The film's LaserDisc release featured a commentary by Director James Glickenhaus and other bonus features that were not carried over to the 2004 20th Century Fox DVD for some reason.

Feature film debut of Aaron Eckhart.

Director James Glickenhaus made his son audition for the part of the second lead just like any other actor. He purposely left his son's name off the audition tape when he showed the footage to Scott Glenn. Out of all the tapes, Glenn said he liked Glickenhaus' son's audition the best. When he was told that it was the director's son, Glenn refused to believe it.

This movie was originally released under the name "The Ark".

Scott Glenn's pistol is a Browning High Power MKIII 9mm. It has an ambidextrous safety to accommodate left-handed shooters. Scott Glenn is left-handed.

Scott Glenn's character, Special Agent Broderick mentions he was with the Hostage Rescue Team. For over twenty years, the HRT used the Browning High Power customized by Novak's as their sidearm. Broderick is carrying a factory Browning High Power MKIII.