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  • ODDBear18 September 2006
    Former Detective Belushi is hired by his Psychology teacher (Hamilton) to follow her around as she believes she's living a double life. Belushi finds out she is indeed living a double life as his teacher is schizophrenic and her second lifestyle is a dangerous one. In the meantime they fall for each other.

    A decent enough story gets mediocre screen treatment, starts off well but loses steam towards the end and the climax is wholly unsatisfying. The actors elevate the film to above average material with convincing performances, Belushi especially good as the widowed former detective. But I must mention that Linda Hamilton, in addition to giving a good performance, has never looked more stunning than here.

    With a slightly better script and ending the film could have been very good.
  • James Belushi is an ex-cop turned psychology student, hired by his tutor (Linda Hamilton) to monitor her behaviour, since she's been having blackouts. She's more worried about the recent murder of someone she knew, and that the murder weapon has seemingly turned up at her house. Our boy James, a widow with a daughter, sets out to find out the truth.

    Well, it turns out the during the day Linda is a proper college professor with morals and such like, but at night she's a scantily clad, chain smoking nympho who hangs around in nightclubs with bad actors with crap accents. She never remembers what happens the next day, so did she kill somebody during one of these blackouts?

    Belushi tries to get to the bottom of things, tailing Linda and getting a kicking off some people, introducing himself to the other Linda and such like. The film occasionally slides into giallo territory with a black gloved killer and references to a past trauma, and is all the better for it, and I can't fault Belushi or Hamilton, but a little more action would have been welcome. It's also quite easy to peg what's going on.

    Still, for folks that want to see Linda Hamilton in skimpy dresses, putting the moves on people and swearing – this is the film for you. Be warned though - this film sat in my collection for years before I got round to watching it. It's just that kind of film.
  • gridoon5 May 2001
    Nothing really noteworthy enough here to comment on; just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, middling mystery thriller. The mystery plot keeps you watching, but it relies almost exclusively on the all-important Final Revelation of the Childhood Trauma, and when there are almost no thrills along the way, a viewer can get really impatient (even Hitchcock failed that way, in "Marnie"). James Belushi sleepwalks through his role without any zest, but Linda Hamilton gets to show off - on many occasions - her impressively "sculpted" body, and also some moderate acting talent, though the rapid transformations of her character become a little silly in the final 30 minutes. (**)
  • Not so long ago I was watching Terminator 2 on DVD and thinking "Linda Hamilton WAS the sexiest screen actress of the 1990s!". Some Hollywood high-roller obviously agreed, and tragically this unerotic, mediocre thriller was born. There is, it has to be said, a lot to be said for sweat, glycerine and extreme body-sculpting. Re-packaged as a low budget "rock chick" in rubber-band miniskirts and chromed leather jacket, Linda looks disappointingly like a what a middle-aged movie executive's secretary wears in his dreams. And whatever happened to James Belushi? A former Arnie co-star, like Linda, in the 80's he was the dependable face of action movies that couldn't afford Bruce Willis. This predictable pot-boiler is not a career high for either. James is let down by the director, often looking wooden, and Linda's split personality psychotherapist swings from a reprise of "Sarah Connor on Thorazine" in T2 to her unconvincing rock-chick alter-ego. The twist in the tail murderer is obvious from the moment "Laura's" flashbacks begin. I was ill, I was stuck in bed, and this was the most watchable thing on TV last night. Shame on me, I had a book to read, and shame on the TV schedulers too.
  • The former police detective Tom Beckwith (James Belushi) leaves the police department to be a psychology student. Tom lives with his daughter Ronni (Elisabeth Moss) and has a crush one his professor, the psychiatrist Lauren Porter (Linda Hamilton). One day, Lauren asks him to follow her during the nights since she has blackouts and might have killed an acquaintance. Tom accepts and discovers that Lauren has another personality, Lena.

    "Separate Lives" is an entertaining B-movie with James Belushi and Linda Hamilton. The lack of chemistry between this leading cast is probably one of the greatest flaws of this film. The classes of Lauren Porter are also forgotten. The conclusion is weak. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Dupla Personalidade" ("Double Personality")
  • Leofwine_draca14 September 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the most lacklustre psycho thrillers of the era, SEPARATE LIVES is a film that manages to get pretty much everything wrong although not so severely that it moves into so-bad-it's-good territory. Instead it's a lukewarm and half-hearted enterprise in which an overaged and miscast James Belushi plays a former detective now full-time psychology student. His professor is none other than TERMINATOR starlet Linda Hamilton, still playing up to her powerful image but struggling in an underwritten schizophrenic role. The thrills are in extremely short supply in a film which feels like a TV movie (although it isn't) and the half-hearted sex scenes and the like are truly tiresome.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** Having just retired from the police at the young age of 40 on a full 100% disability pension Tom Beckwith, James Belushi, who seems to be, from what he goes through in the movie, in the best of health decides to become a psychiatrist to fill in his spear time taking studies at the local collage from psychology professor Lauren Porter, Linda Hamilton, who we soon find out needs to see a psychiatrist herself.

    Lauren is suffering from a split personality that resulted 20 years ago when she witnessed her mother being shot to pieces by someone she can't remember and feels that she in fact may have been her mom's murderer! There's also the recent murder on the beach of her friend Jane Weiss, Pat Delany, who may have known who murdered Lauren's mother and was about to go public with it! Beckwith more interest in Lauren then his studies in class takes it upon himself, with Lauren's urging, to find out what makes her tick. That by him following her after classes to find out that Lauren leads a double life as party girl and part time hooker Lena that leads him to be brutally beaten up by her Limey-British-boyfriend Keno Sykes,M.L Chapman, and his friends for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

    ***SPOILERS*** Still trying to get to the bottom of all this Beckwith now fully recovered takes care of business by first tracking down Keno catching him taking a shower and giving him the beating of his life for what he and his boys did to him. It's then on to business in, now as a armature psychiatrist, curing Lauren of her hang ups that have to do with her mom's murder that she somehow feels responsible for. What Beckwith gets is getting Lauren to remember who her mom's real killer was and what he did to screw up her mind in believing that she not he in fact murdered her! No really a big surprise in who really murdered Lauren's mom but a real shock in him showing up just in time, like out of nowhere, to finish off both Lauren and Beckwith, whom he shot, to keep him from being exposed as the killer. Like I said for a man with a 100% disability pension Beckwith had no trouble recovering from a savage beating and then working over one of those who beat him-Keno-so badly to the point where he ended up in traction. Beckwith also was able to recover from a gunshot wound and finish off the person who shot him by tackling him and shoving out of a two story window to his death. As for the now recovered from her guilt feeling Lauren she ended up in a mental asylum to recover from all the trauma, as a both psychology professor and hooker, that she went through in the movie.