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  • Valek-530 October 2000
    This is the most amazing animated series on TV at the moment. It's not just the humor, but the characters are ones that you can identify with and the animation is amazing. The surroundings are completely static (black and white and unmoving). The people are the only animations that move. It's like their outlines are permanently set to "vibrate". This is annoying to some people, but I think it's really great. Laura HAS to be the most amazing receptionist EVER! WATCH THIS SHOW!
  • I adore Dr. Katz, there was no darker day than when I heard the series was going to end. I have every episode they showed on Comedy Central. My tapes are so worn they are getting hard to watch. I should have made tapes of my tapes. I wish they would release the whole series on DVD. The animation, which seems to have annoyed some people, never bothered me at all. I enjoyed the show on every level, and every time I watch it. It is a fantastic series, with brilliant acting and perfect comedic timing, a must see for anyone who truly appreciates good comedy.
  • As a life long sufferer of chronic sadness, I hold tight to anything, ANYTHING, that helps lift, for even a few moments, that pesky dark cloud hovering over my head. I've tried drugs - legal and otherwise, illicit sex, adrenaline fueled extreme sports, petty crimes, felonious crimes, Zen Buddhist meditation, Cabalistic incantations, Indian sweat lodge retreats, and even once watched Oprah, but nothing works quite so magically as quality TV comedy. Dr. Katz is my prescription to you for whatever has got you down. There's no mood too blue, no funk too sunk that a dose of Dr. Katz can't fix. It's a sure fire, works-every-time, miracle cure for the blahs that carries no side effects, other than maybe a cramped face from all the prolonged intense grinning.

    It's such an outrageous conceit to have top comedians - the majority of which are clearly disturbed individuals - venting the same annoyances, anxieties, fears, and phobias that constitute their acts, but as sessions with a mental health professional. Putting these peculiar characters on the couch is a stroke of genius. How crazy is it that what easily passes for legitimate therapeutic conversation is actually the stuff of inspired comedy routines?! The are a few exceptions to the parade of stand up pros such as when actresses Winona Ryder and Lisa Kudrow appear as patients, and they, too, are marvelously compelling and witty. There are a few comedian patients with whose work I was not previously familiar, and I was motivated to seek out examples of them in real world action.

    All the regular characters are absolutely superb with long time stand up comedian Jonathan Katz voicing the titular doctor. The doctor is divorced and living with his unemployed son, Ben, played by H. Jon Benjamin who has created the archetypal Gen X slacker loser. Ben's self obsessed, self deprecating, self loathing version of post-adolescent angst is poignantly endearing, when it's not comically tragic. Dr. Katz's equally self obsessed, but self satisfied twenty-something secretary, Laura, is a sly creature of the most sinister design, who is perhaps repulsive in attitude but undeniably alluring in appearance and style. Ben incessantly makes awkward advances to a decidedly disinterested Laura who is voiced by Laura Silverman, sister to the also maniacally designed Sarah Silverman. Dr. Katz often ends his working day with drinks with an amiable acquaintance, Stanley, served to them by an attractive and pleasant bartender, Julie, who seems to genuinely enjoy the gentlemen's glib conversation. It's a great treat for me to compare all the performers' real faces to their weirdly squiggly animated ones.

