Ben Katz: You know what you are, Laura?

Laura: What am I?

Ben Katz: You're one great big ball of bitch.

David Duchovny: Sometimes I think that the dream is reality and life is the simulacrum.

Dr. Katz: It certainly is.

Ray: Oh, this is gonna be a marathon. I'm gonna wear a number on my back, and people are gonna have to bring me cups of water.

Ben Katz: Look, Dad, here's the deal: Do what I say, and don't be an idiot.

Ben Katz: Yeah, I think I've seen pictures.

Dr. Katz: Yeah, he's not a photogenic man.

Ben Katz: Neither were you.

Dr. Katz: Did you have to say that?

Ben Katz: I'm sorry, Dad, but you know there were two ugly guys in the photo. One was you, one was David Stanick.

Dr. Katz: How is your appetite?

Joy: My appetite is too good. I just want to eat everything.

Ben Katz: Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner fudge is made.