Obadiah Hakeswill has been in five of the Sharpe books, making him, along with Pierre Ducos, the most frequently recurring Sharpe villain.

Originally, it was a character named Robert Knowles who is shot by Hakeswill. The TV series changed it to Price being the victim.

Differences with the original novel: Prior to the main story, Sharpe had been in England. At the Battle of Ciudad Rodrigo, Sharpe and Harper take out a French gun within the city walls. Here Colonel Lawford is wounded. Matthews is killed by Hakeswill while Sharpe is assisting Major Hogan's engineers with destroying a dam in the river in front of the walls of Badajoz. During the Storming of Badajoz, Sharpe's riflemen are still wearing South Essex uniforms, not 95th Rifles jackets. Captain Robert Knowles is killed defending Teresa and Antonia. Harper threatens to scratch the eyes of the picture Hakeswill hides in his shako and pretends is his mother. Sharpe and Teresa get married on the morning after the Seige of Badajoz. Sally Clayton is not killed by Hakeswill in the end.