Quotes (9)

David Corelli: Cristal, Baluga, Wolfgang Puck... it's a fuckhouse.

[last lines]

Matt Gavin: Trina, the next time we make love, you introduce me to Jade.

Lew Edwards: I do the fucking, I never get fucked!

Bob Hargrove: I think she did it.

David Corelli: Why?

Bob Hargrove: She's got no alibi and we've got her prints on the hatchet.

David Corelli: And she lied to us.

Petey Vesko: Typical shrink behaviour. They like to pull your strings.

Bob Hargrove: [to Corelli] She was pulling your strings pretty good.

Bob Hargrove: [watching a sex tape] You ever take it like that, Corelli?

David Corelli: Is that an offer, Inspector?

Bob Hargrove: You wish.

Trina Gavin: People who commit these acts are in many ways, no different from you and me. But, they are no longer able to control their urges. They disassociate themselves from their own actions also experiencing an hysterical blindness. They're blind to the darkness within themselves.

David Corelli: Where did she go?

Matt Gavin: LA, just for a couple of days.

David Corelli: Think she's coming back?

Matt Gavin: Maybe when we get a divorce, you can marry her.

David Corelli: Cool.

Matt Gavin: She said you were a terrible lover.

David Corelli: She lies to protect your frail ego.

Matt Gavin: She said that's why she chose me.

David Corelli: Everybody make mistakes.

Matt Gavin: There's only three fun things in life, paisà: money, sex and power.

David Corelli: Two out of three's not bad.

Bob Hargrove: [entering Matt Gavin's house] Cosy little pad.

Petey Vesko: Yeah. Kind of like Candlestick Park.