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  • I'll admit, when I first started watching this show in 1995, I thought that this would be the new MWC once the old MWC went off the air. I mean, look at the similarities......the deadbeat, minimum-wage earning father; the wise-cracking, undersexed mother; a son who dreams of scoring but never does, and a totally hot daughter. There's a few differences, however:

    1. The hot daughter is smarter than the boys. She's the straight-A student here. Of course, that doesn't stop her from wiggling around in the shortest skirts possible.

    2. There's 2 sons. One combines the undersexed part of MWC's "Bud" character and the dumb part of MWC's "Kelly" character, the other is used primarily for comic relief.

    3. Mr. Floppy. The talking bunny is Mr. Malloy's alter ego, and only he can talk to him. Of course, his family thinks he's crazy when he spends all that time in the basement.

    4. Tiffany, the hot, short-skirted daughter, is a virgin. When I first heard this, I thought it was the biggest contradiction of the show. Here's a girl that looks this good, with all these guys drooling over her, and she's a VIRGIN? Oh please. As we all know, Kelly Bundy of MWC's favorite spot was the back seat of a car. We didn't see it on camera, but she was understood to be very promiscuous.

    After the behind-the-scenes people seen who was watching the show, and who on the show they were watching, first the grandma was let go (after the first season!) and then Stephanie Hodge (who played the mother) was booted off the show. "Unhappily" was restructured around Nikki Cox's character, Tiffany. The show then became an exercise in watching Tiffany and her best friend glide across the screen in the shortest, skimpiest dresses allowed on TV-14 television. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show, and when it went off the air I was pretty disappointed. The reruns are still around, and I really like watching those! I give this show a solid A.
  • Unhappily Ever After is in syndication where I live, and watching it these days, it's clear that while it based itself on Married...With Children, it was also trying to be innovative in how it told its story, how its actors interrelated, and how it treated the show itself.

    Obstensibly, the show was about a family of five: a divorced couple, a sexpot daughter, one idiot kid, and one not-so-much an idiot kid. The show however also tended to treat the fourth wall as their urinal, frequently breaking out of character to be themselves, talking to the audience, bringing in studio executives, etc.

    This was one of the good points of the show: in one episode, Nikki Cox and Kevin Connolly are faced with having to get rid of the actor who plays Ryan, because he wasn't written into the script and refuses to go away.

    The cheesecake factor here is high -- but the cheesecake remembers to laugh at itself quite frequently. The acting for the most part is wooden on Nikki's part, but the actor who plays Jack manages to get the Al Bundy down without all those annoying characteristics Ed O'Neill slowly added to the role.

    It's a stupid show, but it's supposed to be stupid, and there are some genuinely funny, and occasionally vicious moments in the show.
  • This was one of the greatest t.v. shows of all time. Nikki Cox was brilliant in the show. The father and the sons were very entertaining as well with their wild and crazy antics. I loved every episode. It was very funny for sure. It also had plenty of eye candy. Someone needs to put this show to DVD ASAP. Does anyone have any idea if there are plans to do this? Maybe one day the television gods will come down from the heavens and bless the whole world with this show on DVD sometime within my lifetime. Every day seems like an endless eternity waiting for the day i might finally be able to buy this great television show on DVD. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
  • I loved this show. It was kind of a takeoff of Married with Children, but it struck me as a smarter version of said show. As Al Bundy's life was complicated in a simple way, Jack Malloy's was complicated in a complicated way. Bundy was just a man's idiot living a very cynical life, but Jack was a raging alcoholic suffering from Schizophrenia embodied in a child's toy. The intelligence of the children was reversed (the hot girl was smart and the boy was the stupid one). While the episodes about the kids were semi-funny, Jack was indeed the key character, and when the story revolved around him, the show tended to be hilarious. Sure, Tiffany's competition with her schoolmate came off as funny, especially because she took her world a little too seriously, but finding out that Jack was the founding member of the band that eventually became Aerosmith was hilarious.

