In season 1 episode 2, Caroline and Del have a jokey exchange about Howard the Duck, a film that Lea Thompson (Caroline) starred in.

This show shares a universe with both Friends (1994) and Frasier (1993). In Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Folks (1995), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) crosses over from Friends (1994) while Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves) and Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce) crossed over from Frasier (1993) in the episode Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Bad Back (1995). In addition, Caroline Duffy (Lea Thompson) crossed over on Friends (1994) in the episode Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995).

Remo's originally started out as a restaurant in the beginning of the first season, was reduced to a bistro midway through the season.

This show share universe with other successful shows of the 90s era: Friends, Mad about you, Frasier and Seinfeld