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  • rbwhite4 August 2000
    I like Judd Nelson, but this movie is just bad. The script is predictable, the music forgettable, the direction clinical. I'm glad I didn't pay money to see this one. If you get a chance to see this one, don't. I give it 1 star.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watched this film late on a Saturday night and i must say it was very disappointing....

    its started off so well, a gloved man creeps into someone's apartment, and murders a young women while she's in the bath, then loots her jewellery, then it descends into a poorly scripted film

    i somehow managed to watch it??

    *SPOILER* the ending where he just jumps into the water because he see's his mother is shocking?? i mean, he killed her in the first place so why would he want to go back to her!!!!

  • for U.S. cable this is not the worst. What is it though about William R. Moses and Lifetime Movies?.

    Anyone who likes Judd Nelson- post "The Breakfast Club" may enjoy this, There are some beautiful scenes of the forest and the Pacific Northwest.

    Judd Nelson had found a usable character here. The "Cabin by The Lake" series is no accident. It was the brainchild of this screenplay. CBTL was made in 2000, and even had a re-make; so someone made money from this character. And American audiences paid to see it.

    At any rate, if you are in the mood for a light murder mystery, this may fit the bill. 6/10.
  • pepms15 December 2003
    The other day I was changing channels of the satellite tv, and I found this movie, it was like 230 am, and without caring of the time, I started to fall for the movie so much that I had to continue it till 5 am.

    I found this movie to be a serious one, because the theme of the transtorned childhood guy seems very interesting to me

    altought this is not a very recent movie, I recommend it a lot!