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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Haven't watched a good CATIII film in a while, and I guess I've had no luck today either. Just finished PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL RAPIST and I gotta say it was lame. This one feels incredibly cheap and doesn't bring anything at all new to the table. My copy has no subs/dubs, so I may have missed something in translation, but I doubt it.

    The plot of this one is very much like the better CATIII rape-themed entry titled effectively enough - THE RAPIST. Some horny psycho is stalking an apartment complex and raping various women. The cops catch on and set up a sting to nab him. Before the catch him, the cops make the obligatory bumbling mistakes like picking up and beating the wrong suspect. A bunch of boring stuff happens, then they catch the real rapist...THE END...

    Nothing notable in this one, in fact I had to watch it at 2X just to get through it. I can only recommend this one to die-hard CATIII completists only - all others will be bored to death or might find the rape material offensive. A couple of those scenes were decent, but not enough to carry the whole film, and the uber-cheap SOV-style didn't help anything either...4/10