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  • FLaneBarnes14 July 1999
    I'd just like to say that this was a wonderful movie. I loved the relationship between Bobby and Sally Mae. There scenes were probably one of the greatest highlights of the movie. Not many movies make me talk to the screen, the Janelle/Randi scenes got me p***ed off! I wanted to kick Randi for what he was doing. The only down side to this movie was Nicholle Tom's strange faces during her mother daughter talk about the birds and the bees, but she gave a solid performance through the rest of the movie. Ethan Embry was also good as the bad boy that was attracting Sally Mae, what withy his ciggarettes and "drawings"!
  • This film is great for older children and adults! A great coming into adolescence movie. The relationship between Sally Mae and her father is unforgettable! The admiration she has for him and the connection between them is very moving. Even with the hardships Sally Mae comes across her relationships are unforgettable. A very memorable cast! Nicholle Tom does an amazing job in this picture. Watching Sally Mae with her first crush Bobby is very adorable. Bobby's bad boy image and sly remarks adds some humor to the film. To watch Sally Mae go through her first love, witness death, sorrow, and her beginnings of adolescence makes this film have everything a movie needs!