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  • The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) is, in my opinion, one of the best spoofs in movie history. Every character is deliciously well done in true '70s style, the decor is excellent, and the whole plot is hilarious: the Bradys in the '90s. An excellent movie on the whole, complete with cameos by the original Brady Bunch cast and '70s icons.

    The beauty of this movie, has I've mentioned before, is that it is done so authentically. There are little touches here and there (you may need to watch the movie a few times to notice), such as 'The Partridge Family' bus going by just before the singing competition scene.

    There are some hilarious moments (some quite cringe worthy too!). Mike Brady giving a 'wise' speech, Marcia getting hit in the nose by a football, Marcia's dance and so many more. I even find when Jan knocks some boxes off funny! Pacing wise, it moves very fast so you don't get bored. It runs smoothly. No qualms there.

    It is really amusing to see a naive, sweet '70s family fit in with '90s California grunge. It's a great movie - many great memories of this.
  • Besides offering countless belly-laughs, this spoof of the legendary sit-com has many authentic elements of the original 70s TV show. The casting in itself was a stroke of genius. I'm still not sure if they actually "froze" Maureen McCormick (the REAL Marcia Brady), only to unthaw her in time to return to her role in this film; the actress playing Marcia in this film looks like a clone of the original! Shelley Long is also striking as Carol, as are Cindy, Bobby and Alice. -- Several original cast members from the TV series had cameos, most noteworthy Ann B. Davis (Alice), who returned as a truck driving confidante to a confused run-away Jan. -- Florence Henderson showed up as her own meddling mother who finally (much overdue) told Jan to "cut the crap!", giving her a swift smack on the cheek, thus curing her of her chronic and tiresome wining. -- We meet the Brady's neighbors the "Dittmeyers", who were frequently mentioned, but never actually shown on the TV program. Here they are no "Fred & Ethel", but scheming, manipulative opportunists, eager to convince the Bradys to sell their house (to them), in order for a big developer to turn the entire neighborhood into a huge building project. -- The film is also loaded with cheesy advice we remember Mike & Carol dishing out in over-dose rations during their 5 year run in prime time (not to mention the zillions of re-runs to follow). This will always be Sherwood Schwartz's biggest hit. The Brady Bunch will go down with Lucy, Andy and Samantha as America's best loved all-time favorite sit coms. The Brady Bunch Movie only intensified America's love affair with the light fluff that dreams are made of. This film is a winner in my book!
  • Out of all the movies that have been made from old TV shows, this is perhaps the best. The plot is as thin as one you see on the show and. The dialogue is killer - when Marcia is insecure about her injured nose on a date, the guy reassures her, "its not your nose I'm after". Quite alot of the jokes are of the double-meaning style and most of them are very funny. Gary Cole takes the acting honors, as he is just as sincere are Robert Reed was. I was never the biggest fan of the show, but this movie made me wish I were. Also it was great seeing Davey Jones of the Monkees!
  • The 1970's family The Brady's find themselves in the 1990's but still with the same virtues we all know. However their next door neighbour is trying to get all the land around the area acquired to build a mall. He has been hiding their mail and causing them to build up $20K in unpaid taxes. The kids set about trying to raise the money to save the family home.

    Reading the reviews shows me that people just don't get this film. I think this is a great example of what should happen when you remake a cheesy TV show from all our childhood's. The whole film is one big self-mocking joke about the values of the Brady's. The plot is not really important but it is a good summing up of the daft plots they had back then, however here it is just a device for the jokes.

    The joke here is that we have a slightly modern spin on the family. We see them being all cheesy and full of morals even when surrounded by the dog eat dog world of LA in the nineties, but they are still the same. I find this funny and the moral lessons etc are all delivered tongue in cheek. The best bit of self mocking is the modern expansion of the characters – this thing is full of innuendoes and nice touches – like Jan hearing voices etc

    The cast are all spot on. Long and Cole talk it straight but let their looks and glances tell a different story (Long is excellent), while the kids are all very very good. I'd never seen the show till after this so I didn't see any cameos or anything but really this isn't important.

