• WARNING: Spoilers

    The legendary dark knight, Batman, has once again personal demons to face and insane villains who seek to destroy Gotham. But Batman is growing tired of his nightly parade as Batman and daily existence as the rich and powerful Bruce Wayne. He is haunted by memories of his parent's death and begins to remember details that he didn't before.

    Two Face, a psycho killer who blames Batman for his scarred split face, teams up with The Riddler, an ex-employee of Bruce Wayne Enterprises, who was refused a partnership by Wayne, as his invention is very dangerous. Bruce/ Batman is thrown into contact with the beautiful Dr. Chase Meridian who is in Gotham to review the case of Two Face. A romance develops between the two, as Chase desires both Bruce and Batman, unaware that they are the same person. Bruce desires Chase more than anyone, knowing that she understands the human mind better than anyone else. He asks her to the Charity Circus that he is invited to with the other elite of Gotham. But the event is crashed when Two Face and his thugs also decide to attend uninvited. A family of acrobats are killed by Two Face, leaving only the youngest son, Dick "Robin" Grayson, alive and thirsting for revenge against Two Face.

    Taken in by Wayne, he soon discovers Bruce's carefully hidden alter-ego, Batman and takes the Batmobile on a spin, interrupting a date between Chase and Bruce. He begs Bruce to allow him to be his partner when they finally return to the Bat Cave. Alfred, the elderly butler, refuses to spurn Dick's need for revenge, telling Bruce that once he was like that too.

    Meanwhile, an entrepreneur calling himself Edward Nygma, who is actually Two Face's new accomplice The Riddler, is growing more and more rich, powerful and famous because of his invention of a new 3-D way of watching T.V. But he is in fact sucking all the secrets from the citizens of Gotham and growing extremely intelligent. He is gunning for Bruce as well as Batman and discovers that they are they same person. Soon the two villains are up against the newly formed partnership between Batman and Robin. When Chase is kidnapped by the evil pair, Batman and Robin go to The Riddler and Two Face's hideout on a metal-fabricated artificial island, after Alfred and Bruce manage to crack the riddles that The Riddler has been leaving him and they discover that Edward Nygma is the green clad villain.

    In the end Batman is faced with the decision to save either Chase or Robin from the jagged rocks in a pit that they are suspended over by The Riddler. He tricks The Riddler however and breaks the giant hourglass structure that contains all the stored brainwaves of the citizens of Gotham. He saves both Chase and Robin, and uses Two Face's coin to kill the madman, by throwing a multitude of coins instead of only Two Face's special one. Robin understands that it is better that he didn't kill Two Face, agreeing with Bruce that such a crime is far too much too bear. At the end Edward claims that he is Batman, flapping the sleeves of his straight jacket in a grotesque imitation a bat's wings, cackling as Chase makes her way back outside of the lunatic asylum and informs Bruce that no one will ever know he is Batman. She leaves Gotham, never to see our secretive shadow destined hero ever again. Batman and Robin are now partners and the dark knight is indeed always going to the protector of the Gothic metropolis of Gotham.