A body double was used for Tia Carrere in the main love scene between Vicky and Todd.

The film was shot in Wilmington, NC with a planned theatrical release, under the name of "Learning Curves", in February 1995. But the financial collapse of Savoy Pictures left the movie orphaned until Trimark Pictures acquired it, re-titled it as "My Teacher's Wife," and released it directly to VHS and DVD.

Feature directorial debut for Bruce Leddy.

Tia Carrere came onto the film after finishing work on True Lies (1994).

The film is considered to be a remake/updated version of My Tutor (1983).

The movie was originally titled "Bad With Numbers," and the original script involved a plot to murder the math teacher (played by Christopher McDonald) but it was rewritten as more of a comedic coming-of-age story.

The film was originally written as a thriller, before it was changed to romantic comedy. In the original draft, when Todd and Vicky begin their affair, they both decide to murder Roy and the film would had end up being a loose remake of They're Playing with Fire (1984) starring Sybil Danning which was a family about a teenager whom begins a sexual affair with a married college professor and they decided to murder her corrupt husband.

Released theatrically in the Philippines.

Randy Pearlstein was originally to play the role of Todd.

Alexondra Lee would later join the television series "Party of Five", which Jason London's identical twin brother was one of the regular cast members as Griffin Holbrook.

The film was not released on DVD in New Zealand.