    This show NEEDS to come out on DVD. It would be the first set I'd buy. Someone petition the WB for episodes!
  • This show is great. A lot of people call it a Rip off but for gods sake!This show is done by the same people that done Married with children. So the shows are similar but thats the Joke. With a smart daughter and a stupid son and so on. But Mr. Floppy is the best Alter Ego ever and the scenes where Jack talks to Floppy with other people around are the best. This sitcom is damm the best ever and who dont understand the jokes on MWC is a jackass.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When "Unhappily Ever After" first began, I was hooked. I knew that it was similar to "Married With Children" but I didn't care. Why? Because the Malloy family seemed like an extreme sarcastic version of the Bundys...and I LOVED it.

    But then in season 2 the writers decided to have Jack move back in with Jenny and the kids. "OK," I thought, "that's not too bad." So I kept watching. Then in season 3 they killed off one of my favourite characters, Maureen. "All right," I thought, "now they're starting to go too far."

    Then in season 4 Jenny disappeared and the show more or less became "The Nikki Cox Show". That was when I stopped watching. I mean, I don't have anything against Cox as an actress, but I never cared for her character, Tiffany. And after season 3, as far as I was concerned, Tiffany "should have shut up and looked pretty". (To paraphrase Marcy from "Married With Children".) Because while she WAS beautiful, she was also very annoying.

    But they started to focus on Tiffany and ONLY Tiffany, although the show was supposed to be about Jack. Really, how many anorexia/smart-girl-can't-get-a-man jokes were we supposed to stand??? Tiffany just wasn't as funny as Jack, and her rants about her (lack of a) sex life and social issues got tired after a while.

    Oh well...all good things must come to an end. It's too bad "Unhappily Ever After" had to end on a low note.
  • Frankly Unhappily Ever After can be considered a guilty pleasure. The show esstentially played out on a trashy level (i.e. in terms of its seemingly inane storytelling) and perhaps the acting had a tendecy of being relatively amateurish. Unhappily Ever After tried to coast as far as it could in terms of references to popular culture and to a certain degree the show benefited from it. Perhaps that was the only thing the show had to fall back on but the references managed to come out on a frequent basis and were fairly interesting never the less. Perhaps Unhappily Ever After can considerably be labled as "low-rent satire." You're viewing something that's can be juvenile on a frequent basis but at the same time will make a fun out of numerous things in popular culture.
  • It's true that the show is an obvious Married With Children ripoff. In fact, in one episode I specifically remember Ed O'Neill's (Al Bundy from Married With Children) name being mentioned. Nevertheless, the show is hilarious. Especially Mr Floppy.
  • This is a good comedy; I know most teenage males like it for Nikki Cox but personally I think she is shallow. The reason I like it is for Mr. Floppy's crazy comments and the comic talents of Justin Berfield. Unfortunately, Justin doesn't get much more than 5 minutes of screen time until the final season. Which is a shame; he's one of the more talented young actors in the business. Thank gawd Linwood Boomer recognises this and gives him ample screen time in MITM.
  • I have watched a few episodes of this show on late night syndication, and I found myself in the odd position of being intrigued and disappointed at the same time.

    The show revolves around the type of family that inhabited pre-"Ally McBeal" Fox Channel shows. We have the stereotypical wife who loves to shop and think illogically. We have the son who can only rely on his hand to console him. We have the daughter who inspires the laugh track to go nuts with wolf whistles just by stepping out onto the stage.

    When these characters are around, the show has two modes: predictable and offensive. We see that the son is going to get slapped in the face by the popular girl at school, and we wonder where the humor is in him accidentally killing the mailman (who we find out later is his actual father).

    The show takes a slightly more interesting turn, though, in its central character. The father. In other shows, the father has been the most logical figure of the household. He is the one that holds the insanity together. In "Unhappily Ever After", however, the twist is that the father is the crazy one. A couple of times each episode, he sits down on the couch and gets half-assed advice from Mr. Floppy, a hallucination of a stuffed bunny that he had in his childhood.

