Stephen Broderick: Remember how I taught you after a shower to shake the water off your head like a dog?

Jesse Broderick: Yeah.

Stephen Broderick: Well, Grandpa taught me that and some day you'll teach your kid that.

Mordecai Booth: [Trying to hit Jesse with an axe] If thy eye offends thee... pluck it out! If thy hand offends thee... cut it off!

Mordecai Booth: I've collected two of every creature on earth what more do you want? I am ready... let the rains come down

Mordecai Booth: The prophecy is complete! One male... one female! The prophecy shall continue on!

[last lines]

Mordecai Booth: [screaming to the heavens as his makeshift boat plunges off a cliff] LET THE RAINS FFFFAAALLLL

[is dashed upon the rock face far below]