    This is great – you don't need to have seen the show. It's wonderfully self mocking and very very funny. Those who criticise it for not being serious or for being a joke just are getting it at all. Great fun!
  • In America, almost all teenagers, who grew up in the late 60's and early 70's, would have loved the TV show. Though I am way past that generation and not even close to America, I still fall in that same category – every fan can only wish for one day- this to become a huge movie- and it did.

    Though the humour of this movie is of a sarcastic nature, basically ridiculing this family for being out-dated, it still doesn't make this movie less funnier. It only makes us realize, that TV shows before are of a completely different nature, and with that kind of script, no network would even think of accepting it. This movie covered certain things, which could not have been done on 70's TV- like Peter's growing up dilemmas. Everyone gave brilliant performances- there is homage to certain episodes- most of which were very popular- especially the one with Marcia's swollen nose. A bit of trivia- in the TV series- Mr. Dittmeyer is the Brady's neighbors- though I doubt he has ever appeared in any episode, his name has been mentioned on many episodes.

    Anyone who was a fan of the TV series should check this movie out. It is definitely a guilty pleasure, which is worth enjoying.
  • David, Film Freak24 September 2001
    Groooovy! Neato! Yup, the Brady's are back and are struggling to make it in the 90's, the Brady house is being put up for auction, and it's up to the all-singing, all-dancing Brady kids troupe to sing their way out of it!

    Shelley Long and Gary Cole play Carol and Mike Brady, while the kids are played by the likes of Christine Taylor, Christopher Daniel Barnes and Olivia Hack. RuPaul even gets into the Brady act, appearing as the kid's school guidance person - helping Jan through her 'Marcia, Marica, Marcia!' obsession.

    Plenty of laughs (if not for the sheer corn factor) and it's actually quite fun. If you ever loved the original 'Brady Bunch' series - then you'll love this. Cast originals Florence Henderson, Barry Williams and Ann B. Davis all make cameo appearances.

    It's happening in a far out way!
  • I thought this movie was absolutely hilarious!! I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and anyone who is a fan of the TV show will truly enjoy this film. Michael McKean was so funny as Mr. Dittmire. Although the humor is off the wall and silly......this movie spoofed the show right down to a tee. Very funny!
  • Robert-5310 November 1998
    For anyone old enough to have seen the original series, this movie truly blows the lid off of the whole TV show and pokes fun at the whole whole family and concept at every turn. They easily could have done a formula tv-ish movie and instead they make a complete parody that is screamingly funny. Not to mention that the fact that the cast are dead-ringers for the originals--in fact Jan is so _frighteningly_ like the original that it'll send shivers up your back. Four of the original cast also make cameos in the film (but you'll have to really look to find some of them), and the film blends the whole campy concept with the "retro" plastic nineties--a perfect joke on fashions of this decade. Very worth watching!
  • JW-2729 June 1999
    OK, I'm as fed up with the polyvinyl, well-scrubbed Brady family as anyone, so a spoof on the entire genre was most refreshing. But I think people who are not familiar with the series may take some pleasure in the 90's-steeped humor that's also present. Certainly not for everyone, but I can only rate a movie as I see it, and I was thoroughly amused (rating: 7/10).
  • g-bodyl31 December 2014
    The Brady Bunch Movie is a fine tribute to the original television series and the film retains enough of the humor from the series to make the film work, despite an entire new cast. However, I liked the decision for Paramount to have some cameos from the likes of Florence Henderson and the late Ann B. Davis. The film is a bit campy at time, but it takes some getting used to. The jokes are really good, but the main joke is seeing how the Bradys react in the 1990's, and fortunately that joke did not disappoint.

    Betty Thomas's film has all the original characters from the television series, including my favorite: Alice the housekeeper. A scheming neighbor of the Bradys plan to take their house unless they can raise twenty thousand dollars. They discover that participating in a musical may be their only bet to keep their property.

    The film was not badly acted. The new actors retained enough of the characters wit to be effective. Shelley Long and Gary Cole as the parents were very good. Christine Taylor as the eldest daughter, Marcia is also very good and beautiful! Michael McKean is effective as the scheming neighbor. Finally, Henriette Mantel as Alice actually reminded me of Ann B. Davis's Alice very much so.

