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  • If you read my review of this one from August of 99, then you have my opinion after watching only once and being disappointed by its comparisons to Dazed & Confused. The fact is-- after I rented it, I thought of this movie often. I thought of some of the funny lines, but mainly it was thought provoking in a sense; as though it worked on a deeper level than it was meant to deliver on. The characters were somehow very believable and the situations, though far fetched in a movie way, really reminded me of being there years ago. For example, while Joe's ramblings are misguided and nonsensical, it was evident that he had higher aspirations. His dialogue was like how a kid like that might talk in real life-- not like someone reading from a script might. Hubbs and Tack were classic movie characters, as well.

    Unable to get the film out of my head, I decided I had to own it. I ordered a copy and watch it about once a month or so, howling with laughter each time. My point is that my initial impression was not nearly as favorable as it is now, partly based on certain expectations. If you realize from the outset that you're watching a B-movie and just enjoy it for what it is, you may find the hidden gem that I found.
  • This is my fav movie, every person in this movie is cool. I wish some day that a sequal will be made, who ever made this movie should of won some kind of award,I think this movie doesn't get the credit it deserves for being one of the best films ever. It is sad that every movie now has either some fake rapper or a billion dollar budget, blue oyster cult is way cooler then nelly or emenim and colt 45 is way cooler then smirnof ice,I'm only 18 but I have way more respect for this generation then my own.
  • needsamuse18 November 1999
    Well.. I'm a 'chick' and.. I love this movie! Its been a fave of mine for a long time now. If you're the kind of person that doesnt take things too seriously, you'll probably like this movie (or maybe not. who knows). Its super cheesy, and constantly makes fun of itself and its characters. The scene stealer of the movie, was Tack for sure. Which I'm sure any other fan of the movie can agree with me on. Tack holds many inside jokes for my best friend and I... and to this day whenever either my best friend or I have a new man in our lives.. our response to the other is always "allright! get you soooome!" ;-) ... If you're too stuck up to get the goofy humor of this movie.. get drunk and watch it or something... you just might laugh :-)
  • After seeing this movie, you may never drink a short can of beer again! (I know I haven't) This film is sure to evoke memories of your greatest moments, out on the town and on the never ending quest to get "drunk, stoned and laid". The characters are perhaps the most real and well developed in the history of cinema. The repellant, yet vulnerable and sympathetic Tack is the archetype of dude who will always be wormed out of his chicks, and Joe is the ultimate antihero on the path to personal discovery and inner strength. Maybe I'm delving a little too deep....but this movie is a source of inspiration in an otherwise bland and meaningless era of moviemaking (the 20th century). Do yourself a favor...grab a load of tall cans, gather your buds and watch this movie. You'll never regret it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yes its low budget, but this is the kind of movie that doesn't need SFX, explosions or CGI. This movie reminded me of Yes I'm Hubbs, the loser who was the leader of my pack of friends and I did have a friend like Joe, and I did know a dude like Tack that was annoying. I was a total dork so think how dorky THEY were.

    Its a fun movie, and I liked the twist/role reversal at the end. On the surface it looks like a stupid teen movie but it is one long social commentary for that time period, aka the early 1980's.

    I loved the movie. Its too bad the young kids now may not get the references, the jokes, the personalities, but isn't it always like that?
  • I have seen this movie several times and just watched it again this weekend, and I still find it highly entertaining.

    Those who feel that this movie is somehow weak, ineffective, or inferior to Dazed and Confused are most likely too young to have experienced the late 70's/early 80's.

    While I did not grow up in Los Angeles during the 70's, things were essentially identical in southern Canada. Seeking out the evenings party, looking to score some pot and booze/beer, and with a little luck, getting laid were the prime motives of the evening. While that is no different than the motivations of today's teens, I think Stoned Age does a better job at depicting the scene relative to it's time than contemporary movies do at depicting the current era. It is not flashy, or glossy. Everyone is not a "beautiful person" driving a Porsche. These are teenagers after all!

    At the risk of dating myself, it was also nice to watch a "teen" movie that didn't have a soundtrack entirely made up of Hip-Hop.

    I think this is a wonderful movie! I sometimes find myself unable to rationalise why I like it, but all I know for sure is that I DO like it!

