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  • A friend commented to me once that they were sad that there aren't any more cartoons on Saturday morning. This came as news to me since I don't usually crawl out of bed until at least noon on Saturdays. But after a Friday night term-paper session stretched out longer and longer until I noticed (as the paper was screeching it's way out of my old-fashioned printer) that it was Saturday morning, I decided to test the TV waters.

    What I found was "Hang Time", which I pegged instantly as a clone of "Saved by the Bell". In this teen-oriented sit-com, we follow the daily hi-jinks of students at Deering High School involved in the basketball program. While it was good for a chuckle, I was initially unimpressed enough to change the channel when I noticed something...or someone to be exact.

    Amber Barretto plays the cheerleader of the group, a stunning young lady with a mane of red curly hair the likes of which I've never seen before. Thankfully the writers of the show resisted the temptation to make her character a ditz just because of her cheerleader status. In fact, Miss Baretto (along with Megan Parlen) would make good candidates for a spin-off since they usually get the goofy subplots. They make a pretty good team.

    And Daniella Deutscher (that's a hard name to spell) as Julie, the lone girl on the basketball team, is a nordic beauty who practically puts Natasha Hendstridge to shame with her lovely eyes.

    No more sleeping in for me. This sure beats Ag Day.
  • Hang time was a highly rated show. It was amusing and always enjoyable, but the first season was when the show was at it's highest point. It was different than the rest, the characters, the plots, everything. But then they had to change it around so much and it's not as good. But this show still is cool, and they should bring back the reruns.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't lose an episode of this show. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't THAT funny or interesting but I don't know, it had something really special about it. Maybe it was about the extremely sexy female cast members. Daniela Deutscher (a perfect blonde with sexy shaped legs, pretty beautiful face), and Megan Parlen (the hottest legs and pretty face) were the best.

    Anthony Anderson was really funny.

    The humor was light in my opinion mainly because it was oriented for a younger audience. The situations were funny and you could feel related to some of them. It tried to keep a real vibe.

    The basketball moments were interesting and heck I even liked it! The competitions were an important part of the show. Everything dealt with getting fit in all aspects to the games.

    This was by far my favorite sports oriented sitcom.
  • This show is bland, trite and predictable... perfect for TNBC. If for some bizarre reason you're ever up early enough to watch this on a Saturday morning, go ahead and do so. It's not really intelligent or well-acted, but it's the kind of show that you don't get sick of because there's nothing there that you don't like, it's exactly like all those other teen/high school sitcoms except this one has sports stars so the girls have more spine and aren't as brain-dead and girly (except for rich kid Mary Beth). They even show a cheerleader who isn't just another dumb blond chick! Amber Baretto does a great job as the token fiery red-head on this show and her character brought on more realistic plots such as interacial dating. However, Julie, the first girl on the sports team, which apparently is a necessary device for any teen show is (barely) played by Daniella Deuschter who couldn't act her way out of a parking ticket. Julie could have been a great character, but Daniella's portrayal has caused the character to become completely one-dimensional since she is unable to portray any emotion beyond confusion. (However, she's pretty good on the court). If you're a fan of the original Saved by the Bell, you'll be disappointed. But if you're in the market for a cute non-thought-provoking way to spend a half-hour on Saturday mornings between SBTB: The New Class and One World, this is perfect for you.
  • Kaos-1117 October 1999
    I've been watching Hang Time for a long time now. I've learned a lot through watching the show. Daniella Deutscher and Jay Hernandez are personal favorites of mine. The show really shows teens about life, and going through high school. It shows you the good and the bad. The show covers things like aids, teen pregnancy, dating, and things like that.
  • During the first season of "Hang Time," it was a terrific show. Honest, well acted, and it didn't descend into a predictable formula like "Saved by the Bell: The New Class." Now, it's exactly like "Saved by the Bell: The New Class," only not as annoying.

    I find it strange that Julie Conner and Mary Beth Pepperton are still in high school after 4 years despite the fact that they were sophomores when the show began. Even stranger: Whether Julie was a freshman or sophomre when the show began doesn't matter, either way, she ended up playing at the varsity level all through high school. New players (new cast members) go from JV to varsity, yet Julie never played at the JV level.

    I still watch it though, mainly because Danielle Deutscher and Megan Parlen are so darn pretty :)

  • Quinn-521 November 1998
    The above/below comments are obviously written by someone directly associated with the show, if its not a complete reprint of an NBC press release. I have yet to watch a vaguely realistic episode of this show (though I admit I don't watch often), nor crack a smile from the flatly delivered "safe" jokes. It's a routine and predictable teen-oriented sitcom, and like all of Peter Engel's routine and predictable efforts, follows a routine and predictable formula...destined never to be taken seriously by anyone living in the real world.
  • In the lines of the old-fashioned Saved By The Bell, Saved By The Bell; The Next Generation, Malibu CA, and more. The type of show you expect where there are new cast member changes every other season, and everything is alright at the end, this excels most of the average drivel with the humour it displays, the girls, in all honesty, who are all appealing, and the pure addictiveness of the bloody soundtrack. Every season is per Basketball Tournement and League, and every couple of episodes has a cameo by some famous Basketball player. Some classic Teenager characters, including Anthony Abraham (?) as Teddy, the son of a famous basketball player.

    An easily enjoyable show on an early Saturday morning, easy to zone in and out of it, it's honestly unfairly picked on, and is worth a watch now and again.
  • Hang Time has continued to become a world-wide success for teenagers. Already in its 4th season, the show continues the formula for which it began, a teen-oriented program that deals with the situations that our teens face today, HIV, drugs, and teen sex. While dealing with those issues, the show has it fair share of humor and comedy mixed in with romance.

