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  • This version of "A Christmas Carol" starring La Lucci as Ebenezer Scrooge (aka "Ebbie") is surprisingly well done and well acted. The movie is brought up to date by its setting; a department store rather than a moneylending house. The supporting cast does an excellent job in showing the true meaning of Christmas and how it is never too late to change your life. I scour the TV Guide and watch it every Christmas. Would someone please get this out on DVD?
  • I've seen many versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and can find something good about each of them. My least favorite version (of those I've watched) is SCROOGED, because I find it too hyperkinetic and not all together. Even that one has redeeming qualities. EBBIE is something new and different. Not only is Dicken's timely-for-all-times tale brought into contemporary times, but SCROOGE is a woman--and played by one of my favorite soap opera characters, Susan Lucci. All of the technical aspects (e.g. the way Jake Marley communicates with God by cell-phone when dealing with getting Ebbie in the right spirit; the way that the familiar death scene [once portrayed by a neglected tombstone with Scrooge's name on it] is portrayed by the flat-line signal sound of a heart monitor in a lonely hospital room) sends out the clear message that this fine old Christmas tale hits home these days just as it did in the mid 1800's.
  • Truly touching and wonderfully human update of the classic Dickens tale... a memorable scene in the early part of the film (ghost of Christmas Past)where a young Ebbie(Lucci at her most stunning) recalls a troubling childhood incident involving a stray kitten is particularly heartwarming. Lucci displays her full spectrum of talent portraying Ebbie's transformation from young innocent to savvy (albeit cold-hearted)business executive, and layers what might have been a hackneyed performance with levels of complexity....her performance at the film's finale gives new meaning to what could have quite simply been just tripe.

    Why is it taking so long to release this "classic" on DVD? Don't miss it!
  • Forget about Its A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street for a moment. This great film should also be traditional family fare at Christmas as well. Even though it was written over 150 years ago, Dicken's A Christmas Carol is still as topical as today's headlines because in this age of commercialism at Christmas we need to heed its message more then ever. With the exception of Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare roles, I don't think there has ever been a part played by as many great actors as the role of Scrooge. Alastair Sim, Walter Matthau, James Whitmore, Jack Klugman, George C. Scott, Albert Finney and Patrick Stewart. Isn't it ironic that to me the best interpretation of Scrooge was done by a woman! Susan Lucci is superb in this challenging role. I am usually a puritan when it comes to updating classic tales, but this is brilliantly done here. Lucci makes you loathe her character and at the same time pity her. Watch the scene where she relives her sister's death or the one at the end where she sees herself dying alone and unloved and realizes what a wasted life of greed she has lived. She should have gotten an Emmy for this great performance. Two very fine character actors Wendy Crewson and Jeff DeMunn also shine as "Roberta" Cratchit and "Jake" Marley.
  • This is my favorite of all the adaptations of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". The twist here is that Susan Lucci stars as Elizabeth Scrooge, the manager of Dobson's Department Store. It pretty much faithfully follows the original tale only in a modern day setting, and of course with the gender-switch. Lucci is in top-notch form, showcasing her wonderful versatility, as she plays the cold-as-ice, tough-as-nails part with just a touch of camp, displays a very touching performance as she is visited by the three ghosts and very believably portrays herself as a teenager! Jeffrey DeMunn gives a very nice and creepy turn as Jake Marley and the rest of the cast is in fine. The only thing hampering this production is the terrible casting of Taran Noah Smith who is cringe-worthy as Tiny Tim, but fortunately he is only on screen for a minimal amount of time. Fans of the soapy daytime diva will not want to miss this overlooked holiday jewel. And fans of Dickens classic should enjoy the refreshing yet respectful twist on an old classic.
  • I have seen a 'classic' film version of A Christmas Carol, set in Dickensian times and starring Patrick Stewart and Richard E. Grant. I have also seen a funny children's version, starring Michael Caine and Jim Henson's excellent Muppets. 'Ebbie' is the first modernised version I have seen. It is always interesting to watch modernised versions of classic tales, even if they are not always good. The thing I wasn't sure about was the decision to make nearly all the main characters female, not a feminist thing as the IMDB tells me it was written by two men. It is interesting to see Scrooge as a woman, this was a good decision. It was also necessary to make Scrooge's nephew into a niece, to make her more similar to her beloved sister, even using the same actress (budget problems? - the spirits are also played by other characters from the film). But I wondered if it was pointless to have Roberta Cratchett, a single parent, as well as most of the spirits being female. Brilliant acting from Susan Lucci, an excellent actress whose only other notable role seems to be on the soap 'All My Children'. Look out for Wendy Crewson from 'Air Force One' as Roberta.
  • hobojon9 December 2004
    I watched this movie last night on Lifetime and really enjoyed it. This is a classic tale that has been re-tooled for the modern audience. Whether you like Susan Lucci or the other actors is irrelevant as the focus should be on the story which is a great reminder that we all need to be kinder to one another every day and not just once a year. This movie is right up there with "The House Without A Christmas Tree" as one of my favorite holiday flicks. I thought Susan Lucci and the entire cast did an excellent job bringing this treasure to life. I hope that it will be released on DVD at some point so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. It is so easy to forget what is important in life and this film is a great wake-up call.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is truly a good version of an age old story. A Christmas Carol is a classic that is given a new twist by seeing the main character as a female. As women are classified as more emotional this only adds to the warmth of the story. Watch with an open mind or you won't enjoy it at all. Susan Lucci is fine in this vehicle. It's rewarding to see Taran Noah Smith as someone other than the youngest son of Tim the Toolman Taylor. You get to see his truly great acting in this movie. This movie is yet another way to remember that life is for enjoying each other, not using others to reach an end. Watching this movie should bring you memories of your own Christmas past. Here's hoping that you enjoy Christmas as much as the main character did in her past.
  • bpollen8 December 2004
    There have been many films and remakes of films of A Christmas Carole. Most have missed the mark, while a couple have been outstanding. This remake, which also updates the story - a thing that I normally hate to see done to a classic story, works, however. The story is great, the script is true to the tale, and the acting is above par for most made for TV Christmas movies. Changing the gender of "Ebbie" was risky, but it works all 'round, probably because Susan Lucci is able to pull off such a role. This version has become a Christmas favorite of many, including myself. Along with the Albert Finney version. And that is saying a lot. I highly recommend this as a Christmas movie for the entire family - and esp. for young girls.
  • Before Ms. Scrooge, there was this film, one of only two that I am aware of with a female Scrooge.

