• Divebomb
    Written & Performed by Number One Cup
    Courtesy of Flydaddy Records
  • Score For Animation Sequences
    Performed by Soul Coughing
    Written by Michael Doughty, Yuval Gabay, Mark De Gli Antoni (as Mark Degliantoni), & Sebastian Steinberg
    Courtesy of Slash Records
  • When Away
    Written & Performed by Groovy Religion
    Courtesy of Handsome Boy Records
  • Turning Japanese
    Written by David Fenton
    Performed by Liz Phair & Material Issue
    Courtesy of Matador Records & Material Issue
  • You're So Unkind
    Written by Jeff Cardoni, Evan Compton, Patrick Houlihan, & Charlie Strout
    Performed by Daisyhaze
    Courtesy of P.O.S. Records
  • Whatever
    Written by Cliff Boyd
    Performed by Slowburn
    Courtesy of Handsome Boy Records
  • Pure Killer
    Written by Michael Richardson, Quinn Gardener-Kane, Glen Millen, Robert Dexter, & Grant Miller
    Performed by Defryme
    Courtesy of BMG Australia Ltd.
  • Score For Lake Dream
    Written by Kevin Gilberg
  • Falling Again
    Written by Brad Heinrichs
    Performed by Wakeland
    Courtesy of Giant Records
    By Arrangement with Warner Special Products, Inc.
  • Rockster
    Written & Performed by They Might Be Giants
    Courtesy of Elektra Records
  • Chelsea Chicks
    Written by Chris Marshall
    Courtesy of Associated Production Music
  • Tijuana Babe
    Written by Warren Bennett
    Courtesy of Associated Production Music
  • Guitar Man
    Written by Warren Bennett
    Courtesy of Associated Production Music
  • Hit It
    Written by Warren Bennett
    Courtesy of Associated Production Music
  • Spit The Part
    Written by Blake Smith & Richard Ness
    Performed by Fig Dish
    Courtesy of Polydor / Atlas Records
    By arrangement with Polygram Special Markets
  • Choking Victim
    Written by Rusty Anderson, Carla Azar, Paul Bushnell, Scott Cutler, & Anne Preven
    Performed by Ednaswap
    Courtesy of Elecktra Records
  • The One
    Written by Mac McNabb & Chris Wright
    Performed by King Friday
    Courtesy of DMZ Records,
    a division of HBF Entertainment
  • Trouble
    Written by Doug Hammond & Raymond Sanchez
    Performed by Suncatcher
    Courtesy of Vista Del Mar Music
  • Don't Wanna Behave
    Written by Elyse Rogers (as Rogers), Karina Denike (as Schwartz), Jason Hammon (as Hammon), Scott Goodell (as Goodell), Mikey Weiss (as Weiss), & Gavin Hammon (as Hammon)
    Performed by Dance Hall Crashers
    Courtesy of 510 Records, J.V.
  • Why Harvard
    Written by Mark Governor
  • 10,000 Men Of Harvard
    Written by A. Putman & Murray Taylor
    Performed by The Masters of Harmony