Kevin Connolly co-starred in Sub Down (1997) as a petty officer aboard a US Navy submarine. Before the boat leaves port, he gives his girlfriend a very serious goodbye kiss - the girlfriend is Nikki Cox.

The show's original theme song's lyrics: "We married young, because of cupid. And had three kids, but we were stupid. She kicked me out, she's not my honey. But she still wants me, when she needs money. Now I'm alone, come rain or sunny. But who needs love? I've got my bunny."

Mr. Floppy's first words to Jack were, "Jack, you're a loser."

During the Halloween episode, "I Know What You Did in the Closet", Ross is listening to a boombox and the song that is heard is a rap version of the show's original theme song, "We Married Young."

According to "Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of The WB and UPN" by Suzanne Daniels, former executive President of Entertainment for The WB, and Cynthia Littleton, WB executives hired "Married With Children" creator Ron Leavitt to create "Unhappily Ever After" to be a "Married With Children" knockoff, hoping that it would be the breakout hit for The WB that "Married With Children" was for Fox. WB executives even jokingly called it "Divorced with Children."

Shares 75 cast and crew entries with Married... with Children (1987).

Though the show started out as a starring vehicle for comedienne Stephanie Hodge (Jenny), the show instead pivoted towards Geoff Pierson (Jack) and his struggles as a father.

In 2002, TV Guide magazine named this #30 on their list of the 50 Worst TV Shows.

Joyce Van Patten's character, Maureen, was killed off when she decided to leave the series.

Two actors featured in the show also appeared in "Terminator" movies. Nikki Cox made a small appearance in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) as the girl who tells the T-1000 that John Connor is at the galleria. And Cox's rival on the show, Kristanna Loken, of course, played the T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).

While being developed, the show was touted as Divorced... with Children, but this was changed in the season 2 premiere when Jack and Jenny decide to remain married.

The show was sold into syndication for the 1999-2000 and the 2000-01 seasons, but was not re-offered due to lackluster clearance rates and low ratings.

Stephanie Hodge's character of Jenny was killed off during the fourth season. However, she later returned alive, after on-screen, a network executive said she was alive. When Hodge decided to officially leave the show in the same season, the character was written out by leaving with a lesbian love.