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  • Set against the spectacular Rocky Mountains, this adventure is reminiscent of the Disney live-action classics (such as "Old Yeller" and "Escape from Witch Mountain"). Two women and two kids are stranded in the Old West when bad guys (posing as Indians) try to snag the stagecoach's cargo. Pitted against nature, time, and the pursuing baddies, this unlikely team must trek over the mountains to reach safety. This is a video to buy and keep in your collection... great mid-winter rental when cabin-fever makes you long for the great outdoors!
  • oscar-356 November 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    *Spoiler/plot- 1994, Young Luke and his sister Hannah go on a journey of a lifetime: a cross country stagecoach adventure from Kansas to Colorado through the Wild West to see there father. That trip takes place with a mysterious gunslinger, and a stage singer along the ride. But three bumbling bad guys have other plans. With the stagecoach carrying unregistered land deeds on gold and silver mines and businesses in the balance, nothing will stop the criminals. With the help of Skyano and his local Indians our vulnerable stagecoach crew successfully brave the trip out West.

    *Special Stars- Corbin Bernson, Graham Greene, Charlotte Ross, Vivian Schilling, Charles Napier, Corrie Carrier, Mercedes McNab, Brion James, Bo Svenson, Martin Kove.

    *Theme- Family is everything to be successful in life.

    *Based on- Western myth and morals.

    *Trivia/location/goofs- This film is beautiful for it filming in the West.

    *Emotion- A somewhat forgettable Western genre film from Hemdale Films and Video. A "Disney-like' family viewing knock-off film that is badly, boringly and unrealistically presented as a children's sage full of morals and comedy mock drama completely 'sanitized' for your family film viewing pleasure. The actors are hardly used in this film and they sleep walk through their roles. Disappointingly, the scenery is the only thing to see in this film.