The beer all the guys drink in the movie is called Ox 45. The script originally called for them to drink Colt 45, but Colt 45 wouldn't allow it because they refuse to endorse under-age drinking. So their drink-of-choice was changed from Colt 45 to Ox 45.

Blue Öyster Cult band members Eric Bloom and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (Donald Roeser) are seen standing outside of a store trying to sell bootleg t-shirts for $5 after the movie's final credits.

In the scene where Frankie Avalon drives up to Joe and Hubbs, there is a beer can in the middle of the road that served as a marker for where the two drivers were to stop and talk.

Tack describes Lanie as "looking like that chick on the virgin killers album." Actually, the 'Virgin Killer' album they are talking about was released by the Scorpions in 1977. The album was briefly banned in the US because it featured a 14 year old girl nude. The album cover was later replaced with a promo photo of the band, and thus, re-released in the US. The album with the original cover photo is extremely rare.

The video tape tagline was "Better than 'Dazed and Confused'" since it was the first 70's Stoner film to come out, the year earlier.

Frankie Avalon's cameo was actually originally intended for William Shatner.