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  • I saw this movie for the first time about a year ago with my brother, and 107 viewings and a video purchase later, this is the most "TREASURED" item in my collection. Captiva Island is a non-stop thrill ride with Die Hardian action and Pulp Fictiony dialogue. The script was superb, the direction magnificent, and the acting was masterful (notably, Ernest Borgnine as the happy fat guy). If there's one movie you folks need to see this lifetime, Captiva Island is it. This one is a 10.
  • Beautiful lighting, nice dolle sequences, flows nicely. Incredible cinematography
  • A cross between "Captains Courageous" and "Cocoon" -- highly enjoyable family film, beautifully photographed, great performances -- the duet of Ernest Borgnine and Arte Johnson singing The Rascals' "Good Lovin'" was a highlight -- and a couple of well staged movie in-jokes (the "Apocalypse Now" inspired invasion scene, scaled down and complete with 'Ride of The Valkarys' music, was well done) made seeing this movie a very pleasant surprise.

    Sadly this movie did not receive a theatrical release and one would have to look long and hard to find it either on home video or in TV listings -- but do find it as it's well worth it.
  • rose_luna_j12 January 2007
    I have watched this movie several times, okay many, for personal reasons. Its all fun and games until the end which is essentially painful. Drink a lot and you will love it. I know my sister and I do. I have to say that it had all the ingredients to be good... and I like some of the characters. Like the pelican, love him. However this movie was billed as some sort of inspirational tale, and its not. Its more of a flipper type story. But Flipper has a mullet. The main flavor in this movie has to do with how lame it is to be 13 and in love. I say watch it and laugh. Also, singing on the back of a convertible is always good to see.
  • This film is much loved in our home. It's not a great film, but it has a lot of heart. The real star here is the beautiful Florida wildlife and scenery, which the movie does a great job of celebrating. It's a simple and sweet story, if lacking in originality and surprise. It's a great film for young children. Think of fun, campy movies in the tradition of Mystery of Dracula's Castle and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer It's actually pretty reminiscent of those old Haley Mills movies, like Summer Magic. It's cute and campy, and fun. Don't go in expecting a life-altering film of shocking creativity, but expect to be entertained. The scenery is still the star though, and if you love Florida, especially if you've been to and love the Sanibel/Captiva area!
  • aneesha-srikar29 October 2005
    This movie was amazing. I saw it with a girlfriend in Chicago and we were laughing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves the entire time. It is so entertaining and exciting. It's hard to stop watching the movie once you start it. I loved every minute of it and I have seen it about 10 times. It's my boyfriend's favorite movie and he makes me watch it over and over again, and I love it every time. All in all I would say, Captiva Island captivated me... I would recommend it to anyone who is anyone. It will make you laugh, cry, sneeze, and just ponder life in general. Please see this movie, you will not regret it. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen and I would no doubt put it on my top 10 list. Probably as #3... It's a family movie, it's an adult movie, it's a chick flick, and an action film. This movie covers it all! Do yourself a favor and rent Captiva Island as soon as possible!
  • "Captiva Island" is a movie that begs the question, "Why wasn't this a major release?" Granted, inside sources have confirmed that the film was distributed overseas and amongst the airlines, but "Captiva Island" had the potential to be something much bigger than it was. I suggest that if you can find this movie watch it! It ranks up there with "The Cure" (Hong Kong title).

    Plus points for this movie include: great color, great music, interesting cast, well known actors

    Cons for this movie include: very limited DVD release, hard to find (even on VHS)
  • I must preface the fact that the director of this turkey is known by our family, but after seeing it... I'm glad I saw a pre-release copy on VHS, as I would have demanded a refund. The sole saving grace of this film is the beautiful "stock" footage of Southwest Florida that plays during the opening credits..truly masterful stuff (Biffar had a lot of practice at that, being in local TV production for years), but the acting is truly cringe-worthy at times. Ernie Borgnine is one of my favorite character actors, but from the looks of things, he really mailed in his performance. Arte Johnson? I won't even go there... The impression I got was of a high-school film project, albeit with a larger budget. This movie was being filmed around the same time that "Just Cause" was being filmed in our area, and the latter is a much better film, in my opinion. "Captiva" (original title) is a family friendly story and film, but go in with low expectations and you may be surprised.