    Special credit must go to two people: Peter Engel, the executive producer, and Patrick Maloney, the show's director. These two people have made Hang Time one of the most successful and informative teen-oriented shows that will continue their success into the 21st Century and beyond.

    Credit also must goto the cast of Hang Time. These actors are incredibly gifted, and have portrayed their characters with the utmost confidence, especially Daniella Deutscher & Megan Parlen, who have been with the show since its initial premiere in September 1995. Both them and many other cast members give us a standout performance in dealing with teen-oriented situations.
  • irehawk30 December 2016
    This show is considered romantic comedy sitcom and was ranked #1 in TNBC Saturday morning block.

    What did you know that Basketball was introduced in 1891, which had all men players. Since this sport scored more points than football, baseball, hockey, soccer and lacrosse, it attracted lots of females to join in around 1893, two years later. After the females become successfully experienced in this sport, women's basketball was first introduced in 1895. Did you know TNBC Hang Time was first aired in 1995? 1895-1995 is one century apart, think about that? I know cast changes in this show are bad, but not as worse as Saved By The Bell New Class series for positive reason:

    * Main actress Daniella Deutscher, who plays main character Julie Connor, and most funniest supporting actress Megan Parlen, who plays most funniest supporting character Mary Beth Pepperton, are the only both constants in this show.

    Also, this show reminds me of CBS classic sitcom "Alice" for these reasons:

    * Actress Daniella Deutscher reminds of Alice actress Linda Lavin.

    * Actress Megan Parlen reminds of Alice actress Beth Howland.

    * Actress Hillary Tuck reminds of Alice actress Polly Holiday.

    * Actress Paige Peterson reminds of Alice Actress Diane Ladd.

    * Actress Amber Baretto reminds of Alice Actress Celia Weston.

    * Actor Dick Butkus reminds of Alice actor Vic Tayback.

    The reason why it deserved to be in completed DVD box set in all 104 episodes and in 6 complete seasons with closed captions is because:

    1.) These cast changes of this show are not really that bad.

    2.) This is true in real life.

    Finally, after this show ended its series successfully, all 20 real-life cast members are having no huge problems in real life (no deaths, not divorces, no police troubles, no health problems), unlike most of the cast members of the original Saved By The Bell class series.

    I would like to see any type of future reunions of this show more often. Daniella and Megan should reunite first, then Amber and Adam to join in next, and so on...
  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. When I think about it, I remember it very well. If you ask me, it was a good show. Two things I especially remember very well are the opening sequence and theme song. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • pooh-2424 November 1999
    Another one of Peter Engle's predictable boring cookie cutter sitcoms along the lines of Saved By The Bell,New and Old Class,and City Guys.The gimmick here is a boys team with a girl as the star player, Julie Conner(Danielle Deutscher).Man when a girl is the MAN on your boys team then that team is in trouble. Of course Julie and Mary Beth Pepperton(Megan Parlen) are still in high school even though the show started in 1995 and it is now 1999 heading into the year 2000.Same old Peter Engle look at reality from Peter Engle.Deutscher,Parlen,and Amber Barreto are cute to look at though.They are the show's mainstays.The actors that play the boys on the show from the beginning to now aren't worth a mention,that's how faceless they are as a group. Neither Reggie Theus or Dick Buckus could really bring anything to their roles as coach of the team,couldn't have Engle gotten a real actor to do the job?When it tries to be a comedy it falls flat,when it tries its' hand at social commentary remind yourself that this is a Peter Engle sitcom and everything will be all right at the end of the half hour.Hang Time has its' fair share of episodes for syndication.It is time that this lousy show be retired for good.
  • "Hang Time's" first seasons were decent, most certainly better than "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" or that dreadful "City Guys" the first few seasons featured lots of NBA guest stars, a great actor, Reggie Theus, playing the coach, and the kids who played the High School basketball players were, in general, decent actors. Then came the fallout. They got rid of all the great members of the cast, including Theus as the coach and replaced him with Dick Butkus, who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. But until NBC abandons the idea of "TNBC" I believe Hang Time will remain the best show in the lineup, middle ground from the once great Saved By The Bell: Original class, and the horrible New Class.
  • kclambeth12 July 2007
    The main problem with this show is the amount of times the characters leave and are replaced by new ones, giving you not much time to develop favourites.

    I liked Mary-Beth as Megan Parlen was a good actress and i always liked Danny Melon but dear god the actress who plays Julie needs to take acting lessons, she has to be the most wooden actor i've ever seen.

    The basketball element was OK, at least they were ambitious but i actually hate basketball and i hate how they always win and they are always the main players (those poor other guys are always the subs!) I would leave the team if the coach never let me play.

    This is a bit like Saved by the bell but the story lines at least are a little different and they did touch on some issues like young mums and drugs but it was still a bit safe.

    Overall an amusing show for a rainy day.
  • This was better than the other TNBC shows as well as the highest rated. Although many of the plots were recycled by all of the TNBC shows, "Hang Time" was the best since the original "Saved By The Bell." Much of the credit belongs to Megan Parlen who played Mary Beth. Megan and Daniella Deutscher were the only people to appear in every episode. Megan, gifted with both comedic and dramatic talent managed to elevate the show to a higher standard. After Amber Barretto joined the cast, Megan had someone closer to her talent to work with. Megan and Amber made a good comedic team and provided the best laughs for the show. It would have been nice if the cast hadn't been changed so much, which is my only complaint. Just when you got to know a new character they would be replaced. It would be nice to see this show more often, it needs to go into syndication or be released on DVD.
  • Of all the american-high-school-coming-of-age-in-a-funny-way this is probably the best, or more correctly the least bad of them. The cast isn't picked by pure looks alone, but their talents (more basketball than acting though). Of course many of the jokes are identical to those of other Peter Angel productions, but still an enjoyable show.