Prospero: Killing isn't always the answer.

Jack Deth: No, but it's usually a pretty good guess.

Caliban: [to Prospero] I though I'd find you here. It's time to come home, my son.

Prospero: No.

Caliban: You've changed...yes, you've been reborn. Just as I anticipated, you were amongst the meat you could not resist, and now, we'll be together.

Prospero: Together in Hell!

[he tries to attack Caliban, but Caliban easily grabs and disarms him, tossing his sword aside then shoving him away.]

Caliban: Your heart's not in this, boy.

[unknown to him, Jack Deth sneaks up, and takes Prospero's sword.]

Jack Deth: Mine is.

[he waves his sword in challenge]

Jack Deth: Engarde, motherfucker!

Harris: I knew you'd be back, Jack. You're one of those guys who's not happy unless he's working.

Jack Deth: And you're one of those guys who's not happy unless he's fucking somebody's old lady!

Harris: How long did you expect her to wait, Jack?