    This show never fails to brighten my day. It shines a very warm ray of light onto my burdened heart. Dr. Katz truly is the comedic equivalent of chicken soup for the soul.
  • This is one of the most original animated shows. Dr. Katz is a psychiatrist and his patients are all comedians. They take their material and they turn it into personal problems they are having. But he also his son. 20 something Ben who still lives at home and is always thinking of new ways to make money and sit around. And then there's Laura. Probably the worst secretary ever. I should mention that Ben has a crush on her and always asking her out and she continuously declines. The animation is what they call "SQUIGGLE-VISION." The background is black and white and the characters and important objects are in color and are constantly shaking. There has never been another show (that I know of) to use this type of animation.
  • While it lasted, this was one of the funniest animated shows ever to turn up on TV. It was a brilliant idea to take standup comedy and pour it into the psychologist-patient mold; it fits perfectly. I still laugh thinking about Ray Romano talking about how his wife forces him to go downstairs to check out noises in the night...and bring back a yogurt. I hope it will all be out on DVD soon.
  • Dr. Katz might be the funniest show I have ever seen, but not mass-audience material really. It runs at it's own pace, and has a very unique and subtle sense of humor. Unfortunately it's no longer in production, and reruns are--to my knowledge--not available up here in sunny Canada. Fans should check out "Home Movies" which also features the voice of H. Jon Benjamin, and lacks the squiggle-vision animation.
  • This is one of the funniest animated series ever. I started watching Dr. Katz in 1998, early in the year when I got my satellite dish. Our cable company doesn't carry Comedy Central. The show had a good run, and many of the episodes were downright hilarious. The characters are so loveable, how can you not watch? You have Dr. Katz, a psychologist, who studies the minds of celebrities, mostly comedians. Then, you have Ben, ah Ben...the loveable kid who isn't really a kid at all. He's in his 20's, but he doesn't have a job, and he spends most of his time sitting around the house with two different colored socks on...the kind that are white and have colored stripes at the top. Ben has a thing for his dad's secretary, Laura, who for an animated person is stunningly beautiful, I have to say, and he always gets laughs when he tries to ask her out or flirt with her. Dr. Katz was a great show, and it's a shame Comedy Central didn't renew it. I guess they have better things to air like 18 episodes of the not- so- funny SNL a day. According to a form letter I received via e- mail, Katz was supposed to run on the weekends for good in reruns, but that never happened, because they replaced it with Duckman, and Comedy Central no longer owns the rights to the series. You can, however, pick up tapes of the show at You can also find people online who have episodes on tape who are willing to copy them for you, some for free, some for a price. I know that's illegal, but when they don't have every episode available for sale, how else do they expect you to see it? Check it out if you can, you won't regret it.
  • Dr. Katz is a comedic cartoon with stand-up comedian Jonathan Katz in the starring role of a psychiatrist who has more than his share of professional comedians as patients. This enables them to do their stand-up comedy routines as part of their therapy sessions. Dr Katz' 23 year old son, Ben, still lives with the good doctor and is chronically unemployed. Ben is constantly trying to start up a romance with Dr. Katz' receptionist, Laura, with no luck whatsoever. For example, when Ben meets Laura for the first time he asks her if she'd like to go out for coffee, and she does - leaving him to answer the phones. Laura receives a paycheck from Dr. Katz but in many ways is as chronically unemployed as Ben is. She has no interest in pretending to be busy, being nice to the patients, or at times, even showing up for work. For example, when Dr. Katz suggests that Laura to be nicer to the patients she replies "Do you have any idea what it's like to deal with crazy people all day?" In the series premiere, "Pot-Bellied Pigs", Dr. Katz rides Ben pretty hard about being out of work. Ben's solution to his cash flow problem is to buy two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and breed them in their small New York City apartment. When Dr. Katz asks Ben if he thinks this is a good plan Ben's response is "Dad, the ad says 'Stay Home, Make Money' ....these are good things!" The episode "Bully" is also one of my favorites in which Ben gets very upset when Dr. Katz throws away Bully, the stuffed bull from his childhood. Ben labels everything that belongs to him, and expresses fear that perhaps his father wants him out, too.

    Dr Katz employs a novel animation technique called Squigglevision, which can be visually annoying to some people. In SquiggleVision there is virtually no lateral movement by any of the characters or objects, with only lips, eyes, and the like animated. However, the edges of the characters are in a constant state of zigzagging flux, and this gives the impression of movement. I highly recommend this unique comedy as one of the smartest and funniest offerings that Comedy Central came up with before they started trying to appeal to the least common denominator with stuff like "The Man Show".
  • rzajac24 November 2014
    I have to admit something: I'm giving this series a '10' partly because I think it (may) deserve it, but also partly because I feel a need to do my part to pull it up out of the 7.x doldrums.

