Trivia (15)

The album, Bahwee - Headnodders Volume 2, has a instrumental version of the song "Kehna Hi Kya". The song was titled "Bollywood". The album was released for a International audience.

Hip Hop artiste Ciara featuring Chris Brown sampled the song " Kehna Hi Kya" for their song " Turntables".

Based on true events occurring in December 1992-January 1993.

Cameraman Rajiv Menon was offered the lead role by Mani Ratnam, but he turned it down.

Spanish rapper sampled the song " Kehna Hai Kya" for his song " Sueno Despierto".

Spanish rapper Sello Personal sampled the song " Kehna Hain Kya" for his song " Original Rhymes".

Loyd Banks sampled the " Bombay Theme" for his song " Rather Be Me".

Loewenherz sampled the Bombay Theme for his song " Bis in Die Ewigkiet".

"Suen Despierto" song by Portavoz sampled the song "Kehna Hi Kya".

The Hollywood movie Lord of War used the " Bombay Theme Music" in the movie.

The Bollywood Brass Band has done a instrumental version of the song "Kehna Hi Kya" ( What Is There To Say).

Bollywood Brass Band did a instrumental version of " Humma(You And I Are One)".

The movie was decided to be made in Malayalam. M.T Vasudhevan Nair was asked to script the story. But eventually it did not happen.

Kehna Hi Kya was sampled by Sid Vashi in the song "Lips" featuring Soopy from the album Motherland and Tourism.

Rapper Horsepowar sampled the song "Kehna Hi Kya" for her song "Down Rodeo with a Shotgun"