    Like someone else mentioned, the characters are real. Like most, I can watch this movie and see people I knew back then who were carbon copies of the characters. Crump was the local heavy. Hubbs is a bit of dick, but ultimately an okay guy. Tack("You kak!"). Everyone knows a Tack! Laney was the hot chick/ball breaker that was/is indigenous to every high school, while girls like Jill(call me crazy, but I thought she was better looking for some reason) who have a brain and a personality are underrated.

    And Joe? How many of us can relate to Joe on some level?

    Cudos to the actor playing the clerk at the liquor store too!

    This is a fine movie, and I would highly recommend that you check it out!
  • This is an awesome movie, but the reason why is pretty subtle (or maybe not so subtle). It is one of the few movies of this genre (rock n' roll pot smoking, sex, adolescent mayhem) which actually takes the audience seriously enough to bother putting in a plot, and a character -- Joe -- that is interesting, I mean, he's a nice guy who doesn't want to be a "worm," unlike his more-popular friend Hubbs, but he keeps getting cheated out of "his" chicks! I think this movie was cooked up as a studio marketing idea, that is, "Hey! Dazed and Confused is so popular right now, let's cash in on that craze and make a '70s kids-smoking-pot movie!" but the writer/director actually bothered to write something interesting instead of mindless eye-candy. Like a character in the movie says, "At least you've got something going on up there!" I also have to say that this is one of the few movies I've ever seen where metalheads are portrayed as the heroes. Too often headbangers in movies are shown as thugs, bullies or morons, but this flick dares to have heroes and sympathetic characters headbanging to Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. A 10, definitely!
  • This movie is excellent. I could watch it over and over again and it would never get old. It is at the forefront of intuitive and thoughtful comedy. I would recommend that anybody who hasn't seen this movie go out right now and rent it. For those who lead mundane lifestyles hopefully it will encourage them to have fun. For those who live their lives like I do I'm sure they will enjoy it just as much as I did. There's nothing like laughter to let you cast aside your worries and inhibitions. And I love the fact that it has Grace Slick's daughter in it. I liked listening to her when she was with Jefferson Airplane. Feed your head!
  • I guess I just don't get it. I've read comment after comment about how this movie is 'NOT' better that Dazed & Confused, like it was marketed, as we all know. This movie was so much better!

    I tried to watch Dazed and felt my eyes getting heavy. I saw it once, when it first aired on cable and it reeked. I have forgotten everything I slept through, straining to stay awake to finish this wretched movie that I had been foolishly looking forward to watching. Barf! Very disappointing it was..... DAZED is a drag!!!!!

    I really dig 'Stoned'. It has a concise story line and the turn of events have great momentum. It's also not B O R I N G>>>>>>>> like Dazed...
  • It's sad that many people who commented on this gem, either didn't get it, nitpick over it's faults (yes they are there but all movies have them), or want to compare it to Dazed and Confused. They are two different movies altogether. For one the kids in Dazed and Confused were essentially the 10% - rich, athletic, and popular kids in school partying it up. Then of course there was the rest of us.

    If you were an average teen in the late 70's or early 80's, driving, drinking, and smoking whatever you could afford then you got this movie for sure. Smoking skank weed out of a crushed Shlitz Malt Liquor tall can - been there, did it. Driving a vehicle that was a barely moving invitation for the cops to bust you (try a brush painted green Chevy Luv pickup for nasty)- did that too. Getting wasted and crashing the rich kid/jock kegger with your friends - did that more times than I can count.

    I especially liked how the writer/director portrayed Joe and Hubbs - for once long haired, hard rock listening, beer swilling, stoners weren't turned into violent sociopaths. There was no nannying Lifetime style message about drug and alcohol use. These were good kids, who while on the wild side, would more than likely grow up to be pretty responsible adults - like most of us did.

    It's sad there was never a follow up to this one. I liked the characters enough that seeing them in later years (can you picture both Joe and Hubbs being the father character, dealing with the hip hop listening punks of today - I could)would surely be worth seeing.

