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  • This is a movie that manages to please despite itself. A lot of the dialogue is flat, a lot of the direction is stilted, most of the supporting characters are inept, the plot goes nowhere as often as not, and the music is practically AWOL. But the sheer whimsy of the unusual tale of a pair of teenage girls falling in love and the sincere, skittish performances by the two young actresses playing them very nearly makes up for all of it. Evie is a wealthy, popular, intelligent girl pampered by her affectionate mother; Randy, a boyish, school-hating aspiring guitarist growing up in a all-lesbian household. Both will have to face certain aspects of themselves and others in their lives so that they may be together. It's very, very sweet, and I don't mean that in a bad sense. It glows with the innocence of first infatuation, and the awkward tenderness of nervous young lovers, only slightly tinted by the shadows of the "real" world. This movie was about two young lesbians, but it is really the universal story of anyone and everyone who sincerely fell in love at 17.
  • miken-320 January 2005
    This is one of those movies that if you catch on cable, you start watching and then are drawn into. I first caught it from the middle while flipping channels and then checked when it would be on again so I could see the whole thing. It is a very different movie. A tomboy named Randy, who lives with a lesbian mother and is taunted by everybody at school, also seems to be failing all her classes. One day a girl (Evie) from her school happens into her mother's gas station. On a whim, Randy decides to see what Evie needs. Apparently there is a problem with her tire. Randy is immediately attracted to Evie, who seems totally lost explaining her tire problem. Evie seems to notice how Randy is looking at her and after she leaves the station, they each start thinking about the other.

    Evie is the opposite of Randy. She is very attractive and hangs with the "in" crowd at school. Evie has an egotistical, pushy boyfriend and one day has a fight with him at school. She goes to the girls' room and happens upon Randy in the bathroom. She then pours her guts out to Randy who is totally sympathetic.

    Randy then starts telling her family clan that Evie is her girlfriend, though nothing has happened yet. Randy decides to get bold and writes Evie a note that she slips into Evie's locker at school. Evie finds the note and says nothing of it for several days, while thinking constantly about Randy. Evie is battling her feelings for Shawn, worried that her snobbish girlfriends would look down on her if she even associated with Randy.

    Evie can take it no longer and goes to the gas station where she first met Randy and strikes up a friendship. The friendship starts to slowly bloom over a period of time with the girls sharing caresses and kisses. When Evie's mother needs to go out of town for a weekend, the girls plan to take their relationship to the next step.

    I don't want to give the rest of the movie away but just to say that it is fun with a few laughs thrown in.

    The movie shows that just because someone is different, they can have the same feelings and desires as anyone else. This is well worth renting or setting your VCR, if it is again shown on cable.
  • bottledgoose1 February 1999
    In terms of cuteness, this movie is equivivalent to a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romance, which isn't a bad thing at all. The two leads are sensitive and funny in their portrayals of Evie and Randy. Interesting that Laurel Holloman and Nicole Parker both wound up in the cast of Boogie Nights, no? I especially loved the character of Frank in this movie. A sweet date movie for couples of all orientations, in my opinion. :)
  • This movie is one that I can watch over and over again. It is something fresh and new. The screenwriter/director does a great job of bringing many different

    aspects of young lesbian existence. For example, by bringing together people of different races, social economic status, and different family make-ups; it opens one's eyes to different possibilities. It is quite opposite of what is usually thought of when one thinks of a gay or lesbian film. This movie does not stay in a box; it busts the box instead. Every time I see this movie, I am able to pick up on

    something that I hadn't seen before. Although this is a movie where you don't really have to think much; I tend to analyze regardles. I found that it is not the what actually happens on the surface that really keeps me coming back for

    more. It is the intricate underlying messages that the screenwriter/director is trying to get across that engages me.
  • The ultimate charm of this movie is that though it is a lesbian movie, it truly is about two teenagers from very different backgrounds falling in love. This is the what the movie is actually about and the lesbian aspect of it is actually almost secondary. Think about it ... replace the girl falling in love with girl concept and replace it with some other socially challenging category (perhaps a cross-culture or cross-religion love story), and it would still work. [In fact, ironically, the director/writer eventually married a guy, much to some people's chagrin! lol]

    The movie is rough as many an indie film is and the actors are young (this was Nicole Ari Parker's first film) or somewhat amateurish. Still, the basic relationships hold true. The girls and their mom/aunt, the other romances that don't quite work out, and their friends all are believable, though some match up better than others. How Randy and Evie connect through "Leaves of Grass" might be a bit trite, but I believed it -- imagine, a film that respected the power of poetry!

