character, totally opposite from his "Titanic" character. Bonnie Hunt is always good as "the best friend next door" type of character.
  • onepotato29 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    'Only You' is the type of movie that makes anyone with a Y chromosome shudder in bewilderment. It embodies everything that romance-craving women want from a movie, and nothing a thoughtful viewer does. Marissa Tomei is told as a child that she will marry someone named Damon Bradley, and as an adult (I use the word generously) she decides to fly to Italy with one hours notice in pursuit of a stranger with that name. The crew at the airport accepts her idiotic reasoning for reopening the flight she missed ("The man I'll marry is on that plane." ?) and off she goes to Italy. When a man does this it's called 'stalking' or 'a security situation.' In the movie's grotesquely stereotypical idea of Italy, she improbably locates Damon after being completely boorish with a hotel clerk. The hotel clerk, who's old enough to give this girl an earful, instead instantly becomes cooperative, because he has no life, pride, story or values of his own. Bad writing is like that. Oh and her sister comes along too. I can only recount that much of the plot because this was so phenomenally stupid after 40 minutes that my attention drifted.

    Most people, I find, appreciate 'common sense' both in life and in movies. Nothing in this remotely resembles life as you know it. For the length of the movie, Tomei and Hunt sit in judgment of men and their perceived failings, without ever once acknowledging Tomei is at best a complete flake, and at worst... a fickle, developmentally-delayed lunatic. In the end, after a similar plane-boarding crisis is overcome and true love bursts out on the plane, a crowd of Italian airport personnel stands on the tarmac waving bye-bye (to a jumbo-jet?). When one thinks of the painstaking care and artistry on display in old film noirs, this movie looks like garbage.
  • What a beautifully photographed travelogue of Italy! Cinematographer Sven Nykvist captured gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot. Oh, yes, the movie. Pure fluff. Marisa Tomei is pretty, and carries off her part well. Robert Downey, Jr., while apparently a low-quality individual, is nonetheless a high-quality actor. I found Bonnie Hunt particularly charming. The film did have a certain amount of charm, and the actors did a good job given the limitations of the script. Worth catching on cable.
  • I adore this film. The script is fresh and well-structured, and contrary to other reviewers I really like the leisurely setup of the first act before Robert Downey, Jr. appears -- it's fun to watch the women responding to the call to adventure. This film is like a dreamy fantasy-trip to Italy, comparable to the great (and underrated) romantic comedy by Billy Wilder, "Avanti!" with Juliet Mills and Jack Lemmon. This movie connects back to that film with the delightful performance of Gianfranco Barra as the concierge; his distinctive voice and excellent comic timing mark his performance as Bruno in Avanti!
  • Only You is a very original film that catches your heart. The film has good looking women, humor, and a guy full of ideas who never quits in trying to win Faith's love. Oh, and it is set in Italy not Paris...thankfully. I first saw this movie on TV when I was bored to death living in the dorms at my university. At the end of the film I said to myself, "yeah that's how it should be." (Romance that is). I knew my parents would like the movie; so I made a mental note of the name. Finally, I got around to buying Only You on VHS from My sister even liked the movie and I know I will be watching it shortly for the third time. I am surprised Marisa Tomei did not get very many lead roles after this movie. She is a great actor.
  • I don't remember why I initially loved this movie so much, but from the first time I saw it I was just captivated. Since then I've encouraged tons of friends to see it, and I've watched it myself about 5 times. I love the music, I love Italy, I love Bonnie Hunt, Fisher Stevens, Billy Zane (hot!) and Robert Downey Jr. The music by Rachel Portman (who did the score for Chocolat) is simply fantastic. Marisa Tomei I could have switched out for some other actress in the leading role, but I think she does a good job. This movie is magical and fun; it's not meant for a cynic--which I think is why I liked it so much, because I'm usually very sarcastic about love stories, but this one was so inspiring and just a feel-good flick overall. You have to suspend disbelief of course, and imagine that there's truth in all that Fate and star-crossed lovers bull... but the Destiny part is easy enough to swallow throughout this movie, and that's probably because of the romantic Italian settings. Personal rating: 9/10 in the rom-com genre, and a lovely, lovely movie.
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