    This a great, nearly forgotten gem that deserves the 10 I gave it. Crack open a tall OX 45, light up some lumbo and enjoy
  • To really appreciate how funny this movie really is, you may need to watch it twice. The first time I watched it, I thought it was so stupid and then my friend forced me into watching it a second time and I couldn't stop laughing. Stuff you might miss the first time-the multiple camera shots of the Blue Torpedo during the opening credits, the classic expression on Hubbs face when Joe plays "Dont Fear The Reaper", Officer Dean, and Tack's classic lines- "Get you some!" and "hey, babe, get naked or shut up!" The list can simply go on for ever. To put it simply, this movie is a classic comedy (and an EXTREMELY accurate portrayal of teenage suburban life) if you watch it a second time and appreciate the small funny details.
  • This is one of those movies that most people will never get to see which is a damn shame because this movie is similar to, but better than Waynes World. The film is about two guys, Hubbs and Joe on a quest to get drunk stoned and laid. If I lived in the USA every night of my life would be like this. There are plenty of moments in this film that will have first time viewers crying with laughter and also more than enough hilarious pieces of dialogue to make this worth watching over and over. This deserves to be watched by anyone who likes Dazed and Confused, any of the Porkys style comedy films or just about any film fan. Awesome.
  • If your going to watch this movie make sure you have a case of Ox 45's….and they better be talls. The Schnappster would work too if you are also wanting to party with the foxes. One of the main characters in the movie is named Joe…he reminds me of Mondoman. Who's Mondoman you ask? Just some dude. There's also a chick in the movie who looks just like the chick on the cover of the Virgin Killers album. You can't forget about Crump's brother, even though he's jerk. I'd kick his ass if it wasn't for his massive upper body strength. Any way, the movie is great! The movie has some great lessons in it. But really the is about Joe. "Ever since Joe got hit by that laser at that Blue Oyster Cult Show he's been acting like a p***y"…but enough of Joe. Joe and Hubs technically worm Crump's brothers chicks, and I'm not talking about chicks with zits…I'm talking about fine chicks. That's where the movie gets good. I don't want to give away the whole movie but just remember: Every band puts out at least one p***y song so they can find out who the f***ts are!
  • This movie is to the 70s what American Graffiti or Hollywood Knights is to the early 60s. It's absurd to listen to someone born in 1985 put this movie down as not being accurate as "Dazed and Confused". I graduated in the 70s and this movie captures the era better than any that I have seen.
  • I commented on this before, but I had to come back just to say that I absolutely love this movie!!!!!

    Great soundtrack, a lot of partying...One of my favorites. This is an awesome movie to watch late at night, lounging back with a couple of friends.

    I love 'coming of age' movies, but the ones which were made or that take place in the 70's/80's are the best. These 'new' teen movies are garbage. Basically, almost all of them made in the last 10 years, however 'Stoned' is right on.
  • Blitz-522 January 1999
    Funny movie about a bunch of dudes that I swore I went to high school with...hehe.(drinkin' beer, skoagin' chix...etc etc) Any one who doesn't think this movie is funny, obviously doesn't have a sense of humor. a 10!

    RIP Mike Sackman.
  • The Stoned Age was a great movie,the plot is a copycat of some other film,although this movie,as alot more UMPH! Its got a great cast,and you really get along with them, and its got many different types of characters from a chick scoring machine,a nerd,to a sexy ho! Its got it all,and it developes to a greater extent,and you really feel for them,and its hard for a fictional character to make me believe that they are real,they didnt really need to "ACT" in this film,they just had to be themselves,cause we have to admit,we are all kinda like that in our teens ( im 16). In overall it was a very funny film,it is also kinda like an older version of American Pie,except this is better.

    What do i rate it out of 10? Well overall it is ranked an excellent score of 9.

    Is it worth watching over and over? Yes it is,definantley,actually the more you watch it,the more you like it.

    So..Its worth the rent? YES! Rent it now!
  • peeeeeroid27 March 2000
    this movie kicks ass plain and simple. theres many ridiculous moments and alot of holes in the movie and a few things that make zero sense, but its enter-damn-taining and pumps me up to go party. a bunch of guys steal tall boys then march down the street chanting ALLLLL CO HOOOOOOL. what more do you want? PLUS blue oyster cult has a little cameo after the credits. ah yes.
  • People who didn't grow up in the seventies probably wouldn't understand what this is about... It's a "day in the life" kind of film like American Grafitti, and so completely and accurately captures the time - from clothing, to expressions, everything - that it almost seems spooky how 90s teenage actors could so perfectly capture the 70s attitude. I feel like I know almost every character in the film, they are so true to life, and I can easily match up people from my teenage years with each one.