    Susan Lucci was just perfect in the role of Elizabeth (Ebbie) Scrooge, but it was the Christmas Ghosts that really stole the show.

    George Kaczender (Christmas on Division Street) has another hit with this film that is based on Dickens' novel.

    Wendy Crewson (Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause) plays Roberta 'Robbie' Cratchet, a single mom with two children, including Tiny Tim.

    Jennifer Clement and Nicole Parker were fantastically cute as the Ghosts of Christmas Past. They had a "Dreamgirls" look at first, then switched to an "I Dream of Genie" look. It was certainly a different twist.

    Lorena Gale (Premonition, Slither) was the Ghost of Christmas present and was so funny in that role.

    Molly Parker from "Deadwood" was the sister/niece.

    This was an interesting and light version that was really enjoyable.
  • Toronto8520 December 2012
    A modern day retelling of the classic story Scrooge tells the tale with a female in the lead by the name of "Ebbie". Ebbie Scrooge is the head of a major department store. She is a very cold and sometimes cruel woman who focuses only on her work and nothing else. Christmas time and we see that Ebbie hates the holiday. People wish her "Merry Christmas" to which she doesn't respond, the bonuses she gives are dirt cheap and she even fires an employee on Christmas Eve. In true Scrooge fashion, Ebbie is met by three ghosts (Past, Present,Future). They show her what has happened in her life to make her the way she is, and what will happen to her if she continues down the same path.

    I really enjoyed Ebbie, so much to the fact that I think this is close to being the best modern day adaptation of the Scrooge story out there. It has a lot of charm with it's back-story of why Ebbie is the way she is. Seeing Ebbie in the past as this innocent young woman who had a caring sister/loving boyfriend makes it sad to see her throw it all away for her career. The movie is told at a very good pace, it isn't ever slow or boring. Susan Lucci does do a great job as Ebbie, and I really liked Wendy Crewson in the supporting role of Roberta Cratchet. She of course has the role of Bob Cratchit from the classic tale. Jeffrey DeMunn does so well as Jake Marley too!

    Ebbie is a holiday movie that really should be seen by all. Unfortunately if you don't catch Ebbie on TV, you most likely won't get a chance to see it as it's not been released on DVD. It's one of my favourite films to see at Christmas.

