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  • This is a film about a 12-year-old gal falling in love for a 30ish dandy pediatric doctor. It is very romantic and the description of the two people clicking is very natural. It is about two hearts matching while external circumstances does not compromise. It is about patience and faith, two ingredients that are lacking in todays world.
  • In Bordeaux, the pediatric doctor Stéphane (Jean-Hugues Anglade) is a wolf, flirting with many beautiful women. One night, he meets the twelve year-old Eva (Julia Maraval) alone in front of his building and she tells that she had lost her train to Strasburg. Stéphane invites her to spend the night in his apartment and on the next morning, he takes her to the police station. However the girl tells a story about her stepmother and vanishes. Sooner Stéphane discovers that Eva, who is great pianist, was his patient in his father's hospital where he works when she was six and lost her father. Further, she is treating an angioma in her brain and she will be blind if submitted to a surgery. The girl refuses to be fed in the hospital and her grandfather brings her to Stéphane's home to get close to him. Stéphane feels a platonic affection for the girl and researches the healing for her angioma. He discovers that the retired doctor Arnaud (Jean-François Stévenin) had written a thesis with a revolutionary treatment. Meanwhile he has conflictive feelings for her considering their difference of ages.

    I saw "Dis-moi oui..." for the first time on 19 December 1999 on VHS released by Lumiere Distributor and I found one of the most delightful romances I have ever watched. Today I have seen this pleasant movie again and I do not understand why this wonderful film has not been released on DVD in Brazil. Further, there are only 130 votes in IMDb meaning that the worldwide distribution is limited. The story is very beautiful, and the awesome chemistry between the sweet Julia Maraval and Jean-Hugues Anglade is something very special. I regret that I have not seen any other movie of the talented and gorgeous Julia Maraval or Nadia Farès in Brazil. My vote is ten.

    Title (Brazil): "Diga-me Sim…" ("Tell me Yes")

    Note: On 28 February 2017, i saw this lovely film again.
  • This movie is one of those that goes straight to your heart! I had the chance to watch it when I was a young girl and it remained with me since then. As it already have been said its about genuine connection between two people no matter what the circumstances are; it teaches you about patience and faith! I read the other 3 reviews and it seems that it affected other people in similar way! I searched the movie for years and now I finally found it! In my opinion it deserves to be more publicized and I definitely recommend you to see it! If you feel any kind of repulsion about the fact that an older man could be feeling attracted to a 12 year old girl you clearly missed the point so please keep an open mind!
  • About five or six years ago i saw this movie on television. Today i don't know whether there's still someone would be interested in it. And i'm also not sure whether there's someone would read my comment below. I love this movie. When i first saw it when i'm sixteen or seventeen years old, i loved it so much that i saw it there times. The story touched me so. Even though i've got no chance to see it again since then, for i saw it on television and never saw the DVD version on market, i always remember it. The characters, the story... It is beautiful. And i know now i cannot remember it very clearly. But i can feel it in my mind. It will always be so vivid just because there are something in my heart i know which will never change.