Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    In her wedding day, Rita decides to cut her long hair. The husband to be, Paulo, which was working all night, doesnt like it and expresses his feeling to her. The first day of the young couples marriage doesnt flow very well either. Both have a lot to learn about living together and, in spite of a lot of misunderstandings, they end up realizing that what binds them together is stronger that all the things that conspire to separate them.

    This big hit of the Portuguese film industry of the 1990s, reflects the inherent problems of the relationships in those years, through all the aggravations, quarrels, reconciliations and disillusions of a young couple in Lisbon.

    This movie approaches with a subtle sense of humor, the complexity of living in a couple played by Carla Bolito and Marco Delgado in a very good performance.