    This part of the show is where I get intrigued. This is an interesting and original idea, with numerous possibilities. Unfortunately, the writers don't know what to do with it, and consequently let the idea become the joke. Mr. Floppy (who is given life thanks to voice-over king Bobcat Goldthwait) has no other purpose in the show than to tell crude jokes and brag about his charm.

    It is a shame to see such an idea go to waste. "Unhappily Ever After" had the potential to be one of the most original comedies of the 90's, and instead turned into a cheap and predictable retread of the "Married With Children" formula.
  • "Unhappily Ever After" is the best trashy sitcom ever to be shown on TV. I mean, how funny are sitcoms nowadays? The humor was just different and the actors didn't take themselves too serious. Mr.Floppy's one of the best characters, where else can you watch a bunny that makes fun of celebrities and politics in almost every episode?

    The first two seasons were much better, because.. 1.) Tiffany and Ryan seemed like young kids 2.) The writers just did what they wanted to do. Soon every episode will seem the same. 3.) Jack never got out of the house. 4.) Tiffany's character became perfect in the later seasons, the writers even gave her the best speeches.

    This show was about to become really good, but somehow went down the hill. If you are a fan of "Married.. with Children" and "Malcolm in the Middle" you'll definitely like it.
  • Unhappily ever after is a great show. It may be a ripoff of "Married With Children" but it is a better show. The best character is Mr. Floppy (Jack's alter ego) whose funny jokes and witty comments almost make the show! On scale of one to ten (1=lowest, 10=highest) I give this show 9.7. It's a great show!
  • What can I say? This sitcom was a complete bite-off of "Married... With Children", with a puppet to accompany to the show just like "ALF". Although, I must admit that Nikki Cox was the only reason I watched that show. Sure, Christina Applegate was sexy too, but no contest to Nikki! Another similarity is that the theme song is an actual oldies song (Ray Charles's "Hit The Road, Jack") while "Married... With Children's" theme song is the late Frank Sinatra's "Love & Marriage".
  • Unhappily Ever After is my third favourite comedy behind the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle. Most people who don't like this show completely misinterpereted the humour and social comments that were made. Some of the material was VERY intelligent and not just sexual slapstick (which was also an important part of the show). Extremely well acted and written, a superb show.
  • The makers of Married With Children have another hit with Unhappily Ever After. It was sad when Married With Children went off the air, but the void was filled with this one. The comedy is a little more crude, which makes Unhappily Ever After even better. Plus, anything with Nikki Cox can't miss.
  • Not a great or even a very good Sitcom, "Unhappily Ever After"(1995) is a silly show that has its merits. What made the show watchable was the appearence of Nikki Cox who adds her own brand of Sexual Comedy. Not as good as "Married with Children" because in that show there was always the elment of surprise and the unexpected. Another favorite part of the show is Mr. Floppy, the alter ego of Jack Malloy. Geoffrey Pierson plays the same exact type of person that he played on "Grace Under Fire". "Unhappily Ever After" was at its best in the episodes that Kristanna Loken guest starred. Its too bad that she wasn't in more episodes for the show would be better for it.
  • I really loved this show for the first couple seasons.While most people seem to think it's just a Married With Children rip-off, it's really very different considering it was created by the same person.For some reason they decided to start making changes and never explained anything.It wasn't so bad at first but when the stories started to get weaker the cast changes became very evident.The biggest mistake they made was having the grandmother leave and they didn't even bother to mention it, although they later joked about her going away.She was the funniest character on the show and the laughs got farther apart when she left.The show really started to suffer when they made it center around Tiffany.Somehow the smartest girl in school and her idiot brother ended up at the same college, very unbelievable, but the stories were just not good in general.Of course a show that could make so many major changes didn't care much about continuity and would often change or ignore history, something I have never cared for in sitcoms.Fortunately they make up for it by breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging they are on a TV show many times.The first three seasons are a must watch, be careful after that.
  • Yes FalloN-2, this show does seem like a cheap knockoff of Married with Children, and it's completely on purpose. In the credits for both TV shows, notice that Ron Leavitt is an executive producer for both!

