• WARNING: Spoilers

    When Dr. Sara Gordon first met Brad Cunningham, an extremely handsome and charming banker, she thought he was wonderful, and fell for him instantly. The two eventually began dating, although Brad was still married and in the process of a very messy divorce. However, what Sara DIDN'T know, was that the man she loved was an evil, abusive manipulator who hated women and constantly terrorized his wife Cheryl on a regular basis. Shortly after Cheryl begins divorce proceedings and files for custody of her three sons, her badly bludgeoned body is found in her van at the end of Sunset Highway. Although all signs point to her soon-to-be-ex-husband, there is no physical evidence to link him to the crime. Convinced that the man she loves so much is innocent, Sara stands by Brad's side, marries him a year after the murder, and then adopts his three sons. But as time goes on, she discovers some disturbing history in Brad's past: three former marriages that all evolved in terror, which includes a total of three other children he never sees; family members who were also victims of Brad's physical and psychological abuse and are still very much afraid of him; and other pieces of information which make Sara start to believe that Brad really did kill his wife on that September night. Eventually she starts to see him for who he really is-- a heartless, cold-blooded murderer-- and leaves him for good. After detectives and lawyers gather enough evidence to try Brad in a civil and criminal court, they ask Sara to testify against the man she once loved so much, the father of her adopted children. Fearful of losing her boys, Sara hesitates at first, but finally decides to try and help put away the the cruel man whom she now knows is a murderer.