    Most of all, of course, this film is absolutely hilarious! I was laughing for days after I saw it.. I invited friends over and watched it over and over, and if was better every time. It's not a parody of the seventies, not making fun of them, it's just like being there, getting stoned and cruising. It's kind of like Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, so many memorable lines, and funny scenes, it just has to be a classic! Ok already, so just watch it...
  • Rarely have I come across a young male that didn't like this movie a lot, and rarely have I come across a female that liked this movie at all. So while I recommend this movie to any male under the age of 30, it is not a good date movie because you will laugh yourself silly and disgust your girlfriend, who will likely be mortified that you find it even remotely amusing.
  • Romeo-144 January 1999
    This has to be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen from start to finish you will laugh so hard you will miss half the movie, You must watch it twice. Tack is the best one in this movie and Joe and Hubbs are also great!!! Highly Recommended.
  • What could be better - then to see your loser self from (stoned) ages ago - being poetized on video. And in a such a talented way - that you just feel that warn rush of such a proper nostalgia - totally and completely overwhelm! Like a pleasant and giant tidal wave. If you were ever into Hard Rock and (or) Heavy Metal - DO WATCH THAT MOVIE! If you were born in 60s or very early 70s - DO WATCH THAT MOVIE. It will probably end up in your video collection. Oh yeah! And if you EVER wore a leather jacket with nothing under it - hunt the copy of this movie - if it is the last thing you do! It's worth it! It's just a story of one rocky(ing) night of a teenage life of two cool losers. But that story is told in a most talented, unforgettable and brilliant manner. PRAISE!
  • I saw this way back when it came out on VHS. Thought it was hilarious. Watched it with a buddy and as soon as it was done we hit rewind and watched the flick again.

    I just recently watched it again on NETFLIX watch it now and realized it had a very similar albeit racier tone to That 70's Show.

    From the characters and even the musical cues kept me feeling I was watching the T7S film adaptation.

    Anyways great b-movie with a great soundtrack.

    Tack was awesome.

    Put a little insanity on your potato and shake it maaaan.
  • Bit of advice to low budget filmmakers - have your film take place during the present day. Setting your film in the past is expensive and takes a lot of time and energy. This movie's depiction of 1970's era Southern California is so bad, it's as if they made no effort whatsoever. I mean, the very first scene has Crump's brother standing on the side of the highway as Ford Explorers and late 90's model Volvo Station wagons go cruising by. I didn't even know it took place in the 70's until Joe had his 8-track eaten by the Blue Bomber. Even the wardrobe and hair is terrible. Half the cast looks straight out of the Seattle grunge scene - tight, ripped jeans, leather jackets and long, straight hair. Hell, Hubbs looks more like the dude from the Cult than a 17 year-old high school kid in the 70's. The "hot" chick adds even more confusion, with her late-80's, metal groupie, "she's my cherry pie", Warrant video ensemble. Now, with that said, there are some great moments. Tack is hilarious and perfect. Joe's brush with Blue Oyster Cult and "the laser" is classic. The soundtrack of Ted Nugent, Sabbath, and the aforementioned BOC totally rocks (guess we know where the budget went). The Schnapster rules (*ping!*) Mike Dick and Mike New York and all their cases of talls rule too. Kind of amazing how such a bad flick can have so many classic moments. As a matter of fact, every poorly contrived scene of bad dialogue and even worse wardrobes is actually worth sitting through, if just for that one scene where Tack starts talking about his zits. Dazed and Confused, one of my all time favorite movies, doesn't have a single scene as funny, as candid, as just straight up randon, as that one. "I don't want no chicks with zits, I want fine chicks!" Amen, Tack.
  • JR5415 February 2003
    One of my favorite "bad movies" of all time. I myself was never a burnout but I knew a lot of them and they were right on the money with the portrayal of these guys. I really enjoyed this movie even though you know that it wasn't really what would be called a good movie. if you were in high school in the late 70's and early 80's then you should watch this. To Quote Mrs. Hankey in the movie "Don't be such a poopydoodle!"
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