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  • Watching Under One Roof was a delight. Of course James Earl Jones is fantastic, but even beyond his presence the program was entertaining and thought provoking.

    The characters were real people and had real problems. Ayesha, the daughter who changed her name from that given to her by her parents--Beverly, is a strong female. She is true to herself. When her boyfriend is seeing another woman, she leaves him because it's obvious they don't want the same kind of relationship. She lives with the pain of breaking up, rather than endure being in love with someone who isn't in love with her.

    The grandson has many lessons to learn. His behavior reflects modern times, as shown when he calls his mother an obscenity. The son deals with racism on the job, even being the owner of a construction company. The daughter-in-law faces her role in life, and what she wants to do beyond being a wife and mother.

    Each week I came to care for these characters a little more. I looked forward to spending time with them. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after being continually switched around in the schedule.

    If you have the opportunity to see these episodes, by all means watch them. It's disheartening when they end. You want to see more of the family. Still, it's worth it to see the little taste we have of such a fine treat.
  • Although the show was short lived on CBS, it was a great drama about an African American family living together coping with today's issues such as racism, infidelity and unruly children just to name a few. Of course the entire cast were excellent which was headed by the honorable James Earl Jones, Joe Morton, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Essence Atkins and the scene stealer Merlin (The Steve Harvey Show) Santana as the young troubled teen. Its too bad other networks didn't consider picking this prize winner of a drama up when CBS axed it. I'm sure it would have been a hit on the WB or BET networks.
  • I am shocked that anyone remembers this show. It wasn't on very long, but it was an awesome show. The show centered around three generations of the Langston family living together in one house. Neb Langston, the patriarch of the family also took in a troubled kid named Marcus. It is a shame that it got cancelled, because it was a real treat.
  • I remember this show as well. It was about a family, a real family who loved and cared for each other a lot. Although the cast was African-American, the principles could have been any race. It was that good. It's just that it was so much fun to see James Earl Jones as the family patriarch, the relationship between Joe Morgan and Vanessa Bell Calloway, the children, and the other relatives on TV each week...if you could find the show that is. CBS was very creative in killing the show. By changing the time slot each week, CBS went to great lengths to drive the existing audience away and prevented a potential audience from tuning in and becoming fans.

    The show was serious, it was funny, so many situations rang true or felt familiar. It made you think about your own family and if you didn't have a family, they became your family. They were a hard working, intact African-American family long on love and discipline. A family who loved each other and their community. But, I guess without a hip-hop soundtrack or a tribal counsel at the end, it was bound to get bumped.

    Just a fan! Debbie
  • Under One Roof was an excellent drama about the trials and tribulations of a Black family living in Seattle. The show featured a strong ensemble headed by the legendary James Earl Jones. It was very refreshing to see a Black family portrayed on TV without the usual negative stereotypes. If you are looking for loud, buffoonish caricatures... thankfully, you won't find them on this series. I watched all 6 episodes when they originally aired on CBS. Of course, CBS didn't keep it around. Luckily, the new cable channel TV One started showing reruns on 1/26/04. So if you missed it the 1st time around and are lucky enough to have TV One on your cable system (it's currently only offered through Comcast), make it a point to check out Under One Roof.
  • Was a wonderful American tale, of an mixed generational, loving, African American family, headed by the brilliant actor, James Earl Jones, who together, worked to resolve their differences and trials - such as death, infidelity, teenage rebellion and others. The show dealt with issues relative to every age. This timeless classic was cut much too short. The show was familiar to many of us regardless of ethnicity or class. My only regret is that I did nothing to help save the show. Maybe it's not too characters "killed off" on the soap operas. It is my hope, that quite possibly, CBS or another major network would review it, appreciate it and reconsider airing this rich American tale, with very minor changes.
  • I can help it; It has to be a 10/10. When I came to the US as an exchange student (I'am French), I did't think I would live such an experience. Not only because I got to be an extra on the set (my first experience on a real production) but also because I got to meet James Earl Jones and Joe Morton, two great actors (and get their autographs). The show was very well written. Too bad it didn't last. If anyone has any idea on how to get the DVD or VHS of the episodes...I'm interested. The location was Ballard High School in Seattle. The School has been destroyed and rebuilt since. I heard marlin Santana died...I was his classmate in the show. Too bad, we were the same age. Anyway, I wish the show could be found on DVD or VHS.
  • dorseytunes16 April 2007
    This show was way too good to let go. I really enjoyed it and still puzzled why it was taken off the air. James Earl was fantastic and the rest of the cast complimented each other. There weren't many programs in the 90's that I would watch religiously, but this was one of them. Having strong African American characters in prime time was refreshing. Having it in the Seattle location was a nice change as well. I think we've seen enough programs from New York. I'm ready for something like this type of program to be aired. I've had enough sitcoms and want a good serious drama involving real issues of our time. Hoping for DVD issue of "Under One Roof"!
  • "Under One Roof" was a rare TV series that deserves much better than the half-hearted support it received from the powers-that-be at CBS: a serious, thoughtful drama with the range of life's emotions, serious but with the humor that warms the heart. It was beautifully acted by an ensemble of top-notch actors, not only James Earl Jones and Joe Morton, but every member of the on-screen family, from featured performer to bit player. It's so unusual for TV to show working-class and lower middle-class African American families experiencing the trials and joys, tribulations and successes that are true to their lives, but that also cross class and racial lines,that is, human conflicts. No buffoons, gratuitous violence, four letter words or epithets thrown in for ratings. I have been trying to get a DVD of this series since I joined others unsuccessfully in appealing to, complaining to, berating CBS. Anyone know how we can get it? It deserves to be seen again and again.
  • I too enjoyed this all-too-brief television series. Unfortunately, like "Frank's Place" before it, programs of high quality like "Under One Roof" are not always rewarded with ratings or renewal.

    How can we get this great program re-released on DVD or video? In my opinion it's worth the investment.
  • berthaalexander10 September 2018
    This show was excellent. The storylines and actors did an amazing job! Too bad these shows are not available on dvd or viewable on cbs network. Sad when good programming is unrecognized!