    And, I did accept them as a couple. Young love is pretty well portrayed, and in fact, how many films these days really portray it? Not too many really -- the films are often more concerned with stereotypical plot complications than the romance, and even those come far and long inbetween. This alone makes the film a pleasure, though the lesbian aspect supplies an additional layer.

    And as to that layer, this is probably one of the superior films of the genre. To compare, for instance, this is better than "Better Than Chocolate." Again, it can very well be a matter of taste (lol). The ending is a bit silly though, but the scene before the final reel (the mom freaking out) is priceless. Still, the ending suggests that this is first love, not necessarily forever. A good thing too.


    PS It was suggested that this was eye candy for men or just for lesbians. I beg to differ in both respects. There is a quick love scene and mild kissing, but if men want to leer, there are better films in the genre than one that cares so much about character.
  • I don't understand why is its IMDb mark so low! I mean it is a great film, definitely my favourite lesbian movies so far. The main Character Randy and Evie, are both so beautiful. Especially Laurel Holloman, she looks extremely cute in that short red haircut. Anyway, their acting was really good and they were really into the lesbian theme. I was grinning and feel so happy about them as I watched... (but turned out they are both married, to male.. yes, disappointing) Maybe my English is not that good I didn't feel the script was cheesy or what. And many of the scenes that just made me these shocks in hearts! The emotions were so strong that I actually felt my heart aching, cramping a bit! This is my first film that I said to myself that "I will definitely watch this again!" right after I finished it! Totally worth to see. Ahh gosh I dream about it at night and think about it during all day. They are so adorable.
  • Watcher-3721 August 1999
    A nice romantic movie. The two leads are both women so the audience for the film is smaller than a big budget heterosexual romance would be, but after seeing previews for this movie, I had to see it because it looked hilarious, but then you also get a movie where one girl knows who she is and what she wants. The object of her affection is confused at the beginning and a little scared of her growing attraction to A GIRL! Very well done movie, and the subject matter shouldn't be so offputting since it is a well crafted story.
  • This is one of the few movies I have elected to see more than once.

    This coming-of-age story about two teen girls who discover their love for one another is both poignant and funny, yet always tasteful. The casting and direction gives us characters that look like ordinary people, as opposed to the usual pretty-boy/girl fare that prompts our eyes to love the characters even before we know what they're about. For instance, Randy has to grow on you during the movie--she is not a particularly adorable young lady in her actions and attitudes, neither does she have the looks of a classic beauty. The result is, when girlfriend Evie (Nicole Ari Parker) calls her "beautiful" when they are finally alone together, we know she means it on the deepest levels, we believe her immediately, and even see Randy through her eyes.

    This is a great movie for all ages. Personally, I will be watching for more of Nicole Ari Parker's work.
  • To be honest when the movie first started I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but once it got going my mind was made up fast! I absolutely loved this movie, it was one of the cutest, sweetest romance movies I've watched in a long time. The characters' relationship was adorable, it felt real and I was rooting for the girls the whole time. It was also really nice to see something a little different and more diverse than the girl + boy that you usually see in every movie that comes out. Anyone looking for a movie about teenage love needs to give this a watch, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic movies. I can easily give this a 10/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found that this movie gave us a sense of what its like to be in Randy and Evie's shoes regarding their background. Evie is a pretty much like a rich-girl who lives in a big mansion and living with a crazy mum who wants her to be in a big college. Randy is like the kid from the street who works in a gas stations just because she ain't got a lot of money in which Evie has.

    When the two girls met, they had to give up their lives for each and it becomes even crazier when both of them were found in bed together by Evies mother and ran off leaving their families behind. Then there was that moment when they were found, they opened the door and kissed in front of their families that they were committed to each other. That was the most brave thing that anyone can do however some people mightn't find it easy like what Randy and Evie had to show to their families. It would be interesting to know what happened next :/
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are few movies about lesbians. After seeing this movie and the dreadful 'Bar Girls' I am beginning to believe that there are even few good ones.

    'The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love' enters into the lives of Randy and Evie two teenage girls on the edge of self-discovery still toying with the notion of what homosexuality is all about. Randy is an honor roll student, always clean and proper but not a snob. Evie is from the other side of the tracks and lives in a big house with her gay aunt and her aunt's lovers past and present. They come from different worlds which naturally means that they are perfect for one another. I know that when adolescents are attracted to one another it can take a long time for them to get together. When they are gay, even longer. But Randy and Evie take so long to get together that when they did, I didn't think the movie had any time to let them get to know one another.

