According to James Mangold, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Shelley Winters clashed early on during the production. Mangold said that as Vince was preparing for what was his first leading role in a film, he had felt upstaged by Winters. Mangold said that given her reputation as a Hollywood star, she had been very loud and theatrical, making Vince feel overshadowed. With tensions running high, Mangold went to Winters and told her that she had to make things right with him. Winters begrudgingly agreed and on the next day when they were preparing to shoot, Winters had Vince meet her on set in front of the cast and crew. Winters told Vince of all the famous people she's worked with, including Gene Hackman and Stanley Kubrick and the insults she called them, telling Vince that he now joined a long list of respected Hollywood people that she had insulted. Mangold said the tensions had gone away after that and they worked together well.

Directorial debut of James Mangold.

Charles Thompson (aka Frank Black) of the Pixies says on a deleted scene of loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies (2006), that he was approached for the part of Victor. He turned it down, saying he "didn't want to play that type of character".

Stars Liv Tyler and Debbie Harry share the same birthday, July 1.