    Dr. Katz is an enigma. On one hand, it's basically a vehicle for standup-comics. Yet, on the other you have to ask whether it lives up in some way to its pretense of opening a window on the therapeutic process. And the answer is delightfully, teasingly close to "Yes".

    It comes down to whether you can see in Dr. Katz something like a modern urban sage. And I'm banking on just that.

    The writing is fantastic, keeping in mind that it sometimes verges on an unhingedness that makes it seem often quite ad-libbed, spontaneous, alive, and sizzling.

    I'm binge watching the series: Can't put it down, and dreading the day I view the last installment. Viva Katz!
  • I watched this show from time to time in the late-90's, but I didn't get Comedy Central at home until around 2001. When I was flipping through the shows that were free with on demand, I was pleasantly surprised to find episodes of "Dr. Katz". This show is basically a half-hour animated sitcom/ stand up comedy showcase. Dr. Jon Katz is a therapist who anaylizes stand up comics and actors/actresses. Various elements of the conversations are literally animated out to make for an often hilarious story. In addition, H. Jon Benjamin plays Dr. Katz's son, Ben who is a loser who often hangs at his dad's office because he has a crush on the receptionist. And in case this wasn't enough, the show is presented in the acid-tripping animation style, Squigglevision, which can also be seen in the first few seasons of "Home Movies" (occasionally on Adult Swim). This show is a hidden gem, so if you happen to find it on on demand, watch it because chances are it won't be released on DVD.
  • For this likable, very funny gem of a series; you can get some of the first episodes with commentary on it as well. Some of the points I would add to the previous reviews: the cast of comedians who made an animated appearance on the show was a virtual who's who of stand up comedy, especially as some of them (Ray Romano, Conan O'Brian) would become very famous. Also Laura and Ben are classic examples of the slacker and entitled generation. . . I love how Laura, after refusing to do some perfectly reasonable request that falls the slightest bit outside her receptionist job, then says "Can I have a raise?". Finally, Kevin Meany's riff on staying in hotels during the second season was one of the funniest things I have ever heard, particularly paired with the shows oddly offbeat yet endearing style of animation. Overall this reviewer thinks the DVD set is a great addition to anyone who wants the simple pleasure of putting on a DVD for amusement and to see a guileless comedy series.
  • In my right-out-of-college, unemployed days, Ben Katz was my hero.

    Dr. Katz (followed by The Kids in the Hall) was required viewing every day at lunch.

    The show introduced me to great stand-up comedians like Dave Attell, and I could always count on Ben and Dr. Katz to make me laugh.

    Not a week goes by that I don't quote this show. A DVD compilation would be on my "must have" list.
  • Could it be possible that I'm the only person on the web who's got something to say about Dr. Katz? Probably not (guess a lot of fans don't know about this site), cuz it's a great, clever series, especially the parts where the characters fantasize about their thoughts (anyone remember 'I wonder how Jesus would sound if he'd talked with a gay, southern accent' ?(not the exact quote, I know)) One thing though: what's with the distorted animation? It's sort of the trademark of the series, but gets annoying after a while...
  • the subject says it all. and, ok, "the best?" maybe not the right words. funniest? yep. the question is: where the hell are the dr katz dvd's?! they got every friggin' cable series on dvd AND for rent at EVERY video store in the world. meanwhile, all they have for dr katz is a couple of lo-fi tapes (everyone i got - 4 of them - has terrible sound that drops in and out of hi-fi and stereo) from rhino!

    as for funny tv, there's only two things anyone needs: kids in the hall, and dr katz. and to think, when i was in college, comedy central aired them BACK-TO-BACK!!!!
  • So okay, you've got Futurama, you've got American dad and Family guy. And sure, King of the hill is great and Cowboy bebop is jazz-uped cool. But Dr katz is the absolute must for anyone looking for the likable characters, great lines and memorable guestapperances. I don't need to say what it's about, you can read the summary, but to believe the excellence of this seemingly low budget, you've got to see it for yourself. You won't roll across the room laughing (or maybe you will), but this is fun and even tender (Dr Katz's unconditional love for his slacker son). In TV world of humour 'Friends' tried too hard, 'Dr Katz' won hands down...
  • okay this show is one of my favorites in the squiggle vision shows..2nd is home movies! but this show topped it! my all time fav episode is with Dom Irrera!! top line is (My main man sista man!) too funny.. and I love LOVE H. Jon Benjamin! he was so funny as Ben!

