The 'Book of the Dead' prop from Army of Darkness (1992) is on display inside Miss Osie's house. KNB Effects worked on both films.

Shot in twenty-four days.

Judge Dixon's house is the same location used in Motel Hell (1980).

Soleil Moon Frye had to gain 20 pounds for her role as Marcie in this film.

The witch's house was built and burned on Sable Ranch, requiring permission from the State of California to selectively trim old protected Oak trees.

All three original Pumpkinhead films have connections to Hellraiser: Andrew Robinson, Doug Bradley and Lance Henriksen have all acted in both franchises.

According to Jeff Burr on the DVD's audio commentary, a few short seconds were cut from the film in order to avoid an NC-17. These were mainly from Pumpkinhead clawing up the farmer in the first death scene, and from the monster's own death at the end.

Body Count: 10.