  • I know there are a lot of bad reviews on this movie, but I really did like it. I recorded it onto a VHS tape and watch it at the beginning of every holiday season. However, my tape is going bad and I would buy it if I could find it being sold. It's just another form of the Christmas Carol - female style. People shouldn't be so hard on it - Made for TV movies are not going to be Oscar winners. It was no worse than any other Made for TV movie. It had a touching and wonderful ending - especially with the niece and with her assistant. I did not think the acting was all that bad. Plus, they added humor into it. If it comes on again, I plan to record it again since I cannot find it on sale anywhere.
  • Zmaximus30 November 2002
    This edition of a Christmas carol was refreshing. It allowed us to see it from a completely different point of view and one that was much more relatable for the day and age which we reside in. I have had friends say that it was almost a "chick flick" but I being male myself do not agree as I feel it appeals to all genders and ages. I would highly recommend seeing this if you have not done so already. I look greatly forward to seeing it each year and a wait the day, which it is released on DVD that I can buy it to watch through the year.
  • I've been wanting to see this movie for a while and I'm glad I finally saw it. It was worth waiting for. It's just such an amazing tale and I loved every moment of it.

    The acting is excellent. Susan Lucci did such an amazing job playing a grouchy woman who turns heart-warming in the end.

    Is this movie better than the real Scrooge?-Honestly, yes because I liked the modern touches. I thought the first one was too much of a bore.

    If you are a person who loves Christmas, watch this movie. If you are a person who is like Ebbie, watch this movie. If you are a person who is a Taran Noah Smith fan, watch t his movie. If you love Susan Lucci, watch this movie. I am pretty much recommending this movie for anyone looking for something that can perk up their holidays.

    Watch Ebbie......because this movie is a definite 10/10. The moment the movie starts you will fall in love with it.
  • ptrubey-130 January 2006
    I love this movie. I watch it every year at Christmas. I am a All My Children fan but I started watching this movie before I even started to watch AMC. Scrouge is a woman and the other people are all women. A Christmas Carol from a female view. Ebbie has a very mean father & her older sister tires to take care of here when life at home is really bad.

    Ebbie goes to work for a couple who own their own dept. store & she works her way up until she gets to the point where this store is her whole life. She takes it away from the owners & she because Scrouge.

    When the spirits come to visit her she can see everything she has done wrong & decides to do her best to fix everything.

    This all takes place in modern America

    Tiny Tim is there. Ebbie makes her assistant work on Christmas day.
  • I'd say the best performance was by Jeffrey DeMunn as Jake Marley. But the hairspray ghosts (of Christmas past) were real cheesy and Susan Lucci's acting wasn't very convincing to play the "tight-fisted" character of Scrooge. She just looks too vibrant to play the part and didn't put that much into the role which weakened her character. The Ghost of Christmas "Present" (Lorena Gayle) had the second best performance in the movie. Her emotions were quite natural and she was a pleasure to watch. Tiny Tim and Cratchet's characters were just mediocre at best as with the rest of the cast.

    So again, the best Jacob Marley I've seen to date is the DeMunn Marley who WAS very convincing in the role (not to mention genuinely eerie). So I give kudos to DeMunn and Gayle, but my praise for this weak version of "A Christmas Carol" ends there.

    UPDATE : OK, I watched "Ebbie" once more this year and must change my review some. It is indeed a good movie if you look past some of the amateurish parts. You can go beyond the hokey hairspray ghosts and see plenty of drama in Ebbie's past and again, the "present" ghost was perfect, and the future ghost was a convincing bringer of death. This time I viewed "Ebbie" from a more humanitarian (rather than casting) side and by golly, it stole my heart. Have to admit, this is the best female version next to "A Carol Christmas" with Tori Spelling. So, if you can sweep aside a few obvious shortcomings, you will discover Christmas gold in "Ebbie".
  • BreanneB5 August 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is my absolute favorite Christmas movie and story. I had to tape this movie because I love it so much. This version is the best one that has ever been made. I give it 10 out of 10 stars! Kudos to the cast, crew and filmmakers, two thumbs way up!

    This movies teaches many important lessons and morals, including being kind, helping others, donating to charities, funds and causes and being patient. Ebbie (Susan Lucci), is a rich nasty bitter woman who is never considerate and always puts her work before her friends, family, others and more important things. Luckily though she is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, Past, Present and Future. This is when she decides to change and the story has an extremely happy ending.
  • I've seen qute a few adaptations of the class Dickens tale, it's hard to mess it up with the exception of the musical version (OK it's not that bad) they are all watchable. This one has a different take with a female Scrooge and Cratchet which predates the black female version Ms Scrooge.