    I love him on Home movies and Aqua teen hunger!
  • Absolute, flat-out funny. Animation as minimalist as "South Park" (and far more intelligent) doesn't hinder and in fact complements tremendous voice-over talent and great writing. George Lucas, take note.
  • I'd heard this was very expensive to make due to the SquiggleVision process. I've had friends complain it makes them motion sick which is almost as funny as the show itself.

    I once told a girlfriend "If I ever leave you for a cartoon it will be for Laura." Sick & sad but true...

    For those of you signing petitions to get it on DVD s-t-o-p already!! It's been out on DVD forever now. Do some research why don't you!?!?

    This was easily one of the funniest animated shows ever & likely one of the funniest shows made to date. As good as or better than "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" "South Park" and "The Simpsons" and it was basically just stand-up comedians doing their routines on a couch. "Frozen foods! Frozen foods! People let me tell you 'bout those frozen foods!"
  • This cartoon was so hilarious, and can't believe it was cancelled. What a shame. It seems strange that Comedy Central would cancel this show, yet run 4 back to back reruns of the insanely unfunny "Kids in the Hall" per day. I am waiting with bated breath for these to come out on video. Very funny and very smart.
  • This is simply the best and funniest show on television. It is well written and the interplay amongst the characters is wonderful. It may take some folks awhile to get the dry humor but it is well worth the effort.
  • Whilst i'm not a big fan of stand-up comedians, i did find this sitcom based around the comic material of 100's of famous American & Canadian stand-up comedians & the life of their therapist & his son to be very funny indeed.

    Apart from the input by those stand-up comedians, the writing by the shows creators was also very funny.

    The humour is very clever & amongst the best you'll ever see/hear in a TV comedy show.

    How this got axed i will never know, unless the makers didn't want to make it anymore, because i can't believe that ANY TV company in their right mind would want to axe this gem from their programming.

    Every episode is so funny probably because of the guest stand-ups that bring their own material to the show.

    Maybe one day soon someone somewhere will have a change of heart & make a new series, i'm sure the many stand-up comedians in North America will be queuing up to take part.
  • My favorite animated feature of all-time.

    The thing I love most about this show is it's willingness to show the vulnerability and humanity of the therapist. Often, the roles are reversed, where-by, the patient seems much more confident than Katz, himself. It is also very entertaining seeing Benjamin, Kat's son, counseling the therapist and bringing him down to Earth in many cases.

    The character of Laura, his receptionist, is very funny, although admittedly and pointedly less-so she would be in real life.

    Memorable episodes are the ones with Steven Wright, Jeanine Garafalo, and the guy whose "feet weren't finished".

    I read an article some years ago that Jonathan Katz has M.S. and that is why he was unable to continue the show. Get well soon, Doctor. "A round of mental health for everyone!"
  • This show is amazing! I first started watching the show because I was jonesin for Stand-Up comedians since Comedy Central stopped showing any stand up shows, but I came to love the relationship between Dr. Katz and Ben. I think Ben is the funniest character on TV (since Homer has dropped since 1997). An inspiration to slackers everywhere. I hope I can have this kind of relationship with my son someday. H. Jon Benjamin has proven to be the king of Squigglevision with hilarious spots on Katz, Home Movies, Science Court and now the Celebrity Special show on FX.

