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  • One of my favorite TV series about one of my favorite books. The faith to Jules Verne's book is, of course, non-existent, however, this TV show is another view or a "rewrite", which is quite interesting. The mysteries are persistent and there are times you would think "Lost" used "Mysterious Island" as an inspiration. My personal favorite is Captain Nemo, who is approached in a completely different way, making him such a mysterious character, which satisfies the term of "homo universalis": the man that has the knowledge about almost everything concerning technology and sciences, even psychology. I totally recommend it
  • "Mysterious Island" is a very good,attracting and well-acted TV series..Talking about Characters:the character of 'Captain Nemo' is amazingly thrilling and also (Alan Scarfe)'Captain Harding' is a spectacular actor and his character is the the type that I admire. The atmosphere of the series was extremely wonderful,real and make you feel that you are with them on the island. The last episodes are full of suspense,totally full of depth and I really enjoyed them. The only bad thing about this series is that there are nearly 3 or 4 episodes which are not good and do not represent any importance in the flow of events. It is a very good series and I recommend it.
  • xlars16 June 2010
    No book has ever been filmed absolutely true to the original, that is probably impossible. To some degree we need to accept that the makers of a movie or a series does have some artistic licence.

    Still we have to draw a line between "artistic licence" and a complete rewriting of the story, which is what this series is.

    Just about the only thing kept as was, is the name, the names and the original settings in Richmond, the flight in the balloon and some parts of the first episode.

    Now, what is so problematic in making this vivid and extremely exciting history written by Jules Verne into something so devoid of factuality and realism like this series? I gave up on the series, before I came midways. It is simply not worth more than a 4. Ptooey!
  • This TV series, which was loosely based on the Jules Verne novel "The Mysterious Island", was extremely good, and even though it is a rewrite from the original story of castaways, it is quite dark, thrilling, and mysterious.

    All the characters featured in the series were complex, and totally full of depth, which gave this production a very good standard of acting. The props and sets were wonderful, with Captain Nemo's submarine "Nautilus" being the most spectacular of all locations on the island, with its cold grey riveted interiors, and an exterior that, although mostly unseen, resembles the Disney submarine in many ways. The atmosphere of the series was extremely gripping, and it almost made you sweat when something bad was going to happen! Overall, I would definitely recommend it to any Jules Verne fan, or to someone who loves a good TV drama. Its excellent!!
  • nnjassi16 November 2020
    I watched this series when I was a kid . now after almost 20 years .. I m watching this series again ... and loving it.