    Thankfully the story is pretty much the same so no surprises, unless you count the double act Ghosts of Christmas past. Most of the acting is pretty good for this level of production. I note previous reviewers slagging Taran Noah Smith for his portrayal of Tiny Tim. OK not the best performance but then he wasn't given the best lines. The worst bit was him singing, could have lived without that bit but you can't blame Taran for that.

    Overall I enjoyed it and yes I did shed a tear but then I'm a bit of a softie for these sort of things.

    The ghosts of Christmases past, present and future visit a heartless businesswoman (Susan Lucci) in a version of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

    I wish people who make "Christmas" theme films would just leave well enough alone, There has been so many adaptions of "A Christmas Carol" that I have lost track. This one is watchable but not memorable.

    Susan Lucci is okay but the film offers nothing different. It is the same story. Everyone seems to go through the motions. that would have been fine for the first part of the film but the film goes flat-line midway through and never recovers.
  • Gislef27 December 1999
    Sometimes Dickens translate well into the modern age, and sometimes it doesn't. Ebbie just misses the mark, IMO. Sorry, but updating Tiny Tim as a modern-day cripple who can't be helped due to poor health insurance just doesn't quite cut it.

    This also seems to be kinda low budget - this is the first time I've seen a version where cast members who play characters in Scrooge's life _also_ play the Christmas Spirits. This kinda takes away from the mystique of the Ghost of Xmas Yet To Come (a fired security guard) or the Ghosts of Xmas Past (yep, Ghosts - there's two of them?!?).

    Lucci is okay, as is Jeffrey ("Green Mile") DeMunn's Marley. But unlike Bill Murray in Scrooged, this one is played pretty much straight, with a woman's viewpoint (not surprising - it seems to be a Lifetime Channel movie) and very modern sensibilities that just don't quite seem to work in this context. Sorry - better luck next time.
  • westsubman24 April 2015
    An interesting re-telling of the Dickens classic, and a cut above most Lifetime movies. The cast does a commendable job here, and the film has a nice look to it.

    But there are a few really weird moments: the Ghosts of Christmas Past costumes (but a nice bonus, see below); the character of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, who looks like Mike Hammer; and the company Christmas party (held in a department store?).

    The script also glosses over how Ebbie takes over the department store, and the payoff on Christmas is somewhat undeveloped.

    If you're a Carol buff fan or a huge Susan Lucci fan, it's worth a viewing, otherwise skip it.

    One bonus: watching Jennifer Clement (as one of the Ghosts of Christmas Past)in a harem costume top which is little more than a bikini top.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so this isn't "It's a Wonderful Life." The writing doesn't flow as smoothly as it should, and the connections with Dickens's story seem awkward and forced.

    That said, this is still a worthwhile version of A Christmas Carol. The transformation of the beautiful Susan Lucci from a driven, cold, Scrooge-like character to a warm, compassionate, generous woman is very well done. You can almost see her heart of ice melt as the movie progresses.

    Watching this movie eighteen years removed from its original airing only brings out the quaint technology. DeMunn's Jake Marley uses a CORDED CELL PHONE! Lucci's Ebbie Scrooge's laptop is as large as a one-volume encyclopedia! No flat-screen TVs, not even a PDA!

    I recently found this on DVD at Amazon. Video quality = 8, Audio = 8. It almost appears to be a rip from a VHS, and could use some work to clear up both audio and video. That being said, the flaws are not terribly distracting.

    While not an award-winning film, Ebbie seems to have garnered a very faithful audience, and I'm sure our family will continue to watch it each Christmas season for years to come.
  • Modernized, female TV version of the Charles Dickens novel, "A Christmas Carol." This time the story focuses on a wretched department store executive (Lucci), who believes the holidays have one purpose: making profits. Of course, you know the rest. Handled pretty well, but never reaches the great stature as probably intended. **1/2 out of ****.
  • debinorsworthy6 December 2003
    I absolutely fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it. I have watched it every year it's been on television and I'm hoping it will be on again this year. But if not, I can watch the tape of it that I recorded the second year I saw it.
  • This was truly horrible. Bad acting, bad writing, bad effects, bad scripting, bad camera shots, bad filming, bad characters, bad music, bad editing, bad casting, bad storyline, bad ... well, you get the idea. It was just, just ... what's the word? Oh yeah ... BAD!
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