Alluring Woman: I like the way you smoke that cigarette, honey. You got a mouth like a whore.

Eugene: So how come you decided to leave home tonight?

Jackie: I decided to leave a couple of months ago but every time I started planning it for real, I started feeling kind of guilty... like I would hurt my mom's feelings for leaving... or my friends would think I was looking down on them because I didn't want to hang out watching TV anymore. I want to do something different, but I guess I've just been feeling guilty about leaving.

Eugene: Why is tonight any different?

Jackie: Well I've been listening to you and I hear all these mistakes you think you've made and I just think "I want that". I want to be in a situation where I don't know how I'll react. Something to face out there or in here that I never would have thought of. And I want to make mistakes. Not like yours, but my own. Because at least that will mean I'm trying.

Eugene: I feel like I want to cry, but all I do is get angry.

Jackie: Maybe you're angry you can't cry.