Jack Robbins: Is your knee hurting, Dan?

Dan Cutler: No, it's fine. How are you? You ought to ask them to give you a pill.

Jack Robbins: Do you want me to make the calls to the families?

Dan Cutler: No, I'll call them. You go back home, and make sure people don't fall apart. You know, there's a lesson here. I didn't motivate them enough. If I'd just built a fire under them, we wouldn't be here now. I let myself down, you know? You were great out there, Jack; you ought to be proud of yourself.

Dan Cutler: Nick, let's go! A little hustle! Set an example for the younger ones. Come on, that was a joke.

Nick Karas: Yeah, was it?

Dan Cutler: What, do you feel a little cranky until you get your Ovaltine in the morning?

Nick Karas: Are you needling me?

Dan Cutler: No, I'm not needling you.

Nick Karas: Yes, you are. Why do you do that? Do you enjoy that?

Dan Cutler: Tell you what. Let's get in the boat. We can do group therapy on the way home.

Nick Karas: No, let's be straight with each other for a minute. Why don't you let up, Dan? I'm not a threat to you. Relax.

Dan Cutler: You know, I always admired how relaxed you were. You had perspective. You had distance. I guess I'd rather stay in the game.

Nick Karas: If you want to play games, first find out if anybody wants to play.