    Overall, The Brady Bunch Movie is an effective comedy and a successful reboot showing a new generation the wonders of the Brady family. The movie often movies into slapstick territory and relies on physical comedy perhaps a bit too much, but that doesn't hurt the film too much. Nothing beats the original Brady family, but this Brady family was very good and quite funny. This is the story of how 1970 met 1995 to pretty funny results. I rate this film 9/10.
  • Shelley Long, Gary Cole, and Christine Taylor lead the cast to recreate the iconic 70s TV family. It's a stroke of genius to bring the gang into the 90s. They are a school of fish out of water. The storyline to raise $20,000 for back property taxes sounds so familiar.

    Jennifer Elise Cox is especially funny as the head bopping insecure Jan suffering Middle Child Syndrome. "But Jan, you don't have any friends." Everybody in the family is funny. Some of the modern people overplay their characters. It's not really necessary. Most of them are better off playing the straight character to the family's wackiness. Although Alanna Ubach turns in one of the funnier characters as Marcia's pining best friend.
  • i never saw any episode of the Brady's , but i enjoyed this spoof of 70's righteous family living in modern mid nineties, not so glamorous, period. i specially like the funny as always Shelly long of course as the mother, and amazing babe Christine Taylor playing Marcia. but for me the movie really started to pick up from the moment (49 min) Davy Jones give an exceptional performance of his 70's Brady's hit 'girl' while Marcia Brady 70's character drive an entire 90's grunge crowed to dance to is song, and the schoolteachers are gathering around him. so to sum it up - great fun movie , and the sequel was also as good. Christine Taylor will probably will always be remembered for this role.
  • squeakie0112 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    The grooviest movie ever made!! Deserves and Oscar!!!!! "JJJAAAAAAAAAN" "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" "I'm the new Jan Brady!" "As a wise man once said, "Wherever you go, there you are."" "Because my glasses make me look positively goofy, but with these new contact lenses i look ultra glamorous!" Nothing could ever top this movie!!! (Except maybe the Sequel when Greg and Marcia fell in love! Who saw that coming!?) Neato! Groovy! Far out! This movie is the best movie I have ever seen!! It's happening in far out ways! Everyone should watch this movie at some point and time!! Even if they have never seen the show! But who hasn't seen the TV show!?
  • HelloTexas1124 February 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't think 'The Brady Bunch' television series was so stupid it was funny, I just thought it was stupid. I gather I am not on the same wavelength as its many fans. I'm still not clear on what they're fans OF. So I went in to see 'The Brady Bunch Movie' thinking, this will be a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back. And then I proceeded to laugh my fool ass off. The spoofery here is perfect and dead on target; it seems almost too easy of a kill. The makers of the film must have felt like kids in a candy store. What do you lampoon mercilessly first? Marcia's airheadedly blonde conceit? Jan's borderline-psycho jealousy of Marcia? Mike Brady's emptyheaded homilies? Carol Brady's hairdo? Don't get impatient, the film gets to all of them in due course, and many others. 'The Brady Bunch Movie' basically takes the Brady family on its own terms but thrusts them into the 1990's where they are even more out of place than before. The principal running joke is that they don't consider themselves odd at all, in fact the Bradys feel they are the hippest, best-looking, and smartest family God ever created. They are oblivious to an outside world that variously treats them with bewilderment, astonishment, and sometimes outright contempt. Doesn't faze them in the slightest. The early seventies, when the original series prospered, were a strange time anyway. In a way, the sixties hadn't really ended. Disco and Saturday Night Live were yet to come. 'The Brady Bunch' was the latest of a type of show that had been a staple of network television since its inception, the family situation comedy. 'Father Knows Best,' 'The Donna Reed Show,' and of course 'Leave It To Beaver' were the prototypes. One might think 'The Brady Bunch' would have been the last of its breed, but the format's enduring appeal lived on in such shows as 'Eight Is Enough' and 'Full House.' 'The Brady Bunch' is definitely an artifact of its time though, more noticeably so than the other examples given, given the 60's background and affectations in dress, hairstyles, and dialogue. So bringing this determinedly odd and stupid family into the 90's was a stroke of genius, and what resulted was a sharp parody that made a lot of money and was followed by a sequel. Some of the best bits include continual run-ins with their neighbor, Mr. Dittmeyer, and his boozy, lustful wife, who clearly wishes to engage in a threesome with Greg and Peter. The Brady's astroturf lawn is still there, and another neighbor comments in amazement, "One time I was over there. One bathroom for nine people? And I never did see a toilet." Then there's Greg Brady's line to several female classmates, "Hey there, groovy chicks. You're all hep in far out ways." And Marcia's comforting words to Jan, who is worried about moving because she'll have to make new friends. "Jan, you don't have any friends." 'The Brady Bunch Movie' is a funny flick bound to send you away muttering, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
  • When I first heard about this film being in production, I was about as happy as you'd be if you heard about a giant meteorite heading to destroy the Earth! After all, despite the original show having a bit of a following, the show was completely saccharine and impossible for anyone other than kids to like. So why, oh why, would I want to see this?! Well, it turns out I was wrong--wrong because the film WAS good to watch and wrong because this was NOT the same Brady Bunch I remember from my youth.