    Another problem: half the time I couldn't hear what the characters were saying. This is especially illustrated in a scene in which Randy breaks the news to her friends at a fast food joint. They sit on the opposite side of the table from Randy and everyone mumbles in a monotone.

    The ending is all wrong, taking place at a motel with everyone running back and forth screaming and chattering like a bad Marx brothers routine.

    The only scene that does work: When Randy and Evie finally have sex, it is done in a wonderfully touching way. The director takes time to allow them to explore one another without the scene seeming like exploitation.

    I liked Evie and Randy, I just wished that the director had had sense enough to fine tune the film.
  • This is one of the first lesbian movies I've seen, and already, it's pretty hard to top. I knew Laurel Holloman from her character, Tina, on The L Word. It's refreshing to see Holloman play a butch lesbian. In this film, her quirky, spontaneous and head-strong character attracted me from the start. Randy (that's her name) and Nicole Parker's character, Evie, have great chemistry together. Somehow, their personalities clash, which proves that their love for one another is not superficial. In a way, their relationship is the perfect first love; impulsive, experimental yet passionate. I recommend this to all teenagers.
  • If you like romantic comedies, then you will love this one.

    It is a small budget indie, but don't let that keep you away.

    This is Laurel Holloman from "The L Word"'s debut film. She plays Randy Dean, a girl who lives on the wrong side of the tracks, and is not particularly pretty. She smokes weed, fails her classes, and likes loud rock music.

    She runs into Evie (Nicole Ari Parker in her debut performance) and they slowly fall in love. Now, Evie takes trips to Paris with her mother, listens to opera, and is well-read and well educated.

    Two more opposite girls you cannot imagine.

    Yes, it is romantic, but it becomes so funny at the end that you forget that while you are laughing yourself silly.
  • pre_rook224 August 2000
    My first reaction while watching this movie was to laugh and then when I realized what the title was I knew this was going to be a hilarious movie, and I was right. Now,the movie was heartfelt and in some weird way interesting, and for it to be a comedy and a romance it was great. The work done by Nicole Ari Parker and Laurel Holloman was outright wonderful! For them to portray their characters as effectively and as easily on their own level and together you know these two will be doing much more in the future. Everyone must sit back and watch this movie: don`t let the title knock you off.. there is more to the story. The ending could of been more expanded but I give it 2 thumbs up!
  • Keeping in mind that this was the first movie either of these actresses did, it was a tolerable acting job, I suppose, but I watched this entire movie fully thinking that these were actresses, not characters, which definitely makes you enjoy a movie less (because of poor acting)

    Despite this, the message of the movie is clear, love conquers all, and it's a cute romance which makes some very good points about lesbianism, when dealing with parents, friends, and even other lesbians.

    It's a cute movie, as long as you're willing to watch an indy flick.
  • The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love (1995) was written and directed by Maria Maggenti. We watched this movie because we had enjoyed director Maggenti's later film, Puccini for Beginners (2006). Unfortunately, this film didn't have the charm of Puccini for Beginners.

    The movie stars Laurel Holloman as Randy Dean, a 17-year-old woman who is an out lesbian. It co-stars Nicole Ari Parker as Evie Roy, who is a classmate of Randy's.

    It is said that opposites attract, and that's the plot of the film. Randy is lesbian, poor, and doesn't think beyond tomorrow. (Actually, maybe not beyond today.) Evie is straight, rich, and has her life planned out.

    OK--let's accept the attraction between the two. However, the movie still doesn't work. First of all, both actors are too old for the plot. You can sort of accept Holloman as a high school senior. However, Parker is obviously older. (She was 25 when the film was made.) Evie's three so-called high school friends all look as if they're also in their mid-20's, and their acting is wooden. If you're making an independent film on a shoestring, why not hire younger women who can act?

    Yes, it's a lesbian film, with a lesbian director, and an (almost) all woman cast and crew. However, the two men who appear are both stereotypes--an aggressive brute and a hapless gay man. Cheap shots.

    Finally, in a coming of age movie, the characters are supposed to come of age. This didn't happen.

    There are great lesbian films out there. Check out The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010). There are many, many more, which we see each year at ImageOut, the Rochester LGBT film festival.

    Incredibly True Adventure has some flashes of brilliance, but only a few. I wish I could recommend it, but I can't. The movie has an anemic IMDb rating of 6.5, which strikes me as about right.
  • bronzesrv18 November 2018
    I really enjoyed this movie. Back in 1999 I wasn't even allowed to watch movies like this... I thought it was beautiful. I enjoyed both the main characters. I noticed one of the main characters is also a main character on the Showtime show called The L Word. A very beautiful coming-of-age story deals with losing friendships as gaining them and being accepted for who you are. They should make more movies like this today.
  • Such a great humble little movie! I LOLD when I realized this was Laurel Holloman from "The L Word". So obvious, but so adorable. She was such a cute little dyke when she was young.

