Most of the child actors and actresses did not know how to play soccer. In fact, Anthony Esquivel was the only one who knew how to play at the time of filming.

One of two Disney family comedy sports films that featured Jay O. Sanders as an antagonist. The other being Angels in the Outfield (1994).

During the first game between The Big Green and The Knights, Sheriff Tom (Steve Guttenberg) mentioned Bubba Smith after Kate (Jessica Robertson) tackled a Knights player. Steve Guttenberg starred in the first four Police Academy films, which also starred Bubba Smith as Hightower.

By including the shoot-out, Lou (Ashley Welch), Evan (Chauncey Leopardi), Jeffrey (Billy L. Sullivan), and Larry (Patrick Renna) are the only four team members that do not score a goal on-screen.

Chauncey Leopardi (Evan) and Patrick Renna (Larry) appeared in The Sandlot (1993).

Most of the child actors and actresses have stopped doing movies. The only ones still acting are: Patrick Renna, Jordan Brower, Jessica Robertson, and Bug Hall.

The goalie for the Knights was named after First Assistant Director Chris Stoia.

Three of the main child actors appeared in baseball movies, Chauncey Leopardi (Evan) and Patrick Renna (Larry) appeared in The Sandlot (1993), Billy L. Sullivan (Jeffery) appeared in Little Big League (1994), and Jay O. Sanders (Coach Jay Huffer) appeared in Angels in the Outfield (1994).

Libby Villari (Brenda Neilson) and Louanne Stephens (Bomma Cole) also worked together on Friday Night Lights (2006) as Mayor Lucy Rodell & Mrs. Saracen respectively.

Steve Guttenberg gained over twelve pounds in preparation for his role as Sheriff Tom Palmer.

Jay o sanders and gill Glasgow played in jfk 1991.

There is an actor named John Terry in this movie. The name "John Terry" is a famous soccer player's name.

Libby Villari and Louanne Stephens appeared on Friday Night Lights (2006).

In Spanish-speaking countries, the film's title (when translated back to English) is "We Are the Worst".