The following changes were made when the show went from ABC to NBC: Anita Barone was replaced by Ann Cusack. Jeff's mother was alive in the first season, but was never shown along with his father. In season two, she was dead, and his father was brought on, played by G.W. Bailey. Jeff had a baby daughter in the last episode of the first season. In the second season, she was gone and he had a second son named Justin, played by Jonathan Lipnicki. Jeff's brother Wayne, played by Jay Mohr, and his girlfriend DeeDee, played by Michelle Clunie disappeared in the second season, along with his father-in-law Elliot, played by Dakin Matthews, his mother-in-law Lois, played by Bibi Besch, and his sister-in-law Gayle, played by Debra Jo Rupp. Other people added in season two were Bill, played by Bill Engvall, Florus, played by Neil Giuntoli, Livie Ann, played by Jeanine Jackson, and Nettie, played by Kathryn Zaremba. In season one, Jeff lived in Bloomington, Indiana. In season two, he lived in Briarton, Georgia. In season one, Jeff owned his own heating and air conditioning shop. In season two, he worked on a loading dock. The family lived in a completely new house.

Jeff Foxworthy and Haley Joel Osment were the only two cast members to be on the show from beginning to end, despite the show only lasted two seasons. In season two, when NBC took over the show, the cast and plot were completely re-done, and Foxworthy and Osment were meant to play different people from who they played the first season, only they had the same names.

After season one, ABC cancelled the series. NBC picked it up for a second season.