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  • Mikew30019 October 2003
    Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction" had a big impact on my filmmakers in the 1990's - as well on this independent production from 1995. The Chicago heroin deliverers swallow two dozen of heroin filled condoms each and fly to Paris. In a lonely city Hotel they're waiting for their packages to come out... with a suspicious hotel owner, a dog-killing religious fanatic and two drug-driven lesbians next door, the situations in this hotel become weirder and weirder, and when the police and a bunch of gangsters finally arrive the big showdown starts...

    There are some goofs and flaw ends in this movie - the "Paris hotel" is definitely an American hotel, and the "French police" also appears with American uniforms and police car, but this doesn't matter really. There are some pointless flashbacks in the story which doesn't work as well like in Tarantino's movies, and the plot sometimes can't decide between a serious drama or a strange comedy, but all in all it's a pretty entertaining and stylish neo-gangster flick with groovy guys, sexy women, funny dialogues, comedy situations and a seducing lounge soundtrack by fashionable mid-nineties easy listening band Combustible Edison. Check it out!