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  • mald5130 October 2009
    This is a masterpiece of pro-Medjugorje propaganda. The Chancery office of the diocese of Mostar, fervently condemns as untrue all the scenes and words regarding the ecclesiastical behavior of Msr. Pavao Zanic, the former diocesan Bishop (under the name of Peter Zubric in the film) Not even a shadow of cowardliness or easing off of the bishop before the communist authorities was ever in question, let alone any type of collaboration with them, as can be concluded by watching the film...To represent Bishop Zanic as a collaborator with the communists and as a weakling in conversation with the Franciscans while talking about Medjugorje, contradicts all the bishop's public appearances and statements which are well known regarding these events. A film which abuses the name of our Lady, which does not shy away from an incorrect and insulting presentation of the local bishop...does not merit the attention of the faithful.

    Stella Matunina, ora pro nobis.
  • I am Catholic and I have heard about Medjougorje for a long time. I thought this film could have been a lot better. Martin Sheen and Michael York did as good as they could given the weak script.

    Morgan Fairchild's character did not add anything to the story. Some of the acting by the extras was so bad it was laughable. The story was a worthwhile story to be made into a film but this was a failure, though not a complete one. The courtroom scenes were the most compelling part of the film. This film was a U.S.-Croation production. I think it would have been better if it was a Croation production with Croation actors speaking the language with subtitles. And of course a better script

    would have been good. The other thing the film should have mentioned but did not was that the supposed apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Medjougorje has not been approved by the Catholic Church and is still under investigation.
  • nickthom-1405410 November 2018
    Sadly, the film only portrays a so-called Croat Ustasha version of events and does not even mention that this place was one of great evil and suffering in World War II. At that time, the Croatian Nazi Ustasha murdered thousands of Serbian women and children by tossing them alive into very deep karst caves mere walking distance from where the Virgin Mary appeared to the kids. If anything, she appeared to remind the Croatian people of monstrous evil they carried out in her name by murdering and committing genocide against Croatia's Serbian and Jewish communities. That should have been a key part of the film by providing historical context.
  • My wife and I went to Medjugorje the year which the film, Gospa, was released. My wife had a nasty bone spur in her heel and was not able to go up Apparition Hill or Cross Mountain. We attended a healing service conducted by Fr. Jozo. Fr. Jozo lay his hands on my wife's head. Although my wife is not an overly emotional person, she felt a warmth go through her body. After that she felt no pain in her heal. A subsequent x-ray showed no trace of the bone spur.

    When we returned from Medjugorje, we went to a local theater for the opening of Gospa. We were turned away from the box office. We were told that the film caught fire in the projector! We bought the film when it came out on videotape. I am glad that it is now available on DVD.

    Martin Sheen captures the spirit of Fr. Jozo. Michael York is terrific as the lawyer defending Fr. Jozo.

    For anyone planning to go to Medjugorje, this film would be an good way to prepare. For anyone who has been to Medjugorje, this film would be a good way to relive the experience. For anyone curious about Medjugorje, this film would be a good way to find out the place where the Greatest Lady on earth or in heaven is still appearing.
  • I am a catholic and have seen the movie about 10 times, because I purchased it many years ago. I have also been to Medjugorje twice and the film views the beginning of the apparitions, now 28 years later, Our Holy Mother Mary is still appearing. Millions of people have flocked to Medjugorje and is now like Fatima was during it's era. It is true that the apparitions are yet validated by the church, but these investigations take many, many years to do so. Our Blessed Mother has made many apparitions to us and the fruits are the same, conversion of hearts, return to the faith, repentance, prayer, towards her son, Jesus. The end result is getting closer to God, experiencing his love and return of faith. Our Lady leads us to him. Go to Medjugorje, you life will never be the same. To those who believe, no explanation is necessary, to those who don't no explanation is enough.