    Mr. Leavitt also has The Bad News Bears and The Jeffersons in his production portfolio -- what can you say? The guy is a genius :)...
  • At first glance, this show would appear to be nothing more than a cheap "Married with Children" rip-off, and to be honest, that's not entirely untrue. Yes, the characters and situations are basically the same as "Married": The pathetic working-class Dad; the hormone-enraged loser son; the not-too-bright sexpot daughter; the horrid living conditions...but there are enough differences in this show to make it enjoyable in it's own right. First off, there's Floppy, the stuffed bunny who's the father's imaginary friend (conjured up in the first show to help him overcome a nervous breakdown, I think), played by Bobcat Goldthwait. Since Floppy is only in the father's imagination, of course nobody is aware of his existence but the dad, and the conversations they have about what's going on are some of the funniest in the show. Then there are what could be called, "surface" changes, little things that differentiate it from "Married": There being two sons instead of only one; the daughter being smarter than the boys, them having two sexy female teen leads (the daughter and her rival) instead of just one, and of course, Floppy. This show is obviously derived from Married with Children (and they've acknowledged it at least once with an on-camera Ed O'Neill reference), but it's different enough from the original that it's actually quite funny on it's own --to me, VERY funny. When "Married" was still on the air I watched both of these shows; after "Married" got canceled I looked forward to "Unhappily" even more. Watching this show and comparing it to "Married" can be kind of like when you want a Coke but the machine only has Pepsi, you'll go with the Pepsi because they're essentially the same...and in fact, some days you *want* a different cola drink. If you haven't given this show a chance because it looks like a cheapo knock-off of "Married", you should reconsider. I was saddened when this show got canned, it was one of the few WB programs I actually watched. This show had a lot of the same things that made "Married" such a great show, plus a few surprises. Try to catch the reruns on WB before they pull them off completely.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    WARNING! There might be one or two spoilers in this text!

    This show isn´t as deep as "Married With Children", where you could sometimes feel almost sad for Al or Bud. Al had his moments of tragic greatness, for example when he explained to a despondent member of his family that "We Bundys are losers, not quitters!". Who can forget the episode when he had been out-witted, out-manoeuvred and out-voted by the Ever Victorious Yuppies on the subject of the beer tax, and he inspired a crowd of fellow hoi polloi to a riot that saved the day. Bud was a deeper and richer character than Ryan, but at the same time also slightly tragic, because Bud was intelligent. ( "Ma, I made ´Dean´s List´!" "Well, that´s nice, honey. But who is Dean?" )

    Ryan Malloy is sufficiently unintelligent to be almost constantly cheerful. Jack Malloy´s cynism is usually more content and easy-going than Al Bundy´s. His solutions to problems and existential issues are corrupt and violent in a pleasant, simplifying manner.

    But the star of the show is without any doubt Mr Floppy, who makes the Killer Rabbit ( "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail" ) seem like Barney the Dinosaur. "You hate hard, Mr Floppy. That´s one of the things I like best about you." How true! The character Mr Floppy truly followed the exhortation of Richard Nixon "to see it like it is, and tell it like it is". Unfortunately I don´t have the VCR necessary to get my floppyisms exactly right, otherwise I would immediately start adding to the quotation page. I will always think less of Drew Barrymore for choosing Tom Green when Mr Floppy was obsessed by her.
  • kazan3164 January 2001
    It's shows (reruns) like these that keep you watching the tube of wonders (televisions). I mean, if you ask me, 80% of all sitcoms these days suck, and try to hard for a laugh. Dharma & Greg...not funny, Will & Grace...not funny, anything aired on CBS...not funny. But FOX, now they know what they're doing. First of all they play reruns of this incredible show, but they don't stop with the comedy. Plus, they formed current greats like "The Simpsons" and "Malcolm In The Middle". (Might I add they air some of the best movies)

    This show is not a ripoff of "Married With Children", which might I say is a fine show, but just similar. In a way, any show can be compared to another being similar. I mean, can't you say "Married With Children" is a lot like "All In The Family", just dirtier. Take Al Bundy, hates the world and the world (as well as his family) hates him. Same with Archie Bunker. "Honeymooners" and the "Flintstones", "The Cosby Show" and "Family Matters", the "Brady Bunch" and "Step By Step", etc.