    Def not cutting edge, but the characters are realistic and cute, and it's good to see that same old story with a great gay-positive theme. The writers nailed character development. I don't know too many high school kids who are so confident in their self-identity, and this if nothing else, is extremely refreshing.

    I never thought Holloman was much of a great actor based on her appearance in The L Word, and in fact, the only thing I figured she did do well was have sex. Her dialogue has always been a bit empty and flat in my experience, and in this movie it's not much different, but at least she's consistent and while it's a little cheesy, it's tolerable.

    <3 LOGO, glad I got a chance to see this little gem. God Bless America.
  • I saw this movie a long time ago, when it first came out, and haven't seen it again, though I'd like to. When I was recently reminded of it, I was surprised at how strong an impression it made. It is one of the best film depictions of young love that I have ever seen. It's both charming and utterly convincing.

    This film has much in common with Lea Pool's "Lost and Delirious", although where that film was intense and more serious this is a much sweeter and happier story. Where they are similar is in the way they take youthful romance seriously and portray it with sensitivity and honesty. In both films the fact that they are about lesbian relationships is almost incidental. It is a device used to accentuate the characters' innocence. Sex is important, but secondary, a product of the intensely romantic, even spiritual, nature of their relationship as opposed to mere physical attraction.

    On another note: I must confess, I am completely baffled by IMDb's "weighted average" scoring. It seems to defy logic. Over half of voters gave this film an 8 or higher and 80% scored it at 6 or better. The mean (the un-weighted average) is 7.2. Yet the "weighted average" is only 5.8?

    Looking at the breakdown, it's clear that young people, especially males, gave disproportionately lower scores. So, despite the low overall score, it seems clear that adults in general, and especially women, recommend it pretty highly.

    In any case, I definitely recommend it. I would even suggest watching the pair of films discussed above, "Lost and Delirious" followed by "The Incredibly True Adventure...", as an excellent date movie night for open-minded couples of any combination of genders.
  • missy45_200021 November 2002
    I love this movie so much. From the first time i saw it , i fell in love with it and went out to buy it right away! I think laurel Hollowman did a great job and is a very attractive woman. Nicole Ari Parker did an excellent job as well. I see her in more recent movies and i can still see some of the same techniques in her acting style.
  • Recently, IFC (The Independent Film Channel) has been airing a lot of good films about lesbian relationships. This one, although basically a comedy, is one of the best. The love relationship between the young girls was right on the money... awkward, timid, scary, and full of young lust and true love. The casting of Laurel Holloman and Nicole Ari Parker was perfect. I can't help but wonder if there weren't some real sparks between those two? If I had the chance to recommend this film to anyone, I would do so gladly... as I give this film a 10.
  • It's rare to find a really well made film with a lesbian theme. Too often they are poorly acted and even more poorly written. This delightful comedy is a teen coming of age flick with a twist. Well acted and very funny, it's low budget but not cheap. The film really shines in the last 10 minutes after Mom returns home to find the young lovers.
  • This movie is one that I can watch over and over again. It is something fresh and new. The screenwriter/director does a great job of bringing many different aspects of young lesbian existance. For example, by bringing together people of different races, social economic status, and different family make-ups; it opens one's eyes to different possibilities. It is quite opposite of what is usually thought of when one thinks of a gay or lesbian film. This movie does not stay in a box; it busts the box instead. Every time I see this movie, I am able to pick up on something that I hadn't seen before. Although this is a movie where you don't really have to think much; I tend to analyze regardles. I found that it is not the what actually happens on the surface that really keeps me coming back for more. It is the intricate underlying messages that the screenwriter/director is trying to get across that engages me.
  • Theatrebuff13 August 1998
    This is a great movie for any teenage girl struggling to come to terms with her sexuality. It portrays Randy and Evie's relationship as healthy and completely natural. All movies with gay relationships in them should be like this one.
  • Who doesn't remember their first love? And the crazy, intense feelings that seem to turn your world upside down...the sleepless nights, the images of that person in your head almost constantly?

    Add in the fact that you're a girl and so is she. Your family is wealthy and hers is not; o"she" doesn't take school seriously like you do. But yet, "she" is she and you are you and nothing else really matters much does it?

    Such are the makings for a first love adventure. And this film navigates it sweetly, letting the actors tell their true story.
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