[Jonathan is writing a kid-friendly sermon for a priest]

Jonathan Eliot: I'm a Mighty Morphin' Power Prophet.

Marie Blake: I married that idiot, Ricky. I walked out on that idiot, Ricky. And I've had DATES WITH NOTHING BUT IDIOTS EVER SINCE.

Jonathan Eliot: That's not true, Marie.

Marie Blake: Oh yes, it is. On Halloween, I had a one-night-stand with a hunchback. WHAT IS THAT?

Russell: I can't wait to see what this fool tips me today.

Jonathan Eliot: This guy's tipped you before, Russ?

Russell: Mm-hmm. The guy orders a bowl of soup and leaves a hundred dollar tip. What's up with that?

Trudy Sloan: [exchanges glances with Marie] Your boyfriend's rich.

Marie Blake: [nods her head] Cute.

Sam Sloan: You two look real good together.

Jonathan Eliot: Go for it, lamb chop!