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  • I don't think the previous writer really understood the concept behind the Queen's's based on a book of the same name by the brilliant children's author Dick King-Smith. In the book (as in the early series) Harmony is given a magical 50 pence piece with an unusual design on (a wreath made of clasped hands - these were the old 50 pence pieces) and a riddle to solve. Once she solves the riddle, she discovers that by rubbing the coin exactly on the spot where the Queen's nose is (on the profile of the queen on the coin) she is granted one wish out of a total of seven. The book (and the first series) dealt with her ensuing adventures. Admittedly the later series were tired and had little to do with the original story, but the first few were great and were (mainly) true to the book. I thought they were great when they first appeared on television - one of my weekly television highlights! (After having watched the series and read the book I even came across an old 50 pence piece with the same design and half believed it would grant me wishes too - well, I was a lot younger then!)The acting and the pace were both well executed - well worth watching.
  • My 8/10 rating goes purely for the earlier series, with Harmony and Melody, going up to the time when they were staying on their relative's boat.

    All series since then have gone down, mainly because of the absence of Harmony, and also because they decided to have a full cast of little kids with the coin.

    For years we had Harmony as the owner of the 50p coin. As a child, I loved to watch The Queen's Nose - it was one of my favourite programmes, and hearing the theme music now brings back a whole host of memories for me =]

    It had charm and sophistication, unlike its later series, and great contrast between the two very different sisters, Harmony and Melody.

    I am also fond of it for my earliest memories of Liz Smith =]

    I would agree with those of you who dismiss this programme as a complete waste of time, if you have only seen the more recent series.

    How about you write to CBBC asking for re-runs of the earlier editions?

    There's nothing wrong with that =]]
  • The Queen's Nose was one of my favourite shows growing up. A girl named Harmony finds a 50 pence piece which grants wishes when the queen's nose is rubbed.

    Naturally, as with all stories with wishes things inevitably go awry, leading to many comic moments which carefully danced the line between being faithful to the book and taking a certain artistic license, maintaining the humour of Dick King Smith's book..

    The later series's were not quite as good, probably due to a new and unfamiliar cast. However, with great stories and a fantastic supporting cast, it definitely deserves to be fondly remembered.

    If only more shows nowadays could be as clever and witty.
  • The first time I experienced the Queen's nose was when one of my all time favourite teacher (Mr. Ryan) read us the book in school.

    He'd read us a couple of classics like the Iron Giant and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe but it was the Queen's Nose by Dick King Smith that caught my attention and subsequently it was the first book I ever brought with my pocket money.

    Years later I found out it was going to be a CBBC as a series and I told everybody to watch to the point of annoyance.

    The first season of the Queen's nose is; although not 100% faithful to the book, is everything a fan of the story could have wanted. The second and Third gave us a glimpse of the characters lives and; I think was honest to the feel of the story.

    That having been said I only recommend the first three seasons because it did get a bit silly from there.
  • For the first couple of series (back in 1995), this was a good series. But, like with so many CBBC programmes adapted from books, it has run on far too long - losing all of its originality and degrading into pathetic slapstick.

    I believe it was based a a Dick King Smith novel - the title 'The Queen's Nose' was because you had to rub the Queen's nose (on the 'head' side)on the 50p to make a wish. It was the tale of Harmony and her family, including the mysterious Uncle Ginger - (who knew all about the magic coin, amongst other things!).

    I can only think that the BBC continues to make this because the children who watch it these days don't have the attention span to watch a 'real' programme (which this once was) with a proper storyline and plot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember the Queen's Nose towards the end of my childhood so that's probably one of the reasons why I never felt this series spoke out to me much. It starts of with Harmony whose only friend seems to be Tom. She loves animals and her parents refuse blankly that she should have any animals. Her sibling rivalry with her sister is forever prevalent throughout the series. One day Harmony receives a magic 50 pence piece from her favourite Uncle Ginger and starts making wishes.

    Is it only me that finds Harmony's character quite annoying throughout all this? She seems the type of girl that gets away with anything and saying anything and what kind of evil person wishes something horrible to their sister as hair growing all over her body. You read reviews about this program having morals about not being greedy but they do not seem that strong.

    The first series has to be the best but the ending to it is rather weird. A wish creating bad consequences? As a child I can remember being quite confused about it all and still don't fully know why it happened. I tried to watch the second series but felt they were milking the storyline. I'm surprised it lasted about seven seasons.
  • darryl-jason6 January 2020
    We all had a 50 pence piece at one time in our lives and we made a wish by rubbing the queens nose. Eventually, the nose began to fade, so did the wishes and then so did this amazing, brilliant TV show. I first watched this series while it was still in production in 1995, I was hooked and absolutely loved it! However, the earlier series are more better, this is what attracted me to the show. Victoria Shalet (Harmony) & Heather-Jay Jones (Melody) played the sisters, they tolerated each other but what 2 sisters don't? The series was the best when it centered around Harmony and her 50 pence piece, but as the series grew, more characters started to come into the show & that's when it sort of changed - the coin fell into someone else's hands (Ella James) and I didn't find the show as interesting. I still think the show is definitely a 10/10 because of its originality and like I've already mentioned, the original cast in the earlier series were great to watch! It's just a shame they don't make TV shows like this no more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contrary to some of the other comments on this show, I would like to point out that the show was far better in its earlier years.

    When it first started in 1995 it was one of my favourite children's shows on TV. It revolves around Harmony, a young girl who receives the gift of a 50 pence piece from her Uncle Ginger who travels the world. The coin is magic and can grant wishes, which results in many chaotic, and amusing, episodes while Harmony learns to use the coin's magic wisely. As the show progresses into new series Harmony's family suffer many troubles and they have to move house, and eventually into a house boat amidst all the adventures that result in the use of the coin. In recent years the show is sillier and doesn't seem to have so much of the magic, which I think is in part to the loss of Victoria Shalet as Harmony, as she pretty much made the show.
  • The Queen's Nose is a rather silly programme from the BBC and everybody just acts stupid at times.

    This is about a group of children that find a coin (a 50p I think) than can grant wishes.

    I don't really understand what this is about and where did that coin originate and how come it has special powers?

    The BBC have made some good children's programmes over the years but The Queen's Nose has to be one of the worse. Also, what a stupid name for a programme. Whoever thought of The Queens Nose for the title wants their head examining.

    Looking at the cast list, I'm rather surprised to see one of Britain's best loved actresses amongst the cast: the late Dame Thora Hird.

    To sum up, a rather stupid programme.
  • when this first came out i loved it! the first 3 series were great but since Harmony left the The Queen's Nose has gone to someone else it's not so good. they don't seem to repeat the first 3 but i think they should. it brings back memories of my childhood, like The Demon Headmaster and Ghosthunter and Out Of Tune. the BBC should repeat them more because they never do.

    i'm not sure if they've got DVD of this out but if they don't they should. or at least the first 3. they were brilliant because it was original and had lots of action but now it's getting a bit the same and boring. or it might be cause i'm getting too old for it.