Parts of the movie were filmed at the ranch owned by David Carradine.

Billy Blanks replaced Olivier Gruner as the star of the movie on short notice.

Gary Daniels was originally considered for the role of Warbeck but the U.S. distributor was against the idea and brought in Wolf Larsen for the role instead.

The title song for the film, performed by Ohm and the Temple of Sound, was edited out of the final cut of the film due to a conflict between Varouje, the film's composer, and politics within the film company. Though the song is credited during the film's end credits. A music video was made featuring footage of the band performing the song intercut with footage for the film and premiered on Much Music.

At approximately 30 minutes into the film, the actors who portray "Head Enforcer" and "Spyder" in the PC game tie-in to the film make a cameo appearance as security enforcers that remove Billy Blanks from the cafeteria. Similarly, the actor who portrays the "player character" appears as a VR opponent during the film's battle simulation sequences.