    What makes this show so special is Dr. Katz's dry humor, never taking anything too seriously, including himself. In an era of Erkel and Screech, this is the most intelligent humor on TV. Sure it's not for all tastes, most of the jokes aren't Friends type of one liners, but funny because of the types of character's Ben and Katz are. When the comedians are funny, and they usually are, this makes for the funniest half hour around. Comedy Central has recently stopped airing reruns everyday, so catch this show when you can, because I fear it will be gone too soon.
  • This cartoon is only half a cartoon really, and half animated comedy routines between Dr. Katz and his guest stars, who pose as his patients. As a consequence it rose and fall on the strength of its "guest patients", which was uneven. In particular, the program relied inordinately upon Ray Romano and Dom Irrera, neither of whose bits were more than occasionally funny. Perhaps this program would have lasted longer if it relied upon a more diverse cast of celebrities. In particular, I noticed that the women guests tended to be much funnier then the men, but the men predominated. Also, it could have used some character development, rather than, for example, Ben and Laura spinning around and around in the same old rut of him flinging himself at her and her putting him off, even though this is perhaps more true to life. Nevertheless, it was still one of the most entertaining programs to appear on television. I still can't understand why the brilliantly laconic Laura Silverman isn't a star!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched all of this show properly for the first time a little while back and I really consistently found it to be a very fun and calming show to just chill out with and frequently get a good laugh out of. It's tone is very mellow and lovable, even as some characters get hilariously worked up! Everything about it is minimalistic but I adored the dry sense of humour and I kinda found it to be a perhaps ironically therapeutic show to watch. I saw it as a kid a little but I never really appreciated it's distinct brand of comedy until I saw it with a more adult perspective. The animation was probably a big issue for most viewers and I could see how that style could turn some people off right away, but I didn't particularly have a problem with it, how the show looked and the way the characters appeared like they were constantly squirming around was its trademark, the animation complemented and heightened the humour, if the show had been blessed with better animation then it probably wouldn't have felt the same or maybe even not have been as funny. Dr Katz just wouldn't have been Dr Katz without the famous squiggles that made everything about the show feel so distinct and memorable, I certainly never found them nauseating to look at like some claimed to have been, if you're into the show it's something you don't even register after a while. Something that I did not like at all was that particularly in the early seasons they'd often tend to reuse little parts of scenes, which to me made things feel a little too cheap at times.. Someone said that the show "was only as good as its guest stars." Perhaps but I always loved the interactions between Dr Katz, Ben and Laura, they all played off each other brilliantly. If there happened to be a great guest voice, to me it only really made an already good episode that much better. My favourite of the regular patients was definitely Dom the aggressive yet freakily sensitive man with the thick Brooklyn accent and weird crush of sorts on Dr Katz that frequently saw him getting a bit too close for comfort and even one time dancing the flamenco! The guy was effortlessly hilarious and stole every scene that he - or rather his voice - featured in! I also loved the voice actor as "Ernie" from Hey Arnold. I loved Ben and his relationship with his father who probably was a bit too easy on him and treated him like a big kid too much. It was so funny how Ben was the kind of guy that always acted like he knew about everything even though he barely did anything, and how whenever he would manage to accidentally accomplish something or half-heartedly take up some temporary hobby he'd get a superior attitude about it, usually aimed right at his long-suffering dad! To me the humour wasn't about satire or clever metaphors but just for the most part the honest and bare bones interactions of quirky folks just sitting and talking and I loved that kind of unpretentious blandness of it? You got the humour of it without the need for a lot of 'flash.' I think it may have got better with age. Some things in the overall plot that I think could have been improved upon would have been if they'd have got Ben to start moving towards getting his s**t together, and they should have had a moment where Laura acknowledges and gently puts to pasture Ben's little crush on her, I know it really wasn't that kind of show but it's frequently the little things that can make good animated shows into great ones. Something else that bugs me is that the final episode is just like any other and has absolutely no sense of finality to it at all, and maybe at the time they didn't know it would be the last episode I don't know, but they should have put a little more effort into it instead of the show just getting unceremoniously ditched with a rather unremarkable episode about Conan O Brian showing up again to steal Katz's jokes! The show is what it is, some episodes came together a little better than others and were funnier and the guest voices didn't always exactly shine quite the same way, but overall I really loved it, it was a great show and a very endearing piece of work and it has its own place in time in the history of animated shows that were aimed more at adults, do yourself a favour and check it out, I promise you'll get at least one good laugh out of it and believe me there's plenty of them! Nice one Doc. X
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