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  • Nile City is the perfect series to watch if you want to know how the Swedish society looked like in the early 1990's. The show is about a commercial radio-station and commercial radio-stations weren't allowed in Sweden until the period in witch the show takes place. Killinggänget who is the group that has made this series and who plays most of the characters are famous for their mix of physical humor and social debate. Many of the characters in the show are people you can meet in every day life (only hugely exaggerated) and many of the jokes makes you think after the laughter. It's an overall great series and you could always hope that more shows like this one will show up instead of all these boring sit-Com's, who has ever laughed at a sit-com?
  • Robert Gustafsson is funny. He is undeniably talented and dedicated and has a mainstream appeal which undoubtedly has helped the success of Nilecity 105.6 a great deal.

    Henrik Schyffert is hilarious. His subtle, deadpan approach to comedy goes over the head of a lot of people. I find him just as funny as, if not funnier than, Gustafsson. He is Sweden's answer to Edward Norton's Fight Club character. Truly the King of Deadpan.

    Johan Rheborg... well, he's a genius. Insane, but a genius. Whether he's in a red jumpsuit, clipping his toenails while pursuing a pregnant teenager over the phone to upgrade her stereo system as Uncle Barbro, or fawning himself to financial success as über-cynical Percy Nilegård, there's no doubt of his talent. He's just hilarious - and how the hell does he manage to talk with his chin jutted forward like that?

    So combine the talents of Gustafsson, Schyffert and Rheborg and the result is Nilecity 105.6, the best comedy show Sweden has ever produced. Yeah, I know that's not saying much. Let me rephrase: one of the best comedy shows EVER produced. Up there with The Simpsons and Mystery Science Theater 3000. A show so funny stuff like "Family Guy" or "Friends" barely deserves to lick its shoes.

    With characters like Greger and his flaming firemen, Veyron in the Ott, Sudden the sports commentator, the Horniest Man in Kungsängen, and of course Percy and Glenn Killing themselves... how can you fail? Nilecity is perfection personified. Period.
  • FreddyBoy30 December 2001
    Nilecity is probably the most beloved Swedish comedy show ever. Everyone in Sweden, at least everyone I know of, totally love "killing boysen", the gang of comedians behind NileCity. They have done a lot of good comedy shows for Swedish television, but this one is without doubt the best one yet! The show reruns in SVT with a year or two in between, and allthough you know every line you'll still be "Rolling On The Floor Laughing".

    Without NileCity as inspiration I doubt shows like "Varan TV", "Parasit TV", "Humor Labbet" and of course "keh Algeriet's home videos" would ever been made.