    So what was so right about this film? Well, first it was not a remake of the show, but a parody of it--the only way this could have worked. In this case, it's the same sort of Brady family BUT they are living exactly as they did in 1970--despite it being 1995. In other words, the clothes, the language, the actors and their spot-on impersonations of the originals (I particularly loved Gary Cole and the way he talked just like Mike Brady) and the music are all circa 1970--and everyone around the Brady family just stares at them in total disbelief. TO make things even better, there is a wonderful visit from Davy Jones as well as a wonderful plot involving Jan and hear jealousy of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! As for the plot, this might be the biggest weakness. While it isn't bad, the film's theme of the evil neighbors and the Brady family losing their home never is as fun or interesting as the sequel--A VERY BRADY SEQUEL--and you MUST see this sequel. It is a hoot!
  • preppy-319 October 2009
    Clever spoof on "The Brady Bunch" TV series. The Bradys are still living like it's the 1970s but it's 1995. They wear the terrible 70s fashions, are all squeaky clean and friendly and are totally oblivious that the times have changed. Various plots from the old TV show are used and the reactions from 1990s people are frequently hilarious. However this is probably only for a select audience. I grew up watching it on TV when I was in grade school and saw it constantly in reruns when I was in junior high and high school. Therefore I have mostly every episode memorized. The movie has plenty of in jokes for fans of the series and people like me (I sort of like the show but I'm no fan). So if you're not familiar with the Bradys or the show you might not like it. I originally caught this at a theatre back in 1995. It was wall to wall baby boomers and college kids. When the title song came on the whole audience joined in loudly and loved the whole movie! So I think most people will like it and get it.

    The whole cast looks almost exactly like their TV counterparts with the sole exception of Gary Cole who looks nothing like Robert Reed. On the other hand Shelley Long is a dead ringer for Florence Henderson. The Brady house looks exactly like it did in the TV show--heck, they even use the same music! Also there are cameos from various original cast members and other 70s stars (like Davy Jones and the Monkees). There are also a few dance and song numbers (all from the original show) that are energetic and colorful (if you ignore the inane lyrics). There's also a few gay positive characters squeezed in. There's a lesbian school mate after Marcia (who's totally oblivious) and an interracial gay couple living on the same street as the Bradys. I personally LOVE this movie and think it's hysterical. I give it a 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When this movie was announced way back when, my first reaction was 'can't they leave anything alone?' Especially when the first descriptions said Marcia would have a gay girlfriend... I just thought the whole thing would be sickening. I was wrong.

    The beauty of this movie is that they take the Brady Bunch, right out of 1970, and drop them into 1995. HOW such a thing could be, I can't say, but it was a brilliant idea. Somehow, in the middle of the 1990's, the Brady family is firmly entrenched in 1970. They've got the cars, the clothes, the music, it's like the whole world around them doesn't exist! They either don't notice, or don't care. For example, Greg drives Marcia to their high school in Mrs. Brady's station wagon and along the way they are listening to an 8 track tape of Davy Jones singing. WHERE would they get an 8 track tape like that - and in 1995?! Well, don't worry too much about that, just accept it and laugh at it. Okay, so they get to school and Marcia says she has written to Davy Jones to see if he will sing at their school's dance. Greg scoffs at the idea because 'a big star like that is too busy to come to our dance!' I mean, where do they see Davy Jones as a star at all in the 1990's? He's got no hits, you'd never see him on TV... yet to the Brady's, he is a superstar and they are playing 8 track tapes of him gotten from who-knows-where.

