Ryan Malloy: My mom and my dad are great. They have two kids. The End.

Mr. Floppy: Kiss my cottontail!

Jack Malloy: [while helping Ross with his homework] OK, let's see that map. Here's California.

Jennie Malloy: And here's New York over here.

Jack Malloy: What's all that in between?

Jennie Malloy: The reason "Touched By An Angel" is a hit.

Jennie Malloy: Watch where you're pouring your sauce!

Jack Malloy: If I had ever done that, we wouldn't be sitting here.

Ryan Malloy: And who's the one with the big ears?

Ross Malloy: Oh. I guess he's that English prince or something.

Ryan Malloy: If that chick looks like a horse, why isn't he riding her?

[screaming at the TV]

Ryan Malloy: Prince! If she looks like a horse, use her as horse!

Ross Malloy: Amen, brother.

Ryan Malloy: Honestly.

Ryan Malloy: It's great to be president! You can get all the chicks. I wonder if Clinton found that out already.

Ryan Malloy: Wait, I know this guy.

[Jack looks at him, wearing glasses]

Ryan Malloy: That's Clark Kent!

Tiffany Malloy: Look what I got.

Ryan Malloy: What is it? What is it?

Tiffany Malloy: My college formula.

Ryan Malloy: Aaw, I thought it was ice cream.

Ryan Malloy: Mild-mannered Ryan was sitting in the rain, he got struck by lightning, and now he's still the same. He's lightning boy!