    So, for those of you who are still reading this, "Unhappily Ever After" may resemble "Married With Children", but who cares, watch it for the small differences.

    The father has a deadbeat job, but unlike Al, this guy hallucinates in his basement with a puppet (his alter ego) and I think he was divorced. Mr Floppy is hilarious, but I don't like Bobcat's voice. Then there's Tiffini (Nikki Cox) who just steals the show and unlike Kelly, she isn't a slut, and she's smart. Unlike Ryan, who can't score like Bud, but he's the stupid one. The mother wasn't as anxious as Peg, she was gone by the final season. Finally, there's Ross, who adds sidecracks, perhaps like Buck (or one of the other dogs), just not a dog.

    This was a WB show which got cancelled mid '99, thank god for FOX who still play reruns. Sadly enough at 12:30 in the morning.
  • Ever since the film Harvey came out the six foot talking rabbit was left to our imaginations. I do wonder though did Mary Chase writing Harvey ever in our wildest dreams think that Harvey would be something on the order of Bobcat Goldthwaite.

    There's no doubt that the Malloys of Unhappily Ever After were modeled somewhat on the Bundys of Married With Children. Nikki Cox was as gorgeous as Kelly Bundy, but as Tiffany Malloy she was a straight-A student who never gave it up, but loved seeing the male of the species drooling when she wore those short tight skirts. Kevin Connolly who later was part of Entourage took out a patent on playing socially inept young men. Ross Berfield who later was one of Frankie Muniz's brothers in Malcolm In The Middle got a few zingers in.

    The comedy centered around Geoff Pierson who I thought was wonderful as the cynical Jack Malloy. He made Al Bundy look as optimistic as Mary Poppins. It was he who went down to the basement to use Mr. Floppy the rabbit as his sounding board on the issues of life. And Bobcat Goldthwaite told him as only Bobcat could.

    Inexplicably they wrote out the mother Stephanie Hodge in the last season. They never really developed her character so it wasn't really missed in that last season.

    It was Pierson and Mr. Floppy that really made the show. Would that Al Bundy had a pal like him.
  • This is an OK show about an stressed-out father whom just deal with a lousy job, sex-starved wife, a skimpily dressing daughter and a clueless son. Jack also has schizophrenia, in the form of Mr, Floppy, a chain-smoking stuffed gray rabbit.

    From what I remember, it's a somewhat interesting show with some adult situations in it. The humor was just so-so and the acting was OK at best. Average writing and lesser entertainment from this sit-com. But, at least it's tolerable than much of the forced-humor and tasteless sitcoms dished out nowadays.

    Grade C
  • I love nikki...she s the epitome of fine.comedy drama sensational adventure and mostly -repertoire-theatre....its been more than 10 years for the sleepy lioness...the cinema of unhappily A DEAD GIVE-AWAY---the priceless jewel in the crown of T. & A. late 90"s SIT.COM........why???,the road less travelled on the road less travelled....and here s fortunate perk : Hollywood is populated by such interesting people;-the incredible. The dad and his poppet friend mr floppy is an allegory for insane male impotence...the smart looking and hard working gal who is part damsel in distress and part femme fatal is an allegory fort the previous allegory being abolished eventually by she and the dumb dumb brother an allegory for the impatient impertinent horrible case of the wrong people winning/a.k.a. stud ball player -not smart - kind...the heartless cruel mom for all of the matrix films
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