    Where would they get their flare-bottom pants and gaudy patterned clothes? The square-toed mid-heel shoes? The paisley shirts? Their cars are right out of 1970 or so (though not the same cars they drove on the TV show). Where? When? How? You don't ask such questions, you just accept and laugh at the insanity of it all.

    The beauty of this movie is watching the 1970 Brady Family as they interact with the world around them which is 25 years further along. Okay, they do put some edge on the family members and they do get a little fun poked at them - like when Greg as "Johnny Bravo" gets up to perform at his school dance and says 'I wrote this song for the grooviest chick at Westdale High' and girls run screaming out of the gymnasium. And the drunk woman who lives next door has the hots for Mr. Brady - and Greg - and even Peter.

    It's a really funny movie. I never thought I'd have liked it but when I finally watched it, I realized what an ingenious idea it was. There is a sequel to this movie which IMO is one of the reasons sequels are usually no good, just an attempt to cash in on a good original.

    Finally, even as this movie makes fun of the Brady family, it does so with some heart. The humor is good-natured; the family members are still all likable and are treated with affection even as they are the source of the humor. If you always loved the Brady Bunch, this movie won't anger you by the way they were treated. Yes, the joke is on them, but they're laughing along with us - even if they don't get the joke in quite the same way we do. I like this movie!
  • THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE, in my opinion, is an excellent film adaptation of a classic TV show with smashing performances. Also, even though everyone gave an appealing performance, I liked Carol's (Shelley Long) the best. In addition, I thought that Mr. Dittmeyer (Michael McKean) was a very despicable guy. However, I thought that Marcia (Christine Taylor) was somewhat arrogant. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone involved in this film did a very good job. In conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent film adaptation of a classic TV show with appealing performances to any fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for a good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
  • Funny, oft times hilarious send up of the 1970's tv show. Starring Gary Cole, as the homily-spouting dad, Mike Brady (he nails this role dead on) and Shelley Long, as Mrs. Brady. They are to be commended, as the rest of the cast, for a comic retro trip back through memory lane. Henriette Mantel is especially good, as the pun-weilding, eternally cheerful Alice, the maid. Yes, some of the plot is a tad lame, and not all the cameos equate out to well above par. (What was it with that Davey Jones number?! Downright spooky...)

    However, this film has more than enough comical highlights, to make it very worthy of your time. Those not old enough to remember the series, ought to hip themselves first, by catching a few episodes on Nick@Nite first. If not, you'll be confused as to why your parents are giggling like they're possessed or something, at this parody.
  • orizano26 September 2006
    If ever there was a movie I never expected to recommend to someone, well, this is certainly it. I figured it was going to be another lame TV to big screen adaption. I never saw it in the theater or rented it. Gary Cole's face, who at the time I'd most recently had seen in TV's "American Gothic" as Sheriff Lucas Buck. So I figured I'd check it out fro a few minutes just for his performance. The tongue-in-cheek and double-entendre writing and acting were so on the mark!! I was constantly giggling and laughing. I was never a Brady Bunch fan, so maybe that made the movie funnier to me, but I don't think so. It was just plainly a hoot. It's right up there with the first entries in the "Airplane!" and "Naked Gun" series. Comedy you had to pay attention to so you wouldn't miss the next joke in this clever spoof. If you rated it low, watch it again without bias. Tell me lines like

    "Doug, do you have protection?"

    "Oh yes ma'am, assorted colors and textures!"

    aren't genuinely funny!!!
  • THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE is a twisted and clever lampooning of the classic 1969-74 TV show about the saccharine sweet blended family and the adventures they faced. Director Betty Thomas has cleverly set this movie in 1995; however,has kept the Bradys stuck in a 1970's time warp, talking, acting, and dressing like they are still in the 70's and it this clash of opposing pop cultures that help to make this movie so funny; however be forewarned: This movie is solely aimed at people who watched every single episode of the TV series. If you did (and I must confess to being one who did) you will find this film rolling-on-the-floor funny. If you did not, you will find this film meaningless. Of course with everything we know about the Bradys now (Robert Reed being gay, Barry Williams book GROWING UP BRADY, the kids all having the hots for each other), this movie takes on even more meaning. The movie is very well cast too. Gary Cole's Robert Reed impression as Mike Brady is frighteningly on the money and Shelley Long is also good as Carol. The kids are well cast too, special mention to Christine Taylor' Marcia (whose physical and vocal resemblance to Maureen McCormick is uncanny)and the brilliant Jennifer Elise Cox, who just about steals the movie as Jan. She doesn't look too much live Eve Plumb, but the voice, the walk, the mannerisms and the attitude are dead solid perfect. There are amusing cameos by RuPaul and former Monkey Davy Jones as well as former BRADY cast members Williams, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, Florence Henderson, and Ann B. Davis. Michael McKean and Jean Smart are also very funny as the evil Mr. Dittmeyer, who wants to buy the Bradys' home and his drunken wife, who has the hots for ALL the Brady men. So if you loved the TV series, you will love this movie...if not, rent another video.
  • Today's younger generation probably only knows The Brady Bunch from reruns, but it was the most popular sitcom of the 70's. This movie places the Brady Bunch in 1995, but they still act and dress like they were in the 70's.

    The movie is very funny and has a typical Brady plot of the family overcoming a crisis. The casting is dead-on. All of the characters looked and acted very much like the original, with the exception of Greg Brady. Barnes did a fine job, but he didn't look just like Greg & acted more dorky, this is the writer's fault. All in all, the film's a good time, even if you're not a Brady Bunch fan.
  • thomas165214 April 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    "The Brady Bunch Movie" is one of the most clever spoofs I have ever seen. Usually self-parody can get boring and uninteresting, but the mocking of the Brady's family ethics mixed with sexual references galore makes it interesting throughout. And, although the plot may seem to lose steam at some spots, the heartwarming conclusion to Jan's running away is very worth sticking around to see.

    Not only is the movie humorous, but it very well acted. I think Jennifer Elise Cox stands out the most, as the psycho middle-child Jan Brady.

    All-in-all the cast nailed it, and this goes down hands-down as one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.
  • OzguyNJ13 April 2006
    I first saw this at a cinema with my best friend, we grew up with the Bradys and to be honest, I think for one to really enjoy this movie, you have to feel as if you are on the inside of an inside joke. The cast is terrific, Christine Taylor's homage to Maureen McCormick is phenomenal and watching the highs and lows of poor Jan, Jan, Jan is an absolute hoot! My only suggestion is to watch it with friends who will "get it." It elevates the whole film. Definitely one for the collection -- a keeper!This film was like cotton candy. very, very sweet -- it could give some a toothache. For me, it was a great retrospective of a part of my early life that I enjoyed immensely. Truly great fun!
  • mittensbrady26 March 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this movie. It was so funny! Davy Jones and cameos from Florence Henderson (Carol Brady),Ann B.Davis (Alice Nelson),Christopher Knight (Peter Brady),and Barry Williams (Greg Brady). The only scene in which I found just disturbing (the scene where Cindy gets the Dittmeyers' mail and Mrs.Dittmeyer is drunk). I wish Sherwood Schwartz would of just deleted the scene. But,it was a big plot point for the movie. Anyways,that's the only complaint. RuPaul,Davy Jones (my second mention of him),and Shelley Long all in the same movie! I love that. I really do. Oh,gosh. Anyways,this movie just brought out the best in the Bradys. And,if you want to hear their story,listen to the theme song (copied brilliantly from the original,nothing wrong with that). I own this movie on video,and believe me,I am happy to. This is my favorite movie,mainly because The Brady Bunch is my favorite show (or one of them). Anyways,this movie was overall fun and good! And,better then the sequel! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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