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  • The movie was pretty bad, but I'm from a small town in Virginia called Poquoson, so it made news in the area when they filmed the second part of "Vanishing Son" there.

    I remember watching it and thinking, I was just "there" (Messick Point, where much of the movie was filmed) a few days earlier for a fireworks show on the 4th. The road at the end of the movie is where I directed traffic out of the lot and back on to Messick Road.

    Pretty cool to have "Al" from Quantum Leap in the are. That blue boathouse is a relic and hasn't been used in nearly a decade. Hurricane Isabel reshaped the landscape a bit.

    As far as the movie goes, it continues on from the first one and as a made for TV movie, isn't too too bad, but it's made for TV, thus can only get a 5 max.