Tim Thomerson is embarrassed by his involvement with this film and part 5.

The film's alternate subtitle of "Journeys Through the Dark Zone" is actually recycled from an unfilmed movie of the same name that was set to be directed by original Trancers writers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo in 1986.

Several budgetary problems occurred during filming, to which director David Nutter went on to say that they were resolved by simply tearing out various pages in the script.

Ron Perlman originally auditioned for the role of Caliban.

Some of the Romanian actors that played smaller roles in the film had their dialogue re-looped by American voice actors in post-production.

Filmed back-to-back with Trancers 5: Sudden Deth (1994).

The film's trailer reuses music from Robot Wars and Doctor Mordrid.

Sherman Howard was also considered for the role of Caliban during the film's pre-production stages.

Jackie Earl Haley also read for a part in the film.

Stuart Wilson also auditioned for the role of Caliban.

Bumped from January 1994 release date.

The android character Shark from Trancers III (1992) was originally intended to have a much larger part as Jack Deth's sidekick. After idea and script changes, his character was almost entirely written out with Jack explaining that he was destroyed on a mission. Shark's head is also physically shown as part of a lamp in Jack's home.