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  • If there ever was a show that deserved a fair chance to find its audience, or for its audience to find it, it was Legend. It had everything going for it. Everything except network executives with the discernment to recognize what they had. Anderson and de Lancy were the perfect actors for the roles of Pratt/Legend and Bartok, and the chemistry between them was pure magic. I haven't enjoyed a show with such an outrageous premise and sly humor since The Wild Wild West.

    I place Legend in the small and sad category of TV shows that truly died before their time.
  • Like everyone else who's posted here, I reveled in "Legend." It was one of the few TV shows on any network that I made an effort to see every week. I've also been kicking myself for ten years that I didn't record it when it aired! John de Lancie & Richard Dean Anderson had wonderful chemistry, & it was obvious how much fun RDA had, finally getting to flex his comedic muscles after seven years as straight-arrow MacGyver.

    The bright side, if any, to "Legend"s cancellation is that it freed Richard Dean Anderson up to work on "Stargate SG-1" the following year. How drab would television be had he not gone down _that_ path? The first time de Lancie showed up on "Stargate SG-1," I giggled & thought "It's Bartok!"
  • Rio-75 August 1999
    And only one of the ones on UPN, besides Voyager, that I used to watch...USED to watch. I was heart-broken when UPN took it off. Seems like pretty much all of their shows fail. In my opinion, they never gave it a chance. I was in the process of writing a Legend novel when the show was trashed.

    The show's plot was original and out of this world. I miss it.
  • Funny, well written, decent characters. Bartok was a great character, especially in his scenes with the German hunters. Ramos, with his indeterminately long Harvard stay, really went beyond the stereotypical "Mexican sidekick".

    Pity it never found an audience and joins the ranks of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and Wild Wild West, sci-fi westerns that have gone too soon.
  • This ranks up there as one of my 3 all-time favorite series. They could not have picked a better cast, from the charming leads to the quirky minor characters. Anderson obviously had a ball playing Legend, and he is an absolute scream to watch. The writing was also delightful, with all sorts of goofy little touches. The bank robber episode gave me the biggest laugh I've ever had watching a tv show. Kudos to everyone involved with the series! It is truly one of television's greatest gems. And to UPN - since you saw fit to deprive us of this wonderful series, at least have a heart and bring it back for an occasional tv movie.
  • As webmaster of The Unofficial Nicodemus Legend Page (please use a search engine if you want to find it, as IMDB requests that URLs not be included), I've been in a position to learn much about "Legend" in the five years since its untimely demise. This was a show almost universally loved, yet killed when a station not yet available in most of the country couldn't get ratings. Richard Dean Anderson and John DeLancie both cite "Legend" as among their favorite projects of all time. It is my hope that Paramount (or whoever currently holds the rights to this program) will eventually release the episodes to videotape. Or better yet, maybe some company could get the rights to a new series. Given a chance to GET the audience (which UPN never gave it) this is a show that could be very successful.
  • If "The Wild, Wild West" and "Maverick" had a child, it would have been "Legend." How could anyone ask for a better issue? I watch my home burned DVD's often. The 11 episodes, plus the double length pilot film are smart, funny and exciting. While I don't think there will be a new series (Anderson, it seems, has left SG-1 because of the time it takes him away from his family), it would be a great thing should the occasionally TV film could be brought out. It would be wonderful to see what Bartok could use to bring Pratt out of retirement. Perhaps if a young impersonator calling himself Legend was involved in something illegal, that might be enough. Whatever it would take, I would be right there to watch. Here's hoping.
  • I loved the show when it was on. I never missed an episode. Unfortunately, they canceled it. That seems to happen a lot to TV shows that are original and brilliant like this one.

    I am something of an amateur history buff and the idea of a show set in the late 1800's Colorado that looked forward to the things we take for granted today was incredible. How many young men were attracted to travel west back then because of dime-store novels like those produced by Nicodemus Legend? Of course, the truth never quite lived up to the fiction.

    Now that "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr" is out on DVD, will Paramount see the light and release this series on DVD?
  • bdwoolf29 October 2001
    Legend ranks up there as one of the best vehicles that Richard Dean Anderson has ever done. His character(s) of Ernest Pratt/Nicodemus Legend were unique to anything he had ever done before. RDA admits that this was the project that he loved the best patterning Ernest Pratt after his grandfather. It would be wonderful if Paramount, who still owns the rights to the show, would allow Mr. Anderson and Mr. de Lancie to reprise their roles in a made for TV movie. Both have said that they would be delighted to do so. For anyone who hasn't seen this delightful show, check with TVLand who has shown it at least once in the past.
  • God, I loved this series. Luckily, I taped them. Bartok was indeed a Tesla clone. What a wonderful, imaginative, wholesome show this was. I knew it was doomed because it was so good and so weird. The main character seemed to be base upon Ned Buntline, a 19th century writer who wrote stories and dime novel popularizations about Western heroes such as Wild Bill Cody. His own life was as colorful as the characters about whom he wrote. Richard Dean Anderson's next venture, Stargate SG-1, is one of the very best Sci-Fi shows ever, and is one of my very favorite all-time TV shows. Of course, it is a continuation of the "Stargate" movie starring Kurt Russel. What a great show. Intelligent, exciting and funny. Just love it.
  • I only saw one episode of this series when it first aired, due to the fact that I didn't have cable at the time, and I couldn't get the station very well. I bought this on DVD and watched it a couple of weeks ago. The feel of the first episode was quite up to the pilot, but then the series soon found its own way. Pity it was canceled so soon. Legend probably suffered from being behind its time, as westerns just weren't popular (note the cancellation of my favorite, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. the previous year). But it was also ahead of its time, with one episode featuring, get this, a version of a small flying spy drone! There were fun supporting characters, and guest stars, such as Robert Englund, William Russ, and John Pyper-Ferguson, fresh from the canceled Brisco County Jr. still looking & sounding much like Pete Hutter